Top 10 Best Flush Tanks In India 2020 Reviews

Good sanitation is a basic need for everyone. India is a land of diverse cultures, various religious beliefs, some wonderful cuisines, and traditions. However, surprisingly, when it comes to sanitation, the country is far behind. It is estimated that about 6.4% of GDP is lost because of the lack of proper sanitation. This is mainly because of the diseases that are caused due to poor drainage, lack of awareness and poor sanitation.

This leads to people missing-out on regular work, children taking more and more sick-leaves and the female population having various sanitary related health issues. Lack of proper awareness in the health sector leads to premature death, raise in medical expenses and most importantly the total productive time lost due to illness. 

Thankfully, the current government of India has taken huge and bold steps to improve sanitation in India. It was the ‘Swachh Bharat Programme’ launched in the year 2014 that has managed the construction of around 80 million toilets across the country.

This is a huge step, considering the state of our country where women folk were forced to face the humiliation of using open fields for nature’s call. It was uncalled and unheard or even ‘un-holy’ to even think and talk about having a basic toilet near the vicinity of a home. This issue is beautifully depicted in the 2017 Indian film ‘Toilet-Ek Prem Katha’.  

However, Urban India is on an extreme end of the lifestyle spectrum, where toilets are a work of art. There are homes with high-end toilet technology where one remains amazed at modern architecture. People take pride in investing in the construction of a fine design of the washroom just like any other room in the house. The toilets are taken into keen consideration with precise focus on plumbing and drainage.

So, what makes a ‘good toilet’? let’s find out. 


Types Of Toilet

  • Two-Piece Toilet 

As the name suggests, this set-up comprises of two separate pieces. This has a ‘Tank’ and a ‘Seat’. This is also the most widely found toilet in most stores and is also cost-effective. The two parts can be easily dismantled and moved to any other place when required. However, you need to understand that the seam where the two parts connect tends to accumulate junk in due course of time. 

  • Single Piece Toilet 

Unlike the two-piece toilet, the Single piece toilet is ‘one-whole unit’. This set-up looks modern and chic and complements well with the interior. It is, however, a little expensive, but it saves you cleaning hassles and also installation issues. The Single piece toilet is available with both a low-profile tank and the higher tank. 

  •  The High-Tank Toilet

This is basically quite similar to the two-piece toilet, except the tank is installed higher-up on the wall, thus giving a clear view of the plumbing below. This toilet setup has a ‘chain pull’ which gives a classic old-world charm to it. 

  •  In the Wall Toilet

As the name suggests, this toilet set-up has the entire Tank hidden inside the wall. This is especially useful in closed-spaces or minimalistic designs. However, you need to understand the plumbing within the wall before you decide upon the ‘in-the-wall’ type of toilet. 

  •  Integrated Base Toilet

 This toilet type typically has a base which is a single flush piece. It relieves you of having to have a full view of the nook and crannies of the bottom. The best part is that it is much easier to clean and looks good.  

  •  Pressure-Assisted Flushing

This type of flushing is specifically designed to add to the hygiene and cleanliness of your toilet. It works with the mechanism providing extra pressure to the water flow so that the waste is washed-away even further into the bowl. 

  •  The High seat

 This is more of an added feature into your regular two-piece toilet system. Here the height of the toilet seat is usually 19-inches and is used where people are tall or have a health issue.  

  • The Lever System 

 The modern toilet system usually consists of the more traditional lever or the push-button. The latest toilets comprise of a two-button flush, where you can conserve water. This is slightly expensive but worth the money when it can help the conservation of water. 

 Now that you know the various types of toilets and importance of a Flush tank, let us take a look at ‘top 10 Best Flush Tanks in India’.  

  • The Twin Pit Toilet

This is one of the most widely advertised rural toilet models in our country. This consists of the construction of two deep pits separately that are connected through a ‘Y-shaped’ junction. The method of usage is simple. As one of the pits fill-up, the waste is automatically directed to the second pit.

Each pit usually takes about 5 to 8 years to completely fill-up. Meanwhile, the pit which is full is sealed and left to decompose into useful manure. This is the classic ‘honey-comb’ structure and is quite a success across rural India.

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Top 10 Best Flush Tanks In India

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Best Flush Tanks Reviews In India

#1 Parryware Slimline Polypropylene Economy Single Flush Cistern (White, Standard) 

Parryware Slimline Polypropylene Economy Single Flush Cistern | top flush tank

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Parryware is one of the leading manufacturers of bathroom fittings in India. The brand has various products that are tailored according to the needs of the customers. Parryware Slimline Polypropylene Economy Single Flush Cistern is made from good quality plastic. The Cistern is compact in this model and is great for public toilets. 

The Good 

  • Durable quality product 
  • Occupies less space 
  • A fixing kit is also available 
  • Water inlet position is side left. 
  • Easy installation 
  • Good value for money 

The Not-so-Good 

  • The Button flush can be a problem in the long run 
  • The connecting pipeline could be slightly longer in length 


#2 Hindware Sleek Smart PVC Cistern (Starwhite)

Hindware Sleek Smart PVC Cistern

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Hindware is one of the most widely used brands in India when it comes to the toilet and bath fittings. The Hindware Sleek Smart PVC Cistern (Starwhite) is visually appealing and will add to the interior of your bathroom. The high-quality PVC finish caters to the requirements and the demands of the customers.

It also helps against chemical corrosion and exposure to heat. One of the most important features of this particular brand product is that it is also fire-resistance, giving you complete durability. The tank utilizes 10 liters of water per flush and the lever is easy to use. 

The Good 

  • Space-saving design for small bathrooms 
  • Durable material 
  • Helps in water conservation 
  • Good to look at 
  • PVC used is also heat-resistant 

The Not-so-Good 

  • The brand has only a very limited color option. 
  • The tank dimension could be more 


#3 AAI Pvc Classic Flushing cistern, Flush Tank, 10 Ltr Capacity Tank – GREEN

AAI Pvc Classic Flusing cistern | Best flush tanks in India

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The AAI Pvc Classic Flushing cistern is one of the best products in this price range. The tank body is made of PVC, making it quite durable for long-term use. With 10 liters of tank capacity, this Cistern offers effective and clean flush flow at a time. The brand AAI aims at providing luxury on a budget and sticks to its promise. The Classic Flushing Cistern is innovative in bringing both design and technology at the same place. 

The Good 

  • Best in Budget 
  • Hassle-free installation 
  • Hygiene and maintenance are not an issue 

The Not-so-Good 

  • The tank is slightly smaller 
  • Lack of color variation 
  • Is not heatproof 
  • Is not fire-proof 

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#4 Commander Slim Plastic TB (White, Standard)

Commander Slim Plastic TB

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This is a basic model from Commander and comes in the standard white color. The Cistern has a push-button for flow and is made of Plastic. The tank capacity for this product is 8 to 10 liters and comes with a 5-year warranty. It is worth mentioning that the critical parts of this model are made from ‘engineering grade plastic’ with the Cistern being mosquito proof. 

The Good 

  • Mosquito proof 
  • Water-conserving technology 
  • Well-tested for durability 
  • The warranty period is long 

The Not-so-Good 

  • The material is not up to the mark as the other products 
  • The push-button might not withstand long usage 
  • Not recommended at homes that have rapid wear and tear. 


#5 KOHLER Bevel 8857IN-M-CP Faceplate Flush Actuator for Inwall Tank Polished Chrome

KOHLER Bevel 8857IN-M-CP Faceplate Flush Actuator for Inwall Tank Polished Chrome | best flush tank india

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One of the best Best Flush Tanks. This product is a Flush actuator plate and is used for the built-in wall tanks. The brand offers a fine aesthetic and compliments the ambiance of your overall design. This large flush actuator is removable in order to access the tank inside. This product allows you to select the water capacity between 3 liters or 6 liters for every flow. It has a Metal finish and is available in ‘Polish Chrome’ shade. 

The Good 

  • Trusted brand 
  • Easily removable 
  • Offers sleek look 
  • Recommended for the wall-hung toilet 
  • Helps in the conservation of water 

The Not-so-good 

  • Slightly on the pricier side 
  • The Faceplate can face ‘management-issues.’ 


#6 Sanituf ZOTO Slim & Sleek Flushing Cistern (FC-855)

Sanituf ZOTO Slim & Sleek Flushing Cistern

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The brand name is a trusted one when it concerns bathroom fittings and products. Zoto is one of the leading manufacturers of highly efficient products and good quality parameters. The Sanituf ZOTO Slim & Sleek Flushing Cistern (FC-855) is no exception and reaches all the required standards of a well-working Cistern system.

The tank has a powerful flush flow, thus, allowing you hassle-free maintenance and cleanliness. The model design is contemporary with a slim-finish and modern appearance. The tank has a capacity of 8 liters and is made of the durable PVC finish. 

The Good 

  • The material quality is good 
  • Easy to install 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Trusted brand 
  • Good design 
  • Flush is powerful 

The not-so-good 

  • Slightly overpriced as compared to other products 
  • The push-button for flush can be an issue on the long run 
  • Limited color options 

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#7 Commander Polypropylene Slim Dual Flush Tank – Front Know (6L+3L)

Commander Polypropylene Slim Dual Best Flush Tank in India

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Commander has emerged as one of the most trusted brands when it comes to bathroom fittings and various products. It has easily given tough competition to some of the bigger brands, thanks to its loyal customer base. The Commander Polypropylene Slim Dual Flush Tank – Front Know (6L+3L) is India’s very first Cistern with about 65% of water-saving technology. The product has been rigorously tested for its durability and also features a unique mosquito-proof cistern.  

The Good 

  • Durable 
  • Water conservation technology 
  • Has a mosquito-proof cistern 
  • Has a sleek design 

The Not-so- Good 

  • The material used for manufacturing is not up to the mark 
  • The product is overpriced as compared to the leading brands  


#8 PARRYWARE Tip Top Flush Tank Cistern (White)

PARRYWARE Tip Top Flush Tank Cistern

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Parryware brings to you the perfect solution to small space bathrooms with the latest model in Cistern. This one-piece toilet tank is made of Ceramic and has a fine finish. The PARRYWARE Tip Top Flush Tank Cistern is also resistant to staining, making its maintenance easier. The brand also boasts of the durability of its products, thus, offering you a Cistern unit that will last longer with the right kind of maintenance. The Cistern is of the wall-mounted kind and is stylish to look at.

The Good

  • Perfect toilet solution on a budget
  • Stylish to look at with its contemporary design
  • Lightweight making shifting an easy task
  • The wall-mounted design adds to the convenience

The Not-So-Good

  • The wall mount system might not appeal to all
  • Due to its overall size, the water-holding capacity is not as much.


#9 Shruti 2252 PVC Center Push Flushing Cistern (Ivory)

Shruti 2252 PVC Center Push Flushing Cistern | Top 10 Flush Tanks Reviews

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This is a single-flush tank system and has a capacity of 10 liters in a single flush. Shruti brings to you a lightweight cistern made of PVC and is ivory in color. It works in a two-flush system with 3 liters in the first flush and 7 liters for a complete flush. The 

The Good

  • The package comes with complete accessories
  • The overall build is strong
  • The Two-flush system is an added feature
  • Can work efficiently even in minimum water level.
  • Easy installation

The Not-So-Good

  • Packaging can be improved
  • The upper lining is not well-fitted
  • The flush push-button can be an issue in the long run.
  • The product does not exactly fall in the league of ‘brands’ 


#10 Cera B1010101 Flush Tank Corona (White)

Cera B1010101 Flush Tank Corona

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Cera is a trusted brand when it comes to Sanitary ware and bathroom products. The brand manages to get together modern design and the latest technology in a single unit. Cera B1010101 Flush Tank Corona has a twin-flush system, which makes cleaning an easy task. This cistern can be used for both home and office purposes, as it has easy to handle mechanism.  

The Good

  • The brand is known for its durability
  • Modern designing
  • The Cistern can easily merge with any interior
  • This is a twin-flush cistern
  • Connecting pipe is available


The Not-so-Good

  • Slightly expensive as compared to other brands
  • The color might fade after a while
  • The packaging can be improved


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Final Verdict

Sanitaryware is no longer just a necessity in the world today. It has fast grown into an architectural delight as well. With the awareness of hygiene and sanitation at a full pace in India today, good plumbing is just as important. So, as rural India is catching up with the ‘Swachh Bharat’ movement, it is only a matter of time that sanitation and sanitaryware will be one of the most sought-after industries in the country.

The Urban lifestyle has led to the desire for designing in every aspect. With the high-tech homes emerging every moment, it is not a surprise that the demand for ‘good-looks’ in the sanitaryware should be left0behind. In fact, there is a large population out there who spend a substantial amount of their time in the bathrooms. The need for their washrooms to have a ‘spa-like’ feeling is what has pushed the sanitaryware technology to a more sophisticated industry today.

People want their washrooms to be a reflection of their own personality, therefore it is only obvious that they need to invest in innovative ideas and designs to create a ‘bathroom of their dreams’. With the growing rate of the more and more nuclear family system, the need for private space has only led to the next level in privacy. Now, even children and teenagers demand their own bathing spaces. 

So, it is necessary to spend your time and money on investing in the right kind of sanitaryware. After all, here is the place where you need to ‘do-your-business’. 

Now that we have gathered much information about the various Flush tanks available in India, let us browse through some of the most frequently asked questions.



What is the total capacity of a typical Cistern?
An average flush utilizes up to 13.6 liters of water and the total water used per person per day is 71.2 liters. At homes where the water flow is quite low, the average flush utilizes 6 liters every day and 34.4 liters per person per day.
What do ‘S’ and ‘P’ trap toilets mean?
Usually toilets have a bend in their connecting pipes that are meant to throw away the waste and to prevent the sewer gases from entering into your bathrooms. The S-trap toilet has the connecting pipe attached to the floor and the P-trap has the connecting pipe attached to the wall.
What are the ‘antimicrobial’ toilet seats?
The antimicrobial toilet seats are one of the finest innovations of Sanitaryware technology. This basically involves a process where the ‘antimicrobial’ agents are formed into the material plastics. This invention has gained popularity because the antimicrobial seats prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mildew, and molds on the toilet surface.
How do I design a tiny-spaced toilet?
Small-spaced toilets are no longer a problem now. With the latest technology and architecture, you can easily make your small bathroom into a fully functional one with all the right amenities. The best way to do this is by utilizing the ‘concealed cisternn’. This way the flush tank is easily hidden into the wall, leaving you with space. There are quite a few brands that have Cisterns specifically constructed in such a way that they can fit into a 1 brick wall as well. 
Is it a smart idea to combine products from various collections?
It is not a bad idea to combine products from different collections as long as they are compatible with your overall system. This generally means that you need to keep into consideration the designing elements of every collection such as size, shape, and color. 
What are some smart ways to upgrade my toilet?
There are various ways and tips to upgrade your toilet into another level. The latest trends out there is the ‘hydraulic Hinge’. These are clever little apparatus that prevent your toilet seat from slamming down. These are also known as the toilet trip lever that have a nice chrome finish. You can also coordinate them with the rest of your bath-fittings to give an overall elegant look.
What causes the toilets to suddenly start running?
The problem of a ‘running-toilet’ is termed as Phantom flush. The main reason for this to occur is due to a tiny leakage that occurs from the Cistern to the bowl. This problem can be easily resolved by completely draining the tank and the bowl and to fix a new flapper seat if the current one has worn out. It is important to keep in mind that on an average a flapper seat lasts for about 4 to five years. 
What toilets are best suited for Rural India?
This is one of the most important question considering the personal-hygiene revolution that has swept the nation away. However, there are various factors that have to be considered when constructing a toilet in a rural area. Firstly, it is the water availability of the region which is important to consider. Secondly and most importantly, the sustainability of the construction should be strong. Keeping these two pointers in mind, one of the most successful models is the ‘twin-pit’ toilet.

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