Top 10 Best Drill Machines In India With Price 2020 Reviews

A drilling machine is a utility tool that is used in the construction industry. It is the equipment that is an essential tool in every builder’s bag. If you are a proud home decorator, you will always find it useful and handy to get your job done easily. Not only professionals, but drilling machines are also used by DIY enthusiasts as well. If you have to drill holes in your wall or metal for your projects, drilling machines are the way to go. Depending on your experience level, anyone can use a drilling machine.

Be it a professional or a beginner, with proper guidance, you can use these with ease. A drilling machine can be a multipurpose tool as well. You can use them as a potent home improving or repairing tool to assemble your furniture. These can also be used as screwdrivers in case you need one while you are working.  Drilling machines are available in a number of forms.

They are also available with a number of extra parts to keep you prepared for any situation. There are a number of drilling machines available in the market. They have different types, sizes, and performance. The latest products in the market are equipped with easy to grip designs, dual battery, amplified chargers, and long-lasting lithium-ion batteries. Therefore, there are a number of things to take into consideration before buying a drilling machine. 


Things To Consider Before Buying Best Drill Machines In India For Home Use

  • Corded Drills Vs Cordless Drills:

This is an important factor to take into consideration when you are buying a drilling machine. Cordless options are of course in higher demand among the mass. However, both cordless drills and corded drills have their ups and downs. Cordless drills provide you more mobility. It also saves you the trouble of getting all tangled up in the cords.

However, the batteries of cordless equipment are the main issue of concern. The types of batteries used in a drill also need to be taken into consideration. It needs to be charged from time to time. It is also advised to carry an extra set in case of an emergency.

Corded drills are comparatively lighter than the cordless ones. They have a steady power supply and it doesn’t have the worry of running out of power. Corded drills are also cheaper. However, they have restricted mobility and you would sometimes require an extension cord to use them.

  • Chuck:

Chuck is the metal shaft of the machine that holds the bit into place. A bit is a part that drills the hole in the wall or metal. Chucks are available in different sizes. Chucks are available in 1/4th inch, 3/8th inch and ½ inch. They also have two different types. One is the keyed chuck where a mechanical key is used to loosen or tighten the bits. For Un-keyed chucks, you need to hold it in your hand. The bits are tightened as you drill it in with power.

  • Size and Weight of the Drill:

Drilling machines are hand-held equipment. Therefore, their weight will matter when you are using them. For heavy-duty, heavier drills can be used. Meanwhile, lighter drills are easier to handle around the house.

  • Types of Drills:

Depending on the nature of work, drills are available in various types.   Starting from the most basic drills, we walk our way up to the most advanced ones. Drill Drivers are the most basic ones used for household purposes. Combination Drills are slightly advanced and they are used for hard surfaces like concrete.

Rotary Hammer Drills or SDS Drills are used for heavy-duty drilling and can be used for chiseling too. Lastly, Hammer Drills or Percussion Drills are the most advanced ones used for heavy-duty drilling through hard rock or masonry.

  • Additional features:

As mentioned earlier, a drilling machine can be used as a multipurpose tool as well. They have hammering mode or screwdriver mode as well. These depend on the purpose or the nature of the drilling you will be using it for.

  • Drill or Kit:

Whole drill kits are much more expensive than ordinary drilling machines. They have a number of tools or equipment for different repairing works. It is totally up to you to decide if you want a kit or the machine only.

  • Power:

An average machine with 500 watts will be able to do almost all household works. If your needs are limited, you can even use a 450-watt machine. Heavy-duty machines will require 700-800 watt if it is used in the professional industry.


Top 10 Drill Machines In India With Price

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Best Drill Machines In India Reviews

1) Cheston 10mm Reversible Drill Machine

Cheston 10mm Reversible Drill Machine

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Cheston 10mm Reversible is a corded drill that is really easy to handle and use. You can use it for small tasks such as putting up shelves or putting up pictures on the wall. It is lightweight and you can use it easily to do all your household work by yourself. This drilling machine has a 350watt capacity, which makes it not so suitable for any heavy-duty drilling.

You can use it for lightweight drilling such as drilling through the wooden surfaces. However, it is not suitable for tough metals or irons. You will surely burn out the motor. It has speed control and reversible drill which makes it easier for the user. The 10mm chuck can fit in several bits. Please note that there are no drill rods or drill bits included with this product.


  • The drill is lightweight
  • It has a 10mm chuck
  • This has a reversible drill
  • It includes a speed controller


  • It has 350 watts of operating power
  • It is not suitable for heavy-duty
  • No drills are included
  • No rods are included
  • it can’t be used as a screwdriver 


2) Black & Decker Drill Machine

Black & Decker KR704RE 710-Watt 13mm Impact Drill

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Black & Decker KR704RE can be used for heavy-duty drilling. With the 710 watt capacity, you can use it for a number of drilling purposes. The high watt capacity makes it suitable for drilling through concrete walls. The manufacturer provides a 6-year warranty of the product to ensure that you are investing in a quality product.

They also include a second handle which provides you the additional grip for steady use. You can use it for screw driving and hammering as well. It gives you a free and steady functioning for a longer duration with a lock on the button as well.

You can adjust the speed easily with the help of the trigger switch which gives you better control when you are screw driving. The drilling machine is a corded one that includes a three-meter long cord. It includes a 13mm, high-quality keyless chuck.  You also get a carrying case to provide you easier portability. 


  • It includes a secondary handle
  • It has a 710-watt capacity
  • It has hammering action
  • You can use it as a screwdriver
  • It includes a secondary handle
  • This includes a lock-on button 
  • It includes speed adjusting trigger


  • This is a heavy sound drill.
  • The carrying case is average quality
  • It has a keyless chuck
  • It is fairly heavier 


3) Bosch GSB 600 Drill Kit

Bosch GSB 600 RE 13mm 600 Watt Smart Drill Kit

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If you are looking for something professional, this is the kit for you. Including a multi-functioning drilling machine, this drilling kit has everything a professional can ask for. The chuck size of the drilling machine is 13mm and it features a keyed chuck. With a 600 watt capacity, the drilling machine can be used on wall, concrete, metal, wood, and plastic.

It features a Forward or Reverse switch for screw driving work. The Hammering or drilling mode selector switch helps you to works on almost all kinds of surfaces with its strong hammering actions. The kit is lightweight and compact which increases portability. You get an ergonomic design for easy handling of the tool and double insulation for high safety.

It also features a speed trigger with electronic control for exact pilot drilling so that you have control over your precision. As this is a drilling kit, the price is accordingly higher than your usual drilling machines. The kit features a number of tools so that you are always ready for any situation. The toolkit includes:

Combination pliers, Screwdriver bits, Socket wrench, Measuring tape, Claw hammer, Wood drill bits, Auxiliary handle, Depth gauge, Spirit level, Masonry drill bits, Metal drill bits, Screws and plugs, Utility knife, Nut/screwdriver bit holder, Wrench, and a Key chuck.


  • It is a Multi-function Drilling machine
  • It includes two-way hammering or drilling mode selector switch
  • It has a double insulation
  • It features a speed trigger with electronic control
  • The kit is compact 
  • It includes a number of tools
  • It has a 600-watt capacity 


  • The bits are not strong
  • The quality of the tools can be better
  • The packaging could be better
  • The machine gets heated easily 




BLACK+DECKER HD455KA 10mm 550 Watt Impact Drill Kit

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Black + Decker brings you another drilling machine that comes with a fully equipped kit. The drill has a 550-watt capacity and an operating voltage of 220-240 volts. It features a 10mm keyless chuck for the drill. This drilling kit is the perfect toolkit for every household and DIY purpose. The machine can drill into a variety of materials such as wood, metal, plastic, and masonry. With the powerful hammer action, you can get your job done without much hustle.

The corded hammer drill is fitted with forward and reverses which is located above the trigger. This makes it easy to switch direction between applications. With the variable speed controller, you get full control over the material while using the drill. The user doesn’t have to think about their control thanks to the Lock on the button which provides you with greater comfort.

This ensures that the trigger can be locked on when you are operating the tool for a longer period. The machine also features a chuck holder at the base of the drill.  The kit includes 41 accessories. These include HSS-R Metal Drill Bits, Masonry Drill Bits, Wood Spade Bits, Slotted Screwdriver Bits, Phillips Screwdriver Bits, Pozidriv Screwdriver Bits, Hex Screwdriver Bits, Allen Keys, Curve Claw Hammer, Pincer Plier, and Combination Wrenches.


  • It has a 550-watt capacity
  • It has a 10mm chuck
  • It has a hammer drill
  • It has forward and reverses drill
  • It has a variable speed controller 
  • It has a lock-on button


  • It does not have a second handle
  • The accessories are not sturdy
  • The carrier can be better 


5) Bosch GSB 500W Drill Machine Set

Bosch GSB 500W 500 RE Tool Set

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Here we have another drilling kit by Bosch. The drilling machine is meant for lighter use and not at all suited for any heavy-duty drilling. With the 500 watt capacity, you can use it for minor household works and simple DIY projects. This kit is a handy product with its compact structure and a lightweight drilling machine. Electronic speed control allows you to control the power of the machine while you are using it.

Even with the low motor capacity, it has a good hammer drill. It features three reverse bits for easy usage and a 10 mm keyed chuck. The drilling machine also features an impact switch for various materials. Other accessories in the kit  includes four metal drill bits, five concrete drill bits, four wood drill bits, ten screwdriver bits, a hammer, a combination pliers, a cutter, a wrench, a spirit level, a measuring tape, a utility knife, a bit holder, thirty nylon plugs and thirty screws.


  • It is compact and lightweight
  • It has a 10 mm chuck
  • It features Electronic speed control
  • It features an impact switch


  • It does not include a second handle
  • The drilling screws are not sturdy
  • The accessories are not sturdy
  • It does not include proper instructions 


6) Cheston 10mm Powerful Drill Machine

Cheston 10mm Powerful Drill Machine for Wall

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Cheston brings you another drilling machine with a 6-year warranty. Comparatively, this drilling machine has a very average motor capacity with 400 watts. Even with that capacity, you can use it on materials such as wood, metal, plastic, and masonry. The pack includes 5 pieces of wall bits for concrete drilling. The machine has a 10 mm chuck which is suitable for most house works.

It has a power lock button which assists you for steady and continuous use when you are drilling. One of the special features of this drill is the efficient cooling system which keeps the drill from heating up too fast. However, this machine does not include a reversible or hammer a drilling action.


  • It is cheaper
  • It is lightweight
  • It has a 10mm chuck
  • It has a power lock button


  • The bits are flimsy
  • It does not include hammer action
  • It does not include reversible drill
  • It has low watt capacity
  • The plastic bodice looks cheap 


7) Bosch 06012161F3 Professional Impact Drill

Bosch 06012161F3 GSB 10 RE 500-Watts Professional Impact Drill

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If you are looking for a light but professional drill, this drilling machine can be the one for you. This drill from Bosch has a 500-watt capacity and a 10 mm keyed chuck. Despite its low motor capacity, it is a pretty sturdy product. It is easy to use as it is a really lightweight drilling machine.  However, it doesn’t include any drill rods or drill bits. It features a hammering and screw driving mode along with reverse drill action.

You can easily switch between the screw driving mode and the drilling mode with the help of the top switch. The impact drill features a speed control switch that locks the speed you are working on to ensure consistent drilling. This provides confidence and comfort for beginners. 


  • It includes reverse drill
  • It includes hammer drill
  • It includes screw driving mode
  • It has a button to switch between the two modes
  • It has a 10mm keyed chuck
  • It is sturdy
  • It is lightweight
  • It features a speed controller


  • It has low watt capacity
  • It is not meant for heavy-duty drilling  


8) Bosch GSB 1300 Impact Drill Machine

Bosch GSB 1300 Impact Drill

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This drilling machine by Bosch comes with a 13mm chuck. The drill has an average of 550-watt motor capacity. It features both hammering and screw driving modes. With a simple switch, you can easily change from one mode to the other. The machine provides you with forwarding or reverses rotation for screw driving different applications.

This drilling machine includes a second handle for extra support and stability. One of the special features of this machine is its speed pre-selection option. With this, you can select the exact material-specific speed of the drill.

Unlike other drilling machines so far, this one is on the heavier side. Therefore, it is not suitable for amateurs or beginners. You will also require certain knowledge before you can work out the pre speed selector. 


  • It includes reverse drill
  • It includes hammer drill
  • It includes screw driving mode
  • It has a button to switch between the two modes
  • It includes a pre speed selector
  • It includes a second handle
  • You can use it on a number of materials


  • It is difficult for beginners
  • It is heavyweight
  • There are not drill bits included 
  • It gets overload easily 


9) Skil Impact Drill Machine

Skil Impact Drill

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Skil Impact Drill is a powerful drill with a 550 W capacity. If you want a sturdy and powerful drill that is handy for all the household works, this can work out for you. With a 13mm chuck, it can cover for almost all household work without a carpenter.

The machine features a hammer and reversible drill mode. You also have the double handle which makes it easier to work with. It also features a speed controller to provide a stable and continuous drilling experience. However, this drill also includes a Pre-selection switch which can be an advantage or a disadvantage.

It allows the user to select the exact material-specific speed of the drill. Without the basic knowledge about drills, it can be a bit difficult to use for beginners. 


  • It includes reverse drill
  • It includes hammer drill
  • It features a Pre-selection switch
  • It has an extra handle
  • It has a 550watt capacity
  • It is lightweight


  • The Pre-selection switch can be confusing for beginners.


10) Build skill BED2100 230V Impact Drill Machine

Buildskill BED2100 230V Impact Drill

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If you are looking for something super small and lightweight, this drill can do the trick. With its miniature size, it has a very low motor capacity with only 350 watts. This makes it totally incapable of doing any heavy-duty drilling. The package includes a Piece Chuck Key, one Depth Stop Measurer, and an adjustable Handle.

Despite its miniature size, you still get the reversible and impact function. The Spirit level indicator helps inaccurate drilling. It is paired with a continuous drill button which ensures precise drilling action.

The adjustable depth stop can be rotated up to 360 degrees for easy and comfortable use. The drill’s utility range is pretty wide with 1-13mm chuck. It also features a speed controller to provide you stable and easy drilling action.


  • It is lightweight
  • It includes reverse drill
  • It includes hammer drill
  • It features a Spirit level indicator
  • It has an adjustable depth stop
  • It features a speed controller


  • It has low motor capacity
  • It can’t handle any heavy-duty drilling 
  • It is not sturdy


Additional Information

It is important that you regularly clean your machine. You need to get rid of the dust and debris collected in it. Excessive dust and debris not only affects the smooth functioning of the drill, but it can also damage the product permanently. The user also needs to take precautions against the dust and debris themselves. You are sure to inhale a lot of that if you are not careful enough. 

Also, when you are buying a kit, check for the overall quality of all the tools included. Even though the machine itself may be good enough, you can end up with a number of flimsy accessories that will hamper your drilling activities. It is better to buy the drill and the accessories separately if you are not sure about the quality.  



Spoiler title
You should never force the drill. Not every drill is made for all surfaces. You can also slow down or change gears while using it. To ensure smooth functioning, use quality products. Use sharp and strong equipment and accessories to drill in the hole. You can also use pilot drills to reduce the pressure. It is also important to regularly clean and maintain your machine to reduce overloading.
Spoiler title
For household purposes, drilling machines with 450-100 watt is enough to get the job done. However, try to get something that is lightweight and easy to handle. This way it will be more convenient for you. 
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Drills can easily get stuck while you are using it. It is a very common issue for regular users. You can damage the machine if you try to pull it out by force. Instead of that, you can simply use the reverse feature and it will get back to the original position by itself.
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if you are a creative soul and enjoy making stuff on your own, you can use a lightweight drill machine as well. DIY enthusiasts can use a low watt drill as they won’t use it for heavy-duty projects. It is also advanced to use a cordless drill to avoid any tangles while you are working. 


Final Verdict

With a simple machine, you can save both time and money. A good investment can save you the trouble of depending on the carpenter. Take up the drill and you are ready to fix almost everything without any hustle! 

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