Top 10 Best 5.1 Speakers In India [Home Theater] 2020 Reviews

The best aspect of technology today is that it manages to surprise you. Of course, with the human demands exceeding the needs, it is only obvious that you feel the requirement for the very best. Not to forget the ever-competitive environment that we live in today. One such gift of technology today is a nice Home Theatre.

Well, we sure have traveled a long, long way from hand-held radios to a full-blown super high-end Home theatre experience of today! For those who need to know, a home theatre is exactly what is sound; a theatre experience within the comforts of your home. For those who are well-aware, here are a few further pointers which you can watch out for while making your selection. 

First things first. What is a Home theatre? 

Basically, home theatre is all about the magic of sound. While our viewing-experiences have been given a lot of options, home theatre is all about having your experience sound like never before. After all, there is a reason why people physically ‘go’ to a theatre, it is the visuals ‘and’ the audio as well, that makes the movie appear ‘larger-than-life.’ A very basic home-theatre has the following parts:

  1. Screen and TV/Projector
  2. A video source or signal
  3. A Receiver: is a point where the main connection to everything lies)
  4. Most importantly, the Speakers


Top 10 Best 5.1 Speakers In India

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Things To Consider Before Buying Best 5.1 Speakers In India

Now that you know what a Home theatre looks like, it is time to understand what to keep into consideration while you make your home theatre set-up:

  • Your Space

This is one of the most important deciding factors when it comes to choosing the right kind of home theatre for yourself. It is understood that bigger your screen, the better your home theatre experience. Now, this could mean you either just use a certain room of your house for the set-up or have an entire room turned into a home-theatre.

A nice 4K HDR TV is recommended or and OLED if your budget allows you. The latest Projectors like the 4K are super sharp and are hardly audible, while your screen can be concealed or remain stationary. 

  • Video Devices

Now that entertainment has no boundaries and you have an endless list of various shows to choose from, enjoying your favorites on your home theatre set-up is an experience in itself.

There are a number of devices that make your video source like Blu-ray players, 4K media players, Apple TV, and Roku, to name a few. The best part about these devices is that they can update themselves automatically. 

  • Speakers

It only makes sense that when it comes to home theatre, you need to make sure you know your Speakers well. Bigger the speaker, bigger is their power requirement and more the number of speakers that many channels are required on the receiver. 

The size of the room and the requirements basically decide the number of speakers you need to have. Usually, a basic traditional home theatre has 5 speakers. These are Central speaker, left speaker and right speaker, A rear left speaker and a rear right speaker and a ‘Subwoofer’. A ‘subwoofer is responsible for impactful bass and makes audible the finest of sounds in a movie.

  • Reading the Channels

So, when we say a 5.1 system, it means there are 5 speakers and (.1) implies having 1 Subwoofer. Now if a system says 5.1.2; then it means that there are 5 speakers, 1 subwoofer and 2 ‘Dolby Atmos’ speakers. 

The Dolby Atmos is the latest in the home theatre technology and are speakers which are placed in the ceiling of your home. These beauties are responsible for the 3D sound-effect, where you can ‘feel’ the sound approach.

  • Sound Bars

For those of you, who are tight on space, then, Sound Bars is the thing for you. This is basically a single unit where your left, right and central speakers in a compact 3.0 solution. However, you can always add more surround-sound speakers as and when required.

  • The Receivers

This is what you would call the actual ‘brain’ of the entire Home theatre system. A good receiver’s main function is to receive the signals, interpret them, process the audio signal, and finally sending it to your screen. 

It is recommended to have a receiver with a minimum of 5 channels and 1 subwoofer for your home theatre to operate well. Receivers can be wireless, making streaming easy from anywhere. If your budget allows, you can go for separate processing units. This includes ‘amp’ for amplifying and ‘preamp’ for distribution of the signal.

So, now that you have an idea about what a good Home theatre is all about, it is time to look at 10 Best 5.1 Home Theatre Speakers Under Rs 10000 (2019).


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Best 5.1 Home Theatre Speaker System In India Reviews

#1 Sony DAV-DZ350 Home theatre System

Sony DAV-DZ350 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital DVD Home Theatre System

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This home theatre system has monolithic design and adds glamour to your living room. Having an S-master digital amplifier, audio signals are delivered without the analog stages. The device has Dolby Digital Surround Sound, a subwoofer, and 5 satellite speakers. The system has an in-built Bluetooth and USB port as well. With the HDMI present, the system can be attached to your TV or monitor.

The Sony DAV-DZ350 Home theatre System consists of Dolby Pro Logic that smartly converts the stereo audio into surround sound. The total power output of the device is a huge 1000W, thus bringing your movie theatre experience right into your home. Sony DAV-DZ350 has a fine monolithic design that weighs 14 kilograms. The product has a 1-year warranty by the manufacturer and is simple to install.

The wireless streaming through Bluetooth makes access to your desire anywhere and anytime. The specific feature of this product is the Karaoke, which allows you to bring the party right into your living room. The Karaoke set-up is easy to access, thus, allowing you to have a good time with your family and friends. 

The Good:

  • Wireless streaming available on the system as it is Bluetooth enabled. 
  • It also has a Karaoke feature with 2 mic inputs, song reservation, echo, and key changing. 
  • With Dolby Pro Logic, you can convert stereo audio to surround sound.
  • The system features a BRAVIA sync that allows you to control all the aspect of your system from one single remote.

The Not-so-Good:

  • No echo sound supports available
  • Mp4 and MKV files not supported
  • Bulky in weight
  • The cost price is on the higher side


#2 Artis MS 8877 5.1 Ch Wireless Multimedia Speaker System with FM/sd/aux/USB Bluetooth Home Audio Speaker

Artis MS 8877 5.1 Ch Wireless Multimedia Speaker System

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This is a nice product in the category, as you get all the features of a ‘true’ home theatre experience at once. With a built-in amplifier and digital LED display, Artis MS 8877 5.1 is sure in par with the rest. It also consists of a high Bass Sub-woofer and 5 satellite speakers giving a power output of 120W RMS. With 5.1 channels, the Artis MS 8877 5.1 weighs about 10.7 kilograms.

The input frequency of the Satellite speakers is 200Hz to 20KHz and gives a complete audio spectrum performance. The system also comprises of Bass and Treble controls while the speakers can be connected via Bluetooth. The subwoofer is 6.5-inches and operates on an input of 35 Hz to 200KHz.

Being a reputed brand in technology, Artis offers you the perfect value for your money and a good home theatre experience.

The Good

  • Good value for money
  • The brand is trusted and reliable
  • Great surround sound effect
  • An output of 120W gives the larger-than-life experience.

The not-so-Good

  • Dual wiring connection required.
  • Only one pair of wires present at speaker point
  • Warranty available only on the Main Speaker


#3 Logitech Z906 Surround Sound Speaker System

Logitech Z906 Surround Sound Speaker System Top 10 Best 5.1 Speakers In India

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This system is for those of you who are looking for the ultimate surround-sound experience. With its THX-certified speaker, this is a ‘sound-beast’ giving you a power output of a huge 500W.  With 5 satellite speakers and a central channel speaker, you can convert your living room into a Multiplex.

The device consists of twin 2.0 dual input multimedia speakers, giving you the ultimate stereo sound experience. Weighing 15.8 kilograms, Logitech Z906 Surround Sound Speaker System has a RAM size of 4GB. The device comes with a two-year limited hardware warranty and has a total of 6 speakers.

The Good

  • Wireless remote
  • 1000 W of peak power output
  • Easy to operate and control
  • Multiple inputs available for various audio sources

The Not-so-Good

  • No Bluetooth available
  • No HDMI available
  • NO SPDIF available
  • Mounting bracket not available

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#4 Philips SPA8000B/94 5.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers System (Black)

Philips 5.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers System (Black)

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This home theatre system is one-of-a-kind with FM turner for you to enjoy the Radio as well. The output power is 120W RMS with a complete surround sound experience. The external design of the home theatre system is good to look at and can be placed in any interior.

Is completely remote controlled and weighs around 7.16 kilograms with 1 Year of warranty from the day of purchase. With a speaker surround sound channel of 5.1, the power consumed is about 15 Watts. The subwoofer is 8 inches and is highly efficient for a system in this cost-range. The Philips SPA8000B sounds just as good as it looks; offering you a complete movie-theatre experience right at your living room.

 The Good

  • USB and SD card slots available for more storage
  • Compatible with any Blue tooth enabled device
  • Built-in FM tuner
  • Perfect for gaming
  • Good looking design



  • No coverings available for small speakers
  • No Bass control available in remote and Subwoofers
  • Need improvement in the quality of the wires and audio pin
  • Wires can be a little longer as it restricts the functioning.
  • Slightly bulky
  • Installation can be slightly tough to understand.


#5 Jack Martin 9000 Bluetooth/SD Card/Pendrive Multimedia 5.1 Home Theatre Speaker System with Built in FM Radio

Jack Martin 9000 Bluetooth Multimedia 5.1 Home Theatre Speaker System

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This home theatre system looks classy and futuristic at the same time. It has multiple connectivity options ranging from Radiohead to genre-nazi. The Bluetooth connectivity ranges to up to 10 meters and has 5 satellite speakers giving a total output of 70 W.

Weighing about 4.5 kilograms, the device has a nice Metallic Silver color with a futuristic design. The frequency range by the satellite speakers is 35Hz to 20kHz and the system comes with remote control.

The Good

  • Compatible with Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Fully remote controlled
  • Ergonomical
  • Powerful Bass
  • Not so bulky
  • FM connectivity options available

The not-so-good

  • The designing could be more compact
  • Over-rated with respect to the functions available.


#6 Swans M10 (Black)

Swans M10 (Black) | Top 10 Best 5.1 Speakers In India

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With unique and classy appearance Swans M10 is acoustic friendly giving you the perfect sound quality. The design is compact and simple with a 5-inch subwoofer for the powerful sound experience. The system has 2 satellite woofers each of 3-inches. The total power output of this home theatre is 31 W RMS. Swans M10 has a long throw 5-inch subwoofer that is specifically designed for strong playbacks.

The satellite speakers have a frequency of 120 Hz to 20 kHz. This device is available in Black color and weighs about 4.2 Kg and has a real wooden encloser. The special feature of the device is the separate 5-inch long excursion subwoofer with Optimized Thiele which is responsible for the High-quality Bass reproduction.

This three-way 2.1 Channel Multimedia speaker system maintains the Resonance to the minimum while keeping the sound quality impressive.

The Good

  • Magnetically shielded
  • High-quality Bass
  • Nice exteriors
  • Well priced and affordable
  • The illuminated blue light on the front panel

The not so good

  • Wire controls are delicate
  • Wire cables could be a little longer
  • Spring clips could be replaced with banana clips on the satellite
  • Speakers are heavy
  • Has a 2-pin power cord


#7 iBall 5.1 Home Theatre Speaker Full Wood Multimedia Speaker 

iBall 5.1 Home Theatre Speaker Full Wood multimedia Speaker

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This device comes with a convenient built-in Bass port with a LED indicator on the panel. The Bluetooth connectivity makes it compatible with various devices, thus enhancing the accessibility. The system consists of 5 satellite speakers and a main subwoofer unit giving a total power output of 240W RMS. It has an in-built FM tuner allowing you to enjoy many Radio stations.

iBall 5.1 Home Theatre Speaker Full Wood Multimedia Speaker has a 3-inch full-range speaker driver and the audio output is of good quality. Weighing around 19 kilograms, the device has a power frequency of 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

The Good

  • Remote controlled
  • In-built FM tuner
  • Multiple USB ports
  • Multi-functional
  • Bluetooth connectivity

The not-so-Good

  • No optical input
  • The System in heavy

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#8 F&D F3800X 5.1 Channel Multimedia Bluetooth Speakers

F&D F3800X 5.1 Channel Multimedia Bluetooth Speakers | Top 10 Best 5.1 Speakers In India

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This product is worth mentioning as it has various commendable features and functions that are required in a nice home theatre system. F&D F3800X 5.1 Channel Multimedia Bluetooth Speakers has digital FM that works on PLL technology.

It has a USB reader that supports both MP3 and WMA format decoding. The system has a fine white LED display and is fully remote controlled. This device has Bluetooth 4.0 version and can operate up to 15 meters of range. The FM storage extends up to 100 stations making this system one of the most sought-after in the market.

The Good

  • Volumes of the speakers are adjustable
  • Compatibility with various devices is impressive

The not-so-Good

  • Connectivity of the Bluetooth needs to be improved
  • Speaker plugs need to be more durable
  • The overall quality of the speakers needs improvement


#9 F&D 3000X 5.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers (Black)

F&D 3000X 5.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers (Black)

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The F&D 3000X 5.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers is perhaps one of the best in its range with all the basic required functions of a home theatre system. With a total power output of 80W, this device has a subwoofer and 5 satellite units. The device is easily compatible with other Bluetooth enabled devices and has smooth connectivity. 

The Good

  • Easy on the pocket
  • Lightweight
  • Speaker’s volumes can be adjusted separately
  • Bass can be remote controlled

The Not-So-Good

  • The satellites are wired
  • Not remote controlled
  • No display
  • No Treble control button available


#10 F&D 5.1 Channel 700X Speaker (Black)

F&D 5.1 Channel 700X Speaker (Black)

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This device has a subwoofer and 5 satellite speakers. This home theatre system has Bluetooth compatibility and has FM radio as well. The total power output of F&D 5.1 Channel 700X Speaker is about 80 W. The surround sound of this system brings to you the live experience where you can enjoy your entertainment to the fullest.

The Good

  • Separately adjustable volume of the speakers
  • Perfect value for money spent
  • Good sound quality in this price range
  • Has USB connectivity

The Not-so-Good

  • Bass cannot be controlled
  • Speaker sizes are relatively small

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Basic Home Theatre Consists of?
Answer: A typical Home theatre system consists of the following parts:

  • A projector or a Screen

Where you watch your visuals.

  • A Source Player

This is usually a DVD player or a Blu-ray player.

  • AV receiver
  • Speakers

These are the very basics of a home theatre system. It is important for a good system to have a nice set of speakers. These are effect speakers, front stage speakers, surround speakers and Sub-woofer. The Sub-Woofer ranges from 5.1 surround sound to 11.2 surrounds. 

What Does ‘Surround Sound’ mean?
The ‘surround sound’ is the main essence of speakers and involves a 360-degree sound experience. The Front speakers represent screen-related activities and Off-screen activities are represented by surround speakers.
Can a Home theatre system be wireless?
Yes, the latest versions of Home theatre systems are wireless. These are much preferred that their traditional counterparts as they are easily installed and are within a much reasonable range. Wireless versions of home theatre systems are also hassle-free and take less time and space for their set-up.
Are Receivers necessary in a Home theatre system
Yes, a Receiver is an important part of the home theatre system. The main function of the Receiver is to switch between audio and video modes, manage the signal transmission and volume modulation. It is recommended to invest in a good quality receiver if you need to make the best out of your home theatre system.
What do Channels mean on a receiver?
The Channels on a Receiver are mainly responsible for amplification. There are mainly 5 channels of amplification present in a standard Receiver. These are mainly left, right, center, Right surround and left surround. The (.1) in the Channel configuration refers to the subwoofer unit. 
Are Wireless speakers as good as the wired ones?
Generally, a nice wireless speaker is only available in a high price range. If you go for the basic wireless speakers, you might not be as satisfied with the product as its wired counterpart. The make of the wireless speakers is generally not up to the mark and might wear-out on the long-run.
What should I consider while putting-together a Home theatre system?
When putting together a home theatre system, it is important to understand your room-size, requirements and your speakers. The speakers should be preferably from the same brand and manufacturer. This will ensure that the drives and the components are well-co-ordinated in the set of speakers. Keep in mind that the speakers should be large enough to be able to ‘pressurize-the room’ in order to give you the perfect audio experience.

While purchasing speakers for your home theatre, try and understand the importance of a good amplifier. The main function of the Amplifier is that it should be able to provide enough power to the Speakers in order to be able to be played to the desired sound levels.


Final Note

A good home theatre system is an orchestra of various parts put together. It is important to understand the working and functioning of every part in basic details to be able to understand your requirements. While the luxury of the budget might not be available to all, however, a basic home theatre can be easily purchased while being pocket-friendly as well.

Always understand your room size, budget, and purpose to be able to buy the best 5.1 speakers in India for yourself.

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