Top 10 Best Air Coolers In India For Home 2020 Reviews With Price

The hot sunny weather is at its peak and at this time the most often searched product is an Air Cooler or anything that substitutes it and provides relief from the sultry temperature. Despite there are a lot more options in the market like new generation fans and air conditioners with the latest technologies, a budget-friendly middle-class family will opt for Air Coolers because it’s not only pocket-friendly but does provide the so needed cooling inside the four walls.

Another thing that makes Air Coolers stand outside among these various options is its easy availability and mobility. Not only this but Air Coolers are also proven to have a greater life and reliability with strong body structure and easy to use texture and also comparatively easier maintenance.

Looking at its eyebrow-raising advantages it is equally cumbersome to choose an Air Cooler in different market sectors i.e. online and offline. So here is a review article of some of the best Air Coolers available in the Indian market for a customized Indian family with equally distributed pros and cons.


Things To Consider Before Buying Best Air Coolers In India

There are several things you need to take care of before buying your ideal Air Cooler which should not only be pocket-friendly but meet all the requirements you have framed up in your mind.


A standard cooler must have well-functioning speed motors. Ready to respond to pump switches and the continue bleed system. You should also take care of the thickness of the pads since they determine the performance of the cooler to a lot extent. The Pad thickness should be of at least 40 to 50 millimeters.

Coolers come with regulators too so it is better to opt for a variable speed one.  All these features are included in the price but things like a trolley and other items which help you with the mobility can cost you a little more than the market price of the product.


The first thing which is to be considered is why are you buying the air cooler. Exactly which part of your house or office is to be cooled by the air cooler. If you are buying it for your house you should buy an air cooler which is simply meeting the room’s structural requirements i.e.

if an air cooler is to be placed in a small room it should have a smaller size  and fit the area you have left in the room for placing the air cooler with sufficient amount of ventilation whereas while buying a cooler for your office,  you should buy a bulky one for having a heavy-duty life to cool a busy room and one which can be relied upon for long hours and busy schedules.


The next thing you look in an air cooler is the option of controlling the airspeed .i.e. variable speed options. Since everyone is not equal and wouldn’t be accepting the same speed of air flowing towards them it should be important to look after the options of fluctuation.

The air being blown to you is cooled by blown upon water-soaked pads and wouldn’t suit everyone. A fluctuating option being available in an air cooler would not only help in optimizing electricity but would also help the user to use air cooler according to the weather and temperature requirements.


Talking of Optimisation let’s talk of the electricity at once. The air cooler you buy should not become a liability, forcing you to spend a fortune upon the electricity bill just because of the air cooler usage. It should rather be helping you with saving electricity and saving bills.

It is highly recommended to look for the product’s  Optimisation ability by simply looking at the star rating in the product.  There are various options available in the market with a various star rating and it simply depends upon the user which one to buy. But a 3 to 5 rating product would help the user in saving and cutting off his electric bill and would optimize the energy on the same go.

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Top 10 Coolers In India With Price

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Best Coolers Of India Reviews

#1 Symphony Hicool i 31  Litre Air Cooler (White) -with Remote Control and i-Pure Technology.

Symphony Hicool i 31 Litre Air Cooler

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With a model loaded with features convenient enough this is a cooler everyone will at least look upon for once. It has several promising features in all aspects, be it’s remote or the body itself, there are different features to consider when you look at before buying the product.

Talking of its features, in the body display itself it has a very smooth control panel which makes it easy for the user to control the product without any hassle. It has a distinctive light touch and a digital control panel and which also helps in making the operations conductive.

It has an inbuilt alarm which is a 5-second alarm. It beeps and notifies the user that it is required with refilling, not only relieving the user from the hassle of rechecking but also makes it convenient for use yet again.  It’s remote is a fully functional intelligent remote and holds an impressive 7-hour timer and an inbuilt remote lock with Air Throw distance of 37 feet.

It also has a switch-mode power supply feature which is actually an electronic circuit that converts power using switching devices that are turned on and off on and off at high frequencies. SMPS Technology thoroughly provides for continued protection against voltage fluctuations.

It also has a System Restore Function(SRF)  which is helpful enough to remember all the previous settings discarding the hassle of setting the ideal placements again and again since it  remembers everything clearly and also saves time when the cooler is being operated


  • Its hassle-free with a strong body structure and attractive
  • Suitable for spot cooling or cooling of the smallest places within a room.
  • i-Pure technology in HiCool provides multistage air purification.
  • Highly energy-saving.
  • Has a lot of features making it easy for the user to operate.


  • Not very budget-friendly.
  • Might get difficult to use because of its highly efficient Technology especially when the customer is not willing to use quality features.


#2 Crompton Greaves Ozone 75-Litre Desert Air Cooler (White/Grey).

Crompton Greaves Ozone 75-Litre Desert Air Cooler

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Talking of Crompton we already have seen many advertisements on television and hence have seen that this company is a reputed one with products already sworn upon by all the experts present in the market. The company has taken a lot of care about its functions and features hence making it stand out from the rest of the coolest present in the market.

Talking of its features first comes the wood wool cooling pad which is thoughtfully designed to improve water retention and better cooling performance ensuring a 4200m3/hr air delivery. It has a separate Ice Chamber to put the ice cubes hence making it hassle-free and assuring more cooling. It has 75 liters of water capacity in it making it even easier and deserting the problems of refilling it from time to time.

It has the capacity of cooling the areas of around 500 square feet hence making it even easier for accompanying it to anywhere, be it a busy office room or a quiet bedroom.  The body is also accompanied by the featuring motorized/osculating louvers for 4 way air deflection and the inverter capability is something to care of since it allows you to have an uninterrupted cooling without electricity by buying only connecting the cooler to the inverter.

Rust free body which does not allow the deposit of watermarks and keeps it clean for years and obviously, talking about cleanliness the body also has a sleek exterior structure are the cooler can be cleaned easily only within a wipe of a cloth.

With so many features and hassle-free care, this cooler must be looked upon at least once before considering your ideal cooler.


  • Has a 75-liter capacity ideal for room size of  250 square feet.
  • Easy to clean hand reliable exterior structure.
  • Electricity efficient.
  • Rust free body.
  • Has separate ice Chambers.


  • Requires cross-ventilation in the area or room is the area or room is the cooler won’t work effectively.
  • Has a bulky body structure so may not suit all kind of customers with their expectations.


#3 Symphony Diet 22i 22 Litre Air Cooler (White) with Remote Control and i-Pure Technology.

Symphony Diet 22i 22 Litre Air Cooler

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What do we think when we hear the word diet. We already make a perception in our mind about a sleek body structure with a lot of effort done and something similar in our head.  This is exactly what Symphony brings its customers in its diet range.

The diet 22i is an intelligent personal cooler stylishly worked with smartness and performance. It provides you with spot cooling and cooling of small places and is ideal for room size of 42 me. With a 22-liter tank capacity, the cooler is highly reliable.

It has a multi-stage air purification right from dust filter, smell filter, allergy filter, bacteria filter, and honeycomb pads with PM 2.5 wash filter.  The buttons for its features in the cooler itself include Empty water tank alarm cooler,  Cool mode, Fan Speed modes, The Obvious power buttons, and a 7-hour timer suitable for long night sleep.

Cools at a distance of 30 feet which obtains sufficient cooling along with adequate honeycomb pads which ensure for years of cooler usage without any breakdance. The consumption of power is just 170w, Diet 22i ais an energy-saving product that provides you with an optimized electricity bill and would also be a relief in your pocket to consider.

People looking up cooler for their house can consider this cooler this cooler since it is not only easy to handle but also comes with features which can be used by anyone.


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Energy saver
  • Sleek features better body Outlook Outlook


  • Might get rusted since no care is been taken about the rusting problem.
  • It is not really hassle-free since it needs to be kept refilling because of its low water level.


 #4 Cello Arctic 50 Litres  Window Air Cooler (White)

Cello Artic 50 Ltrs Window Air Cooler (White)

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Let us come to a window cooler now. A window cooler is a convenient type of cooler that can be shifted and moved/fixed to any area of the house or even small office rooms mainly placed up at a window as its name suggests.  Talking about a convenient product you should also look upon a company that has goodwill and trust of consumers for a long time.

The company itself is known by almost everyone in the country and hence talking about its product would not be the harm in the list. The product not only does leverage its background of high-quality plastics but also produces air coolers which are not really known to a lot of people but the company has been known in the market for bringing superior quality of air coolers in the industry giving a tough competition to the rest of it.

Some best facts about Cello is its Whisper-quiet fan makes it easier to use it during the night and its design makes it convenient for the user to place it anywhere and for anyone as he or she feels like. This cooler has multiple benefits since it is a light weighted product and has a powerful air throw because of its 18 inches of powerful fan blade which is surrounded by the cooling system.

You really don’t have to worry about power cuts with this product as it is compatible for an inverter as well it cools around 70 square feet and has a water tank capacity of 50 liters. It has a fan blower and has its water inlet type on the backside. The air throws up is 54 feet.


  • Light-weighted
  • Easy to use
  • Good water capacity


  • Not suitable for big rooms.
  • Does has the Hassle of rechecking and refilling.
  • Is not worth its price


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#5 Bajaj DC2016 67 Litres Room Air Cooler (White)- For a large room

Bajaj DC2016 67 Ltrs Room Air Cooler

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Here comes the most astonishing company of all time and in recent decades, Bajaj.  Not only does this company every time amazes its consumers with its different products and features but also every time is been proved with quality and trust. Talking about the cooler it has a large water capacity of 67 liters and has a coverage area of 750 square feet and its air throw of 90 feet.

The length of this product is 640 millimeters the width of the product is 550 ml and the height is around 1110 millimeters. It has caster wheels for easy mobility is ideal for big halls, rooms restaurants, etc. It possesses a stylish and swanky body to look attractive and has a continuous water supply system for long-lasting cooling and has an icebox for enhanced cooling.

It is inverter compatible and also does have a bed level air throw and includes a three ways speed control and has a quiet performance making it the first choice for using it right around our bed at nights.


  • Has a quiet performance feature.
  • Does have a specific bed level air throw
  • Is inverter compatible
  • Has caster wheels for easy mobility
  • 67 Litres water tank capacity


  • Does not have a remote control
  • Big enough to move quickly


#6 Symphony Siesta 70 liters air cooler

Symphony Siesta 70 Ltrs Air Cooler (White)

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Symphony is a promising brand and hence we are again here talking about the company’s product which is not only reliable but does have a lot of features to discuss. It is a desert cooler with a 70-liter tank capacity for a very long uninterrupted and long-lasting cooling. It is ideal for room size up to 370 square feet. The product dimension is 61.8 cm × 50.5 cm × 111.5 cm. It can be open from the back door as well.

Does has a specially designed front grill for maximum air delivery and aesthetics which were never much before by any of the products before till now available in the market. It has strong powerful wheels for easy mobility. It has a 16-inch fan. The power it uses is 160W and the operating voltage is 230 V. Has a one year warranty and the package includes air cooler user manual and caster wheels.


  • Ideal for a bigger room
  • Has a mega capacity of 70 liters
  • Suitable for medium to large family


  • Does not have a remote controller
  • Not Pocket(Budget) friendly


#7 Symphony winter 56-litre air cooler white for large rooms

Symphony Winter 56-Litre Air Cooler

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This product has a sleek body style and the coverage area is pretty high. This product is suitable for medium rooms for about 119m 3/ 4200 feet. It has multi-directional wheels for easy mobility as well the SMPS technology and the system makes sure that the air cooler is delivering its customers better performance and the manufacturer provides a warranty of one year over this product as well. The dimension of the air cooler is 63 ×44.5×119.3 and is of 15kgs


  • Honeycomb pad
  • Fast cooling


  • Only two keys.
  • Not easily accessible


#8 Maharaja White line Arrow DLX co 124 50 liter Air Cooler (White and Grey).

Maharaja Whiteline Arrow Dlx CO-124 50 L Air Cooler

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Now with all the other coolers having a good name in the market here comes a cooler which is not really celebrated but stands still in the competition competing for other coolers in the market. Talking of Maharaja Whiteline this company has not been known for long decades but does have something to offer to the Indian customer which should stop them to buy a branded product.

This particular cooler is not only pocket-friendly but also does have some features which will stop a customer to have a look at it, for example, it’s 50 Ltr tank that lasts for a lot of hours is eliminating hassles of refilling it. It also operates on 200w and is a tabletop cooler.  It has an air delivery of 1500m3/hour and a heavy air throw of 35 feet.

The motorized louvers and low noise operation makes this cooler even more perfect for installation for house office and comparatively other places and is also an inverter friendly. Air cooler is convenient on your electric bills.  You would surely spend even more pleasurable summers with such features. It has has a mosquito net at its back panel which prevents bugs from entering in and breeding inside.

It has a 4-way air deflection with motorized vertical louver and Manual horizontal fever which can spread theirs in every corner of the room. It has a wood wool pad with good water absorption.  It also does has a shockproof body so you don’t proof body so you don’t a shockproof body so you don’t have to worry


  • Wood wool pads
  • Heavy throw
  • Mosquito nets


  • No remote control
  • Does not support easy mobility
  • Is not accessible easily


#9 KentStar cyclone-12 50 liter Air cooler (White).

Kenstar Cyclone-12 50-Litre Air Cooler (White)

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Standing straight and the competition Kenstar cyclone has provided Indian customers with the perfect claim of beating the heat in style. It has a very sleek body with not tons of buttons. It has a net at the back with doesn’t allow any insect yo come inside and breed for the time being.

It also helps to be easy on your electricity bill. It has a woodwool pad making the air soaking more convenient 1 does not have to worry about the water tank because you can easily get look access to the water cooler without even opening it. It is inverter friendly and allows a long-lasting comfortable summer.

It rules for its optimization of electricity and hassles free movement it is easy with mobility and can be shifted anywhere.


  • Easy to use.
  • Easy mobility.


  • Does not have goodwill.
  • Is not easily accessible.


Best Coolers In India Buyers Guide

As a consumer and a person having a budget it solely depends upon you which cooler to buy but it would highly be recommended if you take care of your requirement. You should list your requirements and then go for air cooler shopping.

The basic requirements that you as a customer would need to be met,  would be a proper cooling, convenient enough,  loads of features,  easy to use, easy mobility and what’s the size of your room structure and your area surroundings also do matter while you buy an air cooler so looking out all of these things you should go for air cooler.

For example, if you are buying an air cooler for a medium-sized room you should definitely be buying a deserted cooler because it would then help you to cool the room but if you are buying a cooler for office or something comparatively large you are supposed to buy either or mega capacity water tank cooler or a cooler which has proven itself with its cooling features.


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To conclude this article I would just say that coolers right now are something which is being sworn upon as a lifesaver because of the scorching heat and sultry temperature and families would go for something relieving but not so extravagant that it costs you a large Fortune, therefore, air coolers are the priority-based products right now.

Talking of the air cooler there are a million of options in the market right now but it only depends upon what kind of an air cooler do you by taking care of your requirements and your need you are required to buy the type of air cooler which would suit you the best and should be pocket friendly at the same time the air cooler you why should not be a type which is providing you with lots of features but at the same time costing you a fortune and asking for services and hands proving not worth the price. You do your research and here you do have the 10  most suitable air cooler products that would fit you and your requirements.



Every sound customer in his mind would have some questions about a product he buys.  It can be a common question or a rare one, out of the box.  If you have ever been to an air cooler shopping chances are you would also face the same questions and confusion building up in your mind so here I tried putting up some very frequently asked questions about these products and tried to answer them. You might not have these questions at par but these are commonly being asked and hence and hence are important to have a glance at.

How to drain out the water out of the cooler?
In a water cooler you are often provided with the vent with stopper, rubber one, which is required to be pressed open and then you drain out the water out of the cooler.
Do air coolers use a lot of electricity?
It primarily depends upon the cooler type you are buying. Since there is various type of coolers with different water levels and different features, electricity usage also varies,  but on a standard level, the air cooler does not use as much as electricity as an air conditioner does but does not even use as less as a fan. It uses a moderate amount of electricity which would not cost you a lot of fortune.
How to maintain an air cooler?

It only depends upon which kind of air cooler do you have. If you have a window air cooler you would require to look after the water tank and the window particularly on which you have fitted the air cooler and have to maintain its cleanliness by keeping a routine check on the water tanks and material insides, for example, motors and other features but if you have some other air cooler like a small moderate air cooler you would just have to take care of his body and keep on wiping it with a cloth and have routine maintenance.

On the other hand, if you have a big air cooler which is required in your office or a big dining hall you would simply ask for routine maintenance of the cooler from the company itself and have to look after its electricity fluctuations if you face any.

Are cooler Really effective?
Yes air coolers are effective because not only it cools your environment but also takes care of your electricity bill to a lot extend but if you expect a small air cooler by placing it in a dining hall or a big office room to cool, it won’t work effectively so you have to choose a perfect air cooler for the particular room or area you are asking a cooler for.
Which air cooler is best for a bedroom?

You can either use a Window cooler or a desert cooler depending upon the structure and the cut out of your room. It is basically seen that the customers are choosing desert coolers over window cooler but that is only because they do not have a window any way close to their beds.

If you want to have a window cooler you can have it by placing it to the nearby window but if you have a desert cooler that’s equally acceptable. Just look at what it has a bed level cooling technology which you would find in a lot of coolers these days present in the market.

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