Top 10 Best Gear Cycles Under 10000 In India In 2020 Reviews

Bicycles are one of the most used means of transport across the world. There are countries where the majority of people commute on a bicycle because of its efficiency and environment-friendly attributes. There are various reasons why a person usually opts for a bicycle.

Being budget-friendly, people from all walks of life can afford a bicycle. The vehicle is also easy to maintain as compared to the others and can be afforded by anyone. In India, celebrities like Salman Khan have made riding on a bicycle look fashionable.

Using a bicycle suddenly became a style-statement after the star endorsed it openly. However, there are a few simple things to bear in mind when you purchase a bicycle, let us take a look at some of them:


Things To Consider Before Buying Best Gear Cycles Under 10000 In India

  • Your Purpose

Firstly, it is important to understand what the main purpose of your need is. You will be surprised to know that there are various types of bicycles according to your need. There are four different categories of bicycles designed specifically for your needs:

  1. To stay fit and Casual rides:  You can go for the Hybrid bicycle as these will ensure the required pace and speed.
  2. Traveling to work or college/school: For the purpose of commuting to your workplace or college, you can once again go for the Hybrid bicycle type. These bicycle types are lighter than the MTB and much more comfortable as compared to the Road Bicycles.
  3. For long-distance travels: If you have a road trip planned along with friends, the Road bike is the perfect pick for you.
  4. Trail rides/Off-Roading: For this purpose, Mountain bikes or MTBs are the perfect picks.
  • The Bicycle Frame Size

The perfect bicycle frame is decided by your own height and Leg length. Choosing the right bicycle frame is an important factor when selecting the right bicycle. To get the best out of the bicycle, it is important to understand the kind of frame best suited according to your height. This also reduces your chances of injury and adds efficiency to your overall experience. To know the exact frame size, it is best recommended to go to a sports store and try out a few bicycles yourself.

  • Conditions

One of the most important deciding factors when choosing the right bicycle is your riding conditions. It is important to know if the roads that you will be riding on are good or bad.

For those of you who live in hilly regions, it is important to go for a bicycle which has gears. This is also recommended for steep climbs and declines or with a number of bridges to cross.

Bicycles with front suspension are best recommended for those of you who have really bad road conditions to face. These could include potholes, broken roads among other bad conditions.

  • The Budget

For a lot of people, budget is one of the most important deciding factors. Usually, people think that it is alright to buy a cheap bicycle at first and later go for a higher model. However, it is only sensible to go the other way round. A good budget bicycle ensures your safe riding experience. Higher model bicycles are also easier to resell when you decide on purchasing a newer model.

The comfort level of an expensive bicycle is also good, as they have better saddles. The braking performance is also noticeably better in a well-invested bicycle. Tires are another factor that is come along with expensive bicycles. A better-quality tire also leads to less rolling resistance, hence better grip. Frame as mentioned earlier, it another important factor when deciding on a bicycle.

Lighter frames mean better performance, hence a good and safe riding experience. Overall, be sure to invest once in a good bicycle, as you will be able to enjoy hassle-free maintenance for a longer time as compared to other versions on a budget.


Types Of Cycles

  • Mountain bike

The tires on this bike are of 26 inches or 29 inches wide which makes it easier to travel on loose dirt and various obstacles. These have flat handlebars and rugged frames. These bikes can be ridden on trails and on roads. These bikes are sturdy and can be used for adventurous purposes.

These bikes fall under all price range and can be used by all; however, it should be kept in mind that the lower-range mountain bikes are not as efficient.

  • Hybrid/Comfort bikes

The Comfort or the Hybrid bikes generally have the same features, however, these bikes feature a different wheel size. Generally, the hybrids have larger road-sized bike tires and are comparatively thinner as well.

Hybrid and comfort bikes consist of such features that enable them to run smoothly on a family neighborhood or paved trails with equal ease. The upright position of this bike-type makes them comfortable to use.

  • Road Bike

The bike types are characterized by ‘drop’ handlebars and skinny tires. The Road bike is known for its efficiency and speed. These are much preferred by people who lead a sports-oriented lifestyle and want adventure.

These bikes feature larger thin tires that help in the smooth sliding on the road trail and the multi-positioned handlebar is meant to provide the desired grip variations.

  • Triathlon/Time Trial Bike

These are best suited for triathlon and time trial events. The Time trial bikes feature the forward bull-horn shaped handlebar and aero bars. The aero bars are designed to help the rider to be able to lean forward in the aerodynamic position.

The shifters are featured on the end side of the aero bars. The main specialty of the Time trial bike is that it is specifically designed for triathlons and highlight the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

  • BMX/Trick Bike

BMX means Bicycle Motor Cross as these are single-speed bikes and are ridden on shorth dirt track much like the motorsport. Basically, BMX is referred to any single-speed bike with a 20-inch wheel. If your requirement is to perform tricks and jumps, then, the BMX is the perfect bike for you to go for.

  • Commuting Bike

They are the most basic models in bicycles and are widely used across the world by all people. These bikes also fall under the general category and are equipped with various accessories. The added features such as fenders, light, bags, rear racks, lights are included in this model.

It is basically the presence of these features that make these bicycles widely used everywhere. This vehicle is much preferred for running errands or even commuting to work and college. You can also use this bicycle if you need to stay fit and require a little amount of exercise.


Now that we have discussed the bicycle types and the riding conditions, let us take a look at some of the Top Gear Cycles In India Under 10000 INR –

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Best Gear Cycles Under 10000 (India) Reviews

#1 Hercules Roadeo A50 26T 21 Speed Premium Geared Cycle (Radiant Yellow) 

Hercules Roadeo A50 26T 21 Speed Premium Geared Cycle

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This is perfect buy when looking for a bicycle that is both from a good brand house and on a budget. The stylish design and the fashionable color available make it a trendy asset for the younger crowd. The brand house has ensured that the vehicle as lightweight as the material used for manufacture is Aluminium.

The front disc brake design is available in a medium and large frame. The special feature available in this bike is the 21-speed easy fire thumb shifters and the Shimano gear, which ensures your smooth riding experience.


  • Disc brake present
  • Front suspension
  • Lightweight
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Reliable brand


  • No mudguard present
  • No Stand present
  • No trainer wheel present
  • No carrier present
  • No chain covers
  • No bell present


#2 Mach City Ibike 7 Speed Cycle With Free Mojo Bonus Lock – 26 T (White) 

Mach City Ibike 7 Speed Cycle

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This is a cool bike if you are looking for some real fun riding experience. The frame is lightweight which allows you to be able to shift the bicycle when and as required. The speed rating is a whooping 7 which ensures you a seamless ride in the urban terrains.

The manufacturers have offered special features such as the quick-release front wheel and durable Nylon tires. The 7-speed Shimano tourney gear system along with the Shimano Revo shifters ensure you a breezy ride. This particular bicycle is the right choice if you are looking for a vehicle on an average budget with all the right features together.


  • Lightweight
  • Quick-release front wheel
  • Shimano gear
  • Shimano Revo shifters
  • Good value for money
  • Lock available


  • Is delivered partially assembled


#3 Hero Sprint Next 24T 18 Speed Mountain Cycle (Green/Black) 

Hero Sprint Next 24T 18 Speed Mountain Cycle

Check Price

This is a fine bike from the brand house Hero and ensures you great riding experience. The 17-inch steel suspension frame makes it ideal for people of average and tall height. The special feature about this bicycle is that it has the popular Shimano shifters and derailleur power.

This 6-speed bicycle has Mudguard, stand, front reflectors, and rear reflectors. If you are adventurous in nature, then the Hero Sprint Next 24T 18 Speed Mountain Cycle is perfect for you.


  • Shimano shifters present
  • Mudguard present
  • 610 mm Handlebar present
  • V brakes present
  • Value for money


  • Installation can be a problem
  • No trainer wheel present
  • No carrier present
  • No chain cover present
  • No lock present
  • No bell present


#4 Hero Ranger 18 Speed DTB Vx 26T Mountain Bike – Black and Green 

Hero Ranger 18 Speed DTB Vx 26T Mountain Bike | Best Gear Cycles In India Under 10000

Check Price

This is a perfect bicycle for people who require speed and safety together. Hero is a trusted brand when it comes to adventure lovers. The brand house brings to you a fine bicycle with front and rear Caliper Brakes. The gear is of 18 Speed and suspension is of Rigid type. The vehicle is lightly weighted at 24.9 kg and is perfect for average to large built of the rider.

The rider can be of a minimum height of 5.8 feet and a maximum height of 6.2 feet. The Mudguard present in the vehicle makes it perfect for a nice, long ride on tough roads. 


  • Good suspension
  • Attractive color
  • Brand name 


  • Delivered semi-assembled
  • No trainer wheels
  • No chain covers present
  • No lock available
  • no bell present
  • The handlebar is slightly low
  • The user manual can be improved
  • Gear adjustment could be simpler

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#5 Kross Maximus Bike 

Kross Maximus Bike

Check Price

This is a fine bike for a good riding experience. The entire framework of the vehicle is quite stylish and appealing to the young riders. You also get a nice front suspension and a side stands as well. With smooth shifting gears, this mountain bike makes a perfect partner for the adventurous crowd. Ride carefree with Kross Maximus Bike on though paths and long roads to get the best riding experience. The budget makes this purchase suitable for all and can be used for a seamless commute.


  • Free lock
  • Water bottle cage present
  • Free water bottle 
  • Combo lights present
  • Front suspension
  • 85% assembled
  • Colour options present
  • Value for money


  • Slightly bulky frame
  • No mudguard present
  • No tool kit present
  • Gear shift could be smooth


#6 Hercules Roadeo Hardliner Cycle, Adult Large (QuickSilver) 

Hercules Roadeo Hardliner Cycle, Adult Large | Best Gear Cycles

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This all-cool bicycle from Hercules is perfect for kids and adults alike. The bike is delivered partially assembled with only a few final fittings to be done by self. The easy gearshift allows for the perfect riding experience for either commuting to work or simply enjoying a nice ride along the block.

With Shimano 18 speed gear system, the vehicle can be used for mountain biking experience as well. The 18-speed rating and 26 T frame make it a perfect travel partner. Hercules Roadeo Hardliner Cycle is stylish and appeals to youngsters and adults alike.


  • 85% assembled
  • Adjustable seat
  • Shimano gear
  • Stylish look
  • Smooth gear shift
  • Brand name


  • Slightly Bulky


#7 Huffy Granite 26 Inches Men Single Speed (Black& Red) 

Huffy Granite 26 Inches Men Single Speed

Check Price

This is a fine bicycle which is suitable for teenagers and adults. The vehicle is lightweight making it easier to manage and smooth riding experience. It is ‘Single Speed’ and has a ‘Rigid’ suspension type. This bike is available in two color options and has a stylish finish.

If you need to commute to work or college and school, Huffy Granite is a perfect choice. The Alloy wheels and reflectorized pedals are perfect for the smooth riding experience. The bicycle has adjustable seats, making it a good choice for people of various height range.


  • Reflectorized pedals
  • Has a rigid fork
  • Lightweight
  • Consists of alloy wheels
  • Single-speed
  • Adjustable seat
  • Colour options present
  • Semi assembled
  • On budget


  • Needs to be tested for rough mountain trails
  • Not suitable for kids

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#8 Hero Sprint 20T Elite 6 Speed Junior Cycle, Boy’s 

Hero Sprint 20T Elite 6 Speed Junior Cycle, Boy's | Best Gear Cycles In India

Check Price

Hero brings to you a fine bicycle which is perfect for kids. This vehicle is specifically designed for small children and has Caliper brakes both in front and back. The gear is of 6 Speed and the vehicle frame is lightweight. The mudguard is provided to prevent your little one from the mud splashes.

The minimum height that the bike can support is 3.11 feet and the maximum height is 4.3 feet. If you are looking for the very first bike for your little one, then Hero Sprint is the perfect choice for you.


  • The suspension is Rigid type
  • Semi assembled
  • Chain cover present
  • Mudguard present
  • Suspension fork present


  • No stand
  • No trainer wheels
  • No carrier
  • No lock present 


#9 Kross K 40 21Speed Disc 26 Grey&Green 402232 Mountain Cycle (Grey) 

Kross K 40 21Speed Disc 26 Grey&Green 402232 Mountain Cycle(Grey)

Check Price

Kross brings to you a fine bike that has been specifically designed keeping the kids in mind. The vehicle is equipped with disc brakes and has a 21-gear speed. Due to its lightweight, it is suitable for men, women and also kids. The semi-raised handles add to the good performance and have soft grips.

There are two types of brakes featured; the Disc brake and the V-brake along with anti-skid body on the pedals. The frame size is 19 inches and the pedals are reflectorized. The friction-free casing is featured for effective brakes and makes your riding experience smooth.


  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for kids
  • Suspension fork 
  • Shimano gears 
  • The pedal has an anti-skid body


  • Tool kit not present
  • Quality of brakes can be improved
  • Not suitable for the terrain
  • No night shifter mode


#10 BSA Lady Bird Shine Version 26T 

BSA Lady Bird Shine Version 26T | Best Gear Cycles Under 10000

Check Price

This is one of the most popular bicycles in India. This is mainly as it is specifically designed keeping the female rider in mind. The frame is lightweight and the color is attractive making it appealing for the girls. The front basket makes it a perfect choice for a ride to school and colleges. The Caliper brakes and the Mudguard present makes it a perfect choice for safe riding experience.


  • Kickstand
  • Front basket present
  • Preassembled
  • Especially for girls
  • Mudguard present
  • Stylish design
  • Attractive color
  • Reliable brand


  • No lock
  • Size can be an issue
  • The height of the seat might need adjustments


As we have seen above that the market has some of the best bicycles for you to choose from. However, we always have queries and questions before we finally go for the purchase. Let us take a look at some of the most widely asked questions:



How important is a Lock on a bicycle?
Locks are a vital part of a bicycle. It is important to understand that locking your bicycle after you have safely parked it is a significant step. For this, it is advisable to use locks which are strong and sturdy. Also, the new riders should always learn the manner in which to lock your vehicle to avoid the possibility of theft.
Is it advisable to purchase a bicycle on the Internet?
The internet has become an assessable commodity in today’s time and age. However, you must bear in mind that just like any other aspect of life online shopping has its own limits as well. Various dealers have put-up numerous bicycles of almost all brands available on the internet portals. However, many times you can be easily duped. While the online shopping experience varies from person to person, you must be able to take a measured risk. There are times when you might not get what you have ordered and then tracking the customer services can be an issue.

When it comes to actually go to a shop and choosing the right bicycle, you get to watch every step of the assembling process. The shop keeper or the mechanic present there offers you a personalized opinion about your selection and other queries. If you happen to face any problems in the future with your bicycle, you know exactly where to get help from.

How to find the perfect bicycle that fits me?
This is one of the most asked questions. It is also one of the most important aspects that you need to ask around before you select your bicycle. As you will be spending a good amount of time on your bicycle, it is only obvious that you should be as comfortable on your bicycle as possible.

Make sure to try out a few models and also go for a test-ride when making your choice.  Be sure that your body-frame is not extended all the way when you are reaching out for the handlebars. Bear in mind that it is common to feel uncomfortable with the saddle for the first time.

You should also be able to clarify if your dealer is willing to switch the various parts of the bicycle to ensure it fits you perfectly at the end of the day.

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The Final Note

Bicycles are our very first vehicle in most of our lives. Our rendezvous with the road and speed is generally encountered on the bicycle at first. While most of us might graduate to a bigger vehicle later in life, however, our first experience on a bicycle always remains special.

So, be sure to understand the purpose of your ride and purchase the right bicycle. It is also important to understand the durability and the brand name before you buy your vehicle. Various attributes like replacements and adjustments should also be considered when buying from a dealer.

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