Top 10 Best Air Purifier In India For Home 2020 Reviews

Pollution! Yes, I know it is one of the most alarming concerns of today’s world. Hopefully, you are also very worried about that. One of such pollution is Air pollution. Air pollution leads to various problems like Allergies, Asthma, Lung problems, breathing difficulties, airborne diseases, and many more. Do you want to get a solution to this problem? Yes, that is why we are here. An Air purifier is one that can come to our rescue. We cannot fight with the pollution in a broader sense but we can prevent the damages it causes by using an Air Purifier.

An Air purifier is a device that can remove all the unwanted contaminants from the air inside a room and can help improve the quality of air indoors. Long back in 1830, Charles Anthony Deane patented a device that is considered the earliest ideation of Air Purifier. Then in 1860, John Stenhouse patented the first-ever respirator. Years passed by and developments took a long jump and the practical Air purifiers came into play. Air purifiers have variable shapes and even varied sizes.

The features vary vividly. It is really difficult to choose the best out of all those. So, we are here to help you with that. Take a look at the article and I hope at the end of the article you will very clear about the Air purifiers. So, let’s take a tour at the nook and cranny of Air purifiers.


Things To Consider Before Buying Best Air Purifier In India

Space coverage:

Please be sure about the size of the room you are going to use the purifier for because every purifier has its own capacity of area coverage. You should remember the size of the purifier doesn’t indicate its capacity. So, check the specifications and it is recommended to buy a purifier that can cover a little larger space than the size of your room.

Type of filter:

You have to check the type of filter incorporated in the Air purifier. Remember that the filter should be capable of filtering – dust, smoke, odor, pollen, and any other harmful pollutants. The types of filters which we can find in the market are- HEPA filter, UV ray filters, ozone filters, ionizer filters, antibacterial and germicidal filters, Electrostatic precipitator filters, etc. You can also check for a Purifier with a pre-filter which can be helpful. 

Air changing rate and CADR rating:

Air changing rate is often measured in ACH or Air Changing Rate per Hour. Air changing rate means the number of times air in that particular place is changed or purified in an hour. Generally, 5 ACH – 6 ACH is considered as a good rating. Now, we come to CADR that is Clean Air Delivery rate which helps us identify how fast or how efficiently the Air purifier works. There are 3 types of CADR- one for dust and the other two for pollen and smoke. CADR states how many cubic feet of air can be cleaned by the machine in a minute. So, a good rating of CADR indicates good filtration and purification.

Weight and portability:

You need to make sure that you can manage the weight of the machine you bought. It should not be so heavy that you find it difficult to set up the device. You should always remember that even small purifiers are capable enough to clean large rooms. So, it’s better to keep the Air purifier which is portable and you can use it as per your requirement. If it is portable you can shift it easily from one room to other, even you can carry it while you travel.

Activated Carbon:

You must have that activated charcoal or carbon is an amazing purifier. It purifies all the dirt if used. Activated carbon can absorb many harmful chemicals and can work better than many other devices. So, prefer using a machine with activated charcoal if possible.

Noise factor:

Always remember that as the air purifiers use fans or filters for purification, in most cases they become very noisy. So, make sure you check the noise level of the machine you are buying unless you want to disturb yourself with the noise. Noise level within 35 decibels is acceptable. Noise levels higher than 50 decibels can be very noisy. So, please make sure about this point before you go buying.

Features that should be avoided:

You are going to spend quite an amount for your Air purifier. Air Purifiers are meant for your safety. So, try to avoid buying the purifiers with UV and ozone filters. Ozone if consumed in quite an amount can be very dangerous for you. Even the UV light can be dangerous for your health and can cause respiratory issues. Make sure you avoid such technologies that would be harmful to you in the long run.

Customer Service and Warranty:

It is another important factor. Please do check the warranty period of your product and also if you get proper services. Things are always susceptible to damage. So, make sure you get proper facilities to repair your air purifier as you are going to spend an amount on it. Hopefully, you won’t want to buy it again and again frequently.


Top 10 Air Purifiers In India With Price For Home

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Best Air Purifiers In India Reviews

#1 Philips AC1215/21 Air Purifier 


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The Purifier is just wonderful with Vita shield Intelligent Purification facility that automatically senses the quality of air. The Effective filtration Size of the product is greater or equal to 0.02 microns. For pollutants 0.3+ microns it is 99.97% effective. It can purify a standard room (18 feet X 12 feet with 8 feet height) in just 12 minutes. It has CADR ranging to 270 cubic meters per hour. The recommended area for the room where it can be used is 226 – 333 square feet. It has 4 stage filtration processes.

It has a pre-filter, Activated carbon filtration, and H-13 Grade (double layered) HEPA filter. It has a 4 – color indicator for air quality. It can remove 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. It is tested to remove the H1N1 virus which is airborne. It can even remove 99.99% house dust mites and pollen. ECARF certified it to be Allergy-friendly. Its dimensions are 32.5 X 54.1 X 21.1 centimeters. It has 2 years of warranty and has a sound level of just 33 decibels.

Allergen, NightSense, and General are the three different modes of the Air purifier to work automatically. It even has a child lock and can even remove harmful gases like formaldehyde. This wonderful machine by Philips is one of the best air purifiers you can have.



  • It has 4-way filtration.
  • It has a low sound level. 
  • It works automatically.
  • It is Allergy-Friendly, lightweight, and handy.


  • Its Night mode is a little tricky and is difficult to operate.


#2 MI Air Purifier 3 with True HEPA Filter

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The excellent Air purifier by MI has true HEPA Filters 99.97% efficient. The filter is efficient for particle size up to 0.3 microns. It has an OLED touch Display which adds to its smart design. It is used to show real-time PM2.5 concentration, Wi-Fi connection, Working mode, Temperature, and Humidity. It is a smart and app-controlled device.

Its rated frequency ranges within 50 to 60 hertz. It even supports Amazon Alexa and Google’s assistant. It has 360 degrees Air intake capability and also has got 3 layer filtrations. It has a very high CADR value that is 380 cubic meters per hour. It can cover an area up to 484 square feet which is quite large. Power consumption by it is just 38 watts. It comes with a 1-year warranty. It weighs 4.8 kilograms. The product dimensions are 24 X 24 X 52 centimeters. It is excellent to use and can be a good choice.


  • It has 3 layer filtrations.
  • It is lightweight and portable.
  • It is app-controlled and the sound level is very less only 30 decibels.


  • The filters need replacement quite often which makes it a little expensive.


#3 Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower Wi-Fi Enabled Air Purifier

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Air purifier by Dyson India can be said as the epitome of smart and intelligent purification technology. It can automatically remove 99.95% of pollutants and allergens which are almost 0.1 microns. This includes dust, pollen, mold spores, bacteria, pet dander, VOCs, and various other harmful odor or gases. Its cord length is 1.9 meter which is quite long.

It has Air Multiplier technology and oscillation feature in order to circulate fresh and clean air throughout the room. It has dual functionality along with fan feature for better purification.  It comes with the most powerful Vacuum sealed (360 degrees) glass HEPA filter which makes the ambiance clean and prevents the pollutants from reverting back. It comes with remote control and can easily monitor automatically and reacts to the changes.

It comes with easy scheduling along with 10 airspeed settings, night and sleeps mode and it is certified by AAFA to be Allergy-friendly. It is easy to clean. The level of Airflow is 1300 CMH. It can be remote-controlled, app-controlled, or LCD Display controlled. It has advanced sensors like Temperature, Humidity, VOC, NO2, PM 2.5 PM 10). Its quiet mode sound level is 42.3 dBA whereas Sound level maximum could be 64.4 dBA. Its dimensions are 20 X 18.5 X 102.2 centimeters and weigh about 6.7 kilograms.


  • It has 36 degree Vacuum shield glass HEPA filter.
  • It can purify PM as small as 0.1 microns.
  • It is very user friendly and easy to use.


  • This product is a little expensive.
  • It is little heavy.


#4 Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009 Air Purifier

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Coway is a Korean brand that makes good quality Air purifiers. This Air purifier has a sleek design and uses Green Anti-flu True HEPA Technology. It can cover an area of 335 square feet. 303 cubic meters per hour is the CADR of the Air Purifier. It has a Unique Air filtration process which comprises of Pre-Filter, Patented Urethane Carbon Filter in order to deodorize the air, and finally multi-layer Anti-Flu Green True HEPA filter which is effective enough to trap 2.5-micron particles.

This just cleans and purifies them perfectly and allows a good amount of airflow. It has a one-touch airspeed controller with four-speed steps (1 to 3 and turbo). It also consists of a Time air quality indicator which has 4 phases- clean, low pollution, medium pollution, and high pollution. HEPA filter life is 8500 hours. It weighs just 6.5 kilograms.

Its dimensions are 33.5 X 68.6 X 20.4 centimeters. The product comes with 5 years of complete warranty on the motor along with a 1-year warranty on the electric parts. It has Automatic airflow control by dust sensing technology. This can be a very good option for you.


  • Powerful and Enhanced design.
  • It has a multi-layer Anti-Flu Green True HEPA filter.
  • It is very handy.
  • The device has an indicator.


  • The purifier is a little heavy.
  • It is not voice controlled like some other machines.


#5 Atlanta Healthcare Gama Pure Air Purifier

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The stunning design and features make this Air purifier one of the best you can have. It is having a plastic body with CADR of 180 cubic meters per hour and Airflow of 260 cubic meters per hour. It can cover an area of 333 square feet. It has a noise level of 49 decibels.

It has 4 modes of fan speed- low, Sleep, Medium, and High. It is remote controlled and thus easily adjustable from any place. It weighs just 4.7 kilograms and its dimensions are- 38 X 23 X 58 centimeters. It uses a HEPA filter which is quite reliable. It helps to eliminate dust and germs and also VOCs. It also comes with a pre-filter and activated carbon layer. 


  1. This provides HEPA filtration.
  2. This is inexpensive.
  3. It is lightweight.
  4. It has 4 modes of fan speed. 


  1. This product has less CADR value.
  2. It lacks certain technologies.


#6 Honeywell Move Pure2 Car Air Purifier

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This air purifier is mainly built for cars. It shows real-time reading for pollution. It’s really important to have an air purifier in your cars to protect yourself outside your house. It has a high-grade HEPA filter that removes 2.5 PM, dust, and other pollutants. It has a double-layered activated carbon filter that can remove bacteria, viruses, cigarette smoke, and many other unwanted substances.

It is completely ozone free and has a long filter life that is of 360 hours. It has CADR of 15 cubic meters per hour. It has a filter replacement indicator and also uses the screen touch technology. It has 2 fan speed modes with a low noise level less than or equal to 52 decibels and uses very little power of 6 watts to 8 watts. Its dimensions are 21 X 14.2 X 5.7 centimeters. It is very light just 921 grams.


  • This product is having activated charcoal filtration layer.
  • The purifier is very lightweight.
  • The purifier has a HEPA filter.
  • It is user-friendly and ozone free.


  • It works for a small area.
  • Its filters need often replacements.


#7 Mi 2S Vertical Air Purifier

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The Air purifier is extraordinarily good. It has an OLED display along with a laser particle sensor. It is Allergen and Odour free. CADR of 310 cubic meters per hour is found in this which is quite promising. It is Remote and app-controlled. It has 3 layered filtrations and as it has a 360-degree feature so it can take air from all directions. 3 different modes come as a choice for you – Night, Auto, and Manual.

The OLED displays the real-time concentration of PM 2.5, temperature, Wi-Fi connection and humidity, and working mode. It is quiet. It saves energy. It has 1 year of warranty and consumes 29-watt power. It can cover an area of 21 square meters to 31 square meters. It has a True HEPA filter which is 99.97% efficient and can filter particles up to 0.3 microns. It also has pre-filter and Activated Carbon filters.


  • It has Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • It has the capacity to intake air from all directions.
  • It has three layered filtrations.
  • This consumes less power.


  • It has little difficulty with the night mode.
  • Some sensor related problems are present.


#8 Philips FY2422/10 Nano Protect True HEPA Replacement Filter

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You can easily rely on this machine for the purification. It has a Nano protected true HEPA filter with 99.97 % of purification. It can purify up to 0.3 microns particles and very fine particles as small as o.o2 microns. It filters allergens, dust, bacteria, and viruses. It comes with a longevity of 2 years. It is easy to set up and has a product warranty of 2 years. It weighs just 458 grams.

Its dimensions are 5.5 X 29 X 37.5 centimeters. The sound level is very low that is 20.5 dBA. It has pre-settings for airborne pollutants and also has a Vita shield. Smart light controller present in this purifier which adds to its features.


  • The product has high filtration facility.
  • The price is moderate.
  • Its lightweight nature makes it portable.
  • The product has a Vita shield and can fight the allergen.


  • The product does not have Wi-Fi controls.
  • This product can be noisy at times.


#9 Honeywell Air Touch i8 Room Air Purifier

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This is a perfect combo of two Air purifiers by Honeywell. Already the car purifier specifications are mentioned above. So, let’s now look at the specifications of Honeywell Air Touch i8 Room Air Purifier. It is very versatile and has a CADR of 300 cubic meters per hour. It works efficiently for a room with an area of up to 36 square meters and a height of 2.74 meters in height.

It can purify pollutants up to PM 2.5. It consists of a three-stage purification process. With this and HEPA filter the pollutants are filtered 99% efficiently. It contains Laser Sensors. It is completely ozone free and does not emit any harmful gases. It has a child lock feature and a LED screen. It has sleep mode too. It also comes with various indicators and is a little expensive.


  • Its filter has a long life of 3000 hours. 
  • It is easy to clean.
  • You can easily handle the machine and it is ozone free.
  • Durable and filter replacement sensor present.


  • It has no app control process.
  • This purifier does not have activated carbon layer.


#10 Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier


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This amazing Air purifier comes with wonderful specifications. It automatically senses and provides results of air quality levels which include PM 2.5 and 10, VOC, and overall AQI on the LCD screen it has. It has a 360-degree glass HEPA filter and contains Activated Carbon Filter. It can capture harmful pollutants up to 99.95%. It captures pollutants as small as 0.1 PM.

It has the Air Flow Rate of 1300 CMH and has 10-speed settings. There are 2 modes of sound level- One is quiet mode sound level (42.3 dBA) and the Maximum sound level (64.4 dBA). It is Dyson Link App customizable. 360 liters of purified air per second can be made by this Air Purifier. It is best for rooms with area coverage up to 600 square feet. It consumes only 40-watt power. Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America certified this Air Purifier. A warranty of 2 years has been provided.

It has diffused mode, Auto mode, Night and sleeper mode, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth controls. The filter Replacement indicator is present in this Purifier. The product dimensions are 22.4 X 22.4 X 105 centimeters. It weighs just 3.72 kilograms. It can oscillate up to 350 degrees. It is wonderful and can be considered as one of the best choices for Air purification.


  • The machine is very versatile.
  • It is ozone free and extremely lightweight.
  • It is app-controlled.


  • Somewhat expensive.


Buying Guides about Air Purifiers:

  • Before buying an Air purifier make sure you have checked through the points mentioned in the things to consider before buying.
  • You need to think about your budget and consider the features you can get the best in that amount.
  • You have to be very clear about the space for which you are going to use the Air Purifier.
  • There are various types of air purifiers available in the market.  Don’t get confused. Think about the specification important to you like: the number of pollutants you need to clean every day, ease of use, automation, etc.
  • Be careful that you avoid buying Ozone filters.
  • If you are going to use the machine for home then you don’t need a bulky machine always as even small machines can clean large rooms.
  • Before jumping into any decision jot down the point you are looking for in your Air Purifier. Then check for the best you can afford. Rest the best 10 Air Purifiers are already reviewed for you which can be an aid for you.


Different Types of Air Purifier:

There are many types of Air Purifier depending on their filtration mechanism. Let’s take a look at the type of Air Purifier:

  • Ultraviolet Air Purifier: Purifiers that use UV rays to remove the harmful bacteria, viruses, and pathogens from your home. UV ray usually used in hospitals for disinfecting gave the idea of such filtration at home. It helps to destroy the pathogen by disrupting the molecular chain of DNA and thus prevents replication and kills harmful microbes.
    But the bulbs used for UV light generation needs to be replaced at regular intervals for proper functioning. But remember one thing UV filtration cannot remove dust and other solid pollutants in the air. UV filters sometimes generate harmful radiations which can be dangerous in case of prolonged use.
  • HEPA Air Purifier: It is one of the best kinds of filters used in air purifiers. HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Air has the capability of trapping dust, germs, particulate matter, etc. It has even arrest odor and harmful gases. It is completely ion free and safe.
    Most of the best technology Air purifiers are designed using multi-layered HEPA filters. HEPA filters are beneficial for allergy and asthma patients. It is almost 99.97% efficient. But at times small pollutants can escape through these filters.
  • Ionic Air Purifier: Ionic filters are silent filters and do not usually have a motor. They usually emit a large number of negative ions into the atmosphere which in turn gets attached to the positively charged ions in the atmosphere thereby becoming heavy and fall down.
    Some ionic filters even come with Electrostatic precipitators for better functionality. But at times it may not be very effective as it emits ions into the atmosphere which can be harmful. It cannot remove odors from the room.
  • Activated Carbon Air Purifier: This is another wonderful Air purifier. Activated carbon is well known for its purification capabilities. It can easily remove unwanted pollutants and smoke from the atmosphere and can clean the best possible.
    It is a natural way of filtration and not at all harmful for anyone. They cannot help to remove microbes like bacteria and viruses. For this reason, it is mostly associated with a HEPA filter.
  • Central Air Purifiers: These are centralized Air purifiers. It can make the entire house purified. The ductwork of the house or maybe the heating or cooling system in a home is used to attach such purifiers in your space.It produces no noise at all and requires very little maintenance. Multi-purposes are served at the same time. It needs to be installed by a professional and is not handy. Moreover, they are efficient but more expensive than portable ones.
  • Electrostatic Precipitator: This type of Air purifier works through the process of ionization. It pulls the pollutants towards itself and is usually charged up with the opposite charge. Thus, the pollutants get attached to it and clean air comes out. The efficiency of such filters is very high. They are not very effective in removing dust and microbial germs.
  • Electronic Air Cleaner: It uses static electricity to remove unwanted pollutants. The device is made up of pre-filters, wires for ionizing, and a collector metal plate. It is 99.7% efficient and requires monthly maintenance. But they are unable to capture VOCs and other gaseous contaminants. They even can’t kill microorganisms.
  • Ozone Filters:  Ozone filters are very effective in removing strong odors and also airborne chemicals. At the same time ozone has proven to be harmful to many people after prolonged use. Generally, it is preferred to use Ozone purification for industrial purposes.  If people remain exposed to ozone for a long time then they can develop various respiratory difficulties and also cause skin and eye irritation and damage. It would be beneficial if you avoid such types of filters.


How does Air Purifier Technology work?

Air purifiers usually use various technologies to pull the pollutants from the atmosphere and liberated the fresh air after trapping the harmful pollutants within the filters used. Many air purifiers use fans to pull the air in the space and pass them through various filters and the germs, odor, and dust particles get attached to it.

If you are using a UV filter, then it uses its rays to filters. Ionizers use ions to make the particles heavy and settle down. The filters need replacement after a certain interval of time to make it work properly all the time.


Safety features of Air Purifier Technology:

There are various safety features of Air Purifier Technology:

  • HEPA filters work miracles for patients with allergy and asthma. 
  • It is always good to avoid Ozone filtration because it is harmful.
  • Nowadays filters come with child lock and night modes.
  • As it is electrically driven, you need to take care of the proper wiring facilities to prevent any damage.



Spoiler title

Yes! Absolutely they are effective. It helps improve overall indoor air quality and thus helps to breathe fresh air.

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If you ask for my suggestion then I would say it’s always better to use an Air purifier. You can see the amount of pollution around us. So, it is always preferable to use air purifiers especially for allergy and asthma patients.

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Yes, you should avoid ozone filters as they are found to have very dangerous side effects.

What is space for which an Air purifier work?

The answer is it varies according to its capacity. You have to buy an Air purifier suited to your space. You will find varied models.

Spoiler title

Yes, it is. The filters if not replaced will contribute to polluting your air instead of cleaning it. Air purifiers get damaged easily. There are purifiers that even indicate when the filters need replacement. Each machine’s filter has different longevity. Replace accordingly to get the best results.



I hope you got a vivid idea about your perfect Air purifier. Before buying an Air purifier remember the points discussed above. Only high prices cannot buy the best item, it’s also the wise decision that matters. Make sure you buy the best-suited Air purifier and do not have any regrets further. Rest the decision lies with you. Enjoy the freshness of air with the perfect air purifier.

Remember Air purifier is a necessity to live a healthy life. Taking into consideration today’s Covid-19 pandemic, the Air purifier has really become an important part. Keep the air you are breathing in virus-free. Breathe fresh! Stay healthy!

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