Top 10 Best Gear Cycles Under 15000 In India 2020 Reviews

Bicycle is one of the oldest means of the transport system. It can be called as a bike which runs without fuel. Back in 1890, John Boyd Dunlop introduced the bicycle. Initially, the bicycle didn’t have gears. Cycling promoter Paul de Vivie first introduced gear bicycle in 1905. Gradually, gear cycles came into the trend.

People started depending upon those cycles as their means of transport. Bicycles are nowadays suggested by doctors as a means of exercise. With the advancement of technology, people are getting so idle that the number of diseases is also increasing in number.

Thus, doctors decided to make people sweat a little through this cycling. And there are many interested people who are very much into adventures and trekking. Thus, they require cycle cum bikes to meet up their purpose.  So, here is a list of top 10 best gear cycles under 15000 that could be afforded within a range of Rs 15000. It can be availed retail and also online. You Can also Check Top 10 Gear Cycles Under 10,000.


Top 10 Gear Cycles In India Under 15000 With Price

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Best Gear Cycles Under 15000 Reviews

#1 Cosmic Trium 27.5 Inch MTB Bicycle 21 Speed (Ink Blue)

Cosmic Trium 27.5 Inch MTB Bicycle

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This top-class mountain bike comes from a desired brand name MTB. It has an awesome feature of 21 gears, which is one of the best features mentioned in this bike. This provides greater control over the terrain of mountains. A mountain biker can establish his capabilities through this spectacular bike cum gear bicycle.

To add to its sublimity, it has a disc-shaped brake, which never lets you compromise it’s comfortably journey. These brakes are actually V-shaped brakes on both front and rear. It comes with 28 inches tire size to ensure higher mobilities on road. Its steel frame is about 17 inches in size. Again, it’s style, design and geometry can’t be ignored. It has some premium looks.

It goes well with men but at the same time, anyone can use it irrespective of gender notation. It uses Shimano EF-51 shifters, with a Shimano TZ30 front derailleur and a TX55D rear derailleur. This cycle is almost assembled that it has assembled toolbox with it. So, this cycle is extremely premium with its technicalities and vibes out of the box.

Notable features-

  • 21 Shimano gears.
  • V-shaped brakes.
  • 28 inches tire.


#2 Cosmic Eldorado 1.0L 21 Speed Edition MTB Bicycle

Cosmic Eldorado 1.0L 21 Speed Edition MTB Bicycle | Best Gear Cycles Under 15000 In India

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MTB is a well-known company for bicycles. So, this cycle is popular among all cycles present out in the market and is the best gear cycle under 15000 in India. Coming to its highlighting features, it won’t be the wrong decision to mention that it has 21 gears. This is an awesome feature in this budget. Thus, it’s one of the finest mountain bikes, tried by mountain riders.

Other than this, it has a disc type brake which offers high controlling assistance. You can even satisfy yourself in higher ranges with this mountain specialist. Although it is ideal for men, it can be used by anyone irrespective of gender. It has a tire size of 26 inches x 2.125 inches which ensure a better contact with the road which ultimately confirms better mobility.

It has a great design and is made up of a steel frame which has a size of 19.5 inches. It comes in various color combinations, with several color mixtures with black, a few with white and even a plain gold.

Notable features-

  • 21 gears.
  • Disc brakes.
  • Color variances.


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#3 Hero Octane 26T Dude 21 Speed Cycle

Hero Octane 26T Dude 21 Speed Cycle

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Here is another great gear cycle from another wannabe competitor of cycle brands. Again it’s a mountain bike with 21 Shimano speed shifters. That is actually it has 21 gears which are actually from Shimano brand. Apart from this, it has thick, mountain-style tires.

The material is sturdy, and it’s safe and fun to use. This cycle is ideal for anyone above teenage. This is random because it has an optimal range of height of about 5.4 inches, which is almost average. To enhance its mobility, the company provides 26 inches tires. The rider can enjoy supremely throughout the treks without feeling any journey. Other than this it has a steel frame that comes in a size of 18 inches.

The color variant of this cycle is also not less. It is quite an attractive and desired choice by a maximum of the mid-rangers. Its durability is another worth mentioning feature. Like, any rider can move into difficult terrain without worrying about its breakage. That’s indeed a feature to give tough competition.

Notable features-

  • 21 gears.
  • 26 inches tires.
  • 18 inches frame.


#4 Hero SDTB26BKBL02 Octane DTB V3

Hero SDTB26BKBL02 Octane DTB V3 Speed Bicycle

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From the brand Hero, here is another deluxe cycle which is ideal for everyone except learners. It has 21 gears. Shimano front and rear derailleurs. To confirm it’s a delicacy, it has some extremely supreme designs. Apart from this, it has a tire size of 26 inches ensuring appreciable road journeys. These 26inches tire offer highly mobile journeys. It also comes with a steel frame which sizes about 19 inches.

Comes in two variants blue and black. So, accepted by many people. The ideal frame and tire size make it comfortable enough. Therefore, it won’t be skeptical to have a second thought before buying yourself a gear cycle with this gear cycle.

Notable features-

  • 21 gears.
  • 26 inches tires.
  • 19 inches steel frame.


#5 Cosmic KC0049 Cosmic Trium 21 Speed Steel Gear Bicycle, Men’s 27.5-inch (Black)

Cosmic KC0049 Cosmic Trium 21 Speed Steel Gear Bicycle | Best Gear Cycles Under 15000 in India

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This cycle is another highly accomplished bicycle. It has some premium outer looks. Other than this it has its wheels made from double alloy and a frame made of steel. This makes it durable enough. Its tire sizes about 27.5 inches which are better in this range. This confirms it’s satisfactory mobility on the road. It can hook you up with this with its other features, like, it has a steel frame of size 18 inches and it looks goes well with everyone.

Although it’s ideal for men, it can be used by any one of an average height of 5.4 inches. A durable bike like this is great for casual riding, road cycling, and mountain biking. It also has a sporty look. It’s 21 gear shifters are worth mentioning. So, investing money on such a sporty look holding bike is not at all a bad choice.

Notable features-

  • 21 gears.
  • 27.5 inches tires.
  • 18 inches steel frame.


#6 Atlas Torpedo D/Shox And Dual Disc Brake 26T Mountain Cycle (Green/Red)

Atlas Torpedo D-Shox And Dual Disc Brake 26T Mountain Cycle

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This lightweight extremely unique cycle is out in the market. It has the best outer looks. It’s green and red looks give it a premium outcome. It is a fixed gear cycle, that is, it’s a single speed cycle. This cycle is famous for its simplicity and affordable range. It has 26 inches tires. So, road mobility is indeed great. On the road, experience has also received good applause.

It has a steel welded frame and alloy wheels. Its double suspension is a worth mentioning feature in this range. It is also quite durable allowing some breakage free journeys. Apart from this, it’s color combinations are good. This cycle is ideal for both men and women. As the frame size is of average size. Therefore, it is a budget fixed gear cycle to give a look before buying.

Notable features-

  • 26 inches tires.
  • Double suspension.


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#7 Hercules Roadeo A 300 Bicycle

Hercules Roadeo A 300 Bicycle

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Hercules the most heard the brand name for bicycles. Roadeo A300 comes under the brand name Hercules. It’s one of the best selling bicycles under 15000. Having almost all the required features, this cycle is the beast of the segment. Tormented with numerous features, this cycle has a tire size of 26 inches, which ensures perfect mobility with the road. Other than this, the frame size of this cycle is 18 inches.

This confronts that this cycle goes well with both men and women without caring about gender. The outer look of this cycle is also attractive. The handles have a good grip which allows perfect controllable performance. Frame material alloys, here is a con, in demand towards durability. Otherwise,  it does have 21 Shimano shift gears. Therefore, having good speed to ride on.

Notable features-

26 inches tires.

18 inches steel frame.

Ideal for both men and women.


#8 Hercules Roadeo A275 Cycle, Adult Large (Red)

Hercules Roadeo A275 Cycle | Best Gear Cycles Under 15000

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This is another cycle under the brand name Hercules. Hercules is one of the oldest brands of cycles. They’re famous for their built-in quality along with their stylish designs. They make sporty, professional bicycles and fast bicycles in all price ranges and for all sizes.

This is another one from their side with 21 Shimano gears. Thus, this cycle is fast enough on its runway. To accompany this, it does also have 26 inches tires. This adds superiority to those 21 Shimano fast shift gears. It runs efficiently mobile on the road. If something it lags behind is it’s aluminum body frame.

This challenges the durability of difficult roads. It is ideal for mountaineers yet not so ideal. This cycle has a rear suspension. Apart from this, it is ideal in all other aspects. This is a comfortable bicycle rather a mountain bike in this range. Rest you’re given enough choices to compare and to take your decision wisely.

Notable features-

  • 21 Shimano gears.
  • 26 inches tires.


#9 Hercules Top Gear TZ110 Road Bike, Adult Medium (Smart Red/Black)

Hercules Top Gear TZ110 Road Bike

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Although the brand name received a huge a lot shoutout this is not an ideal bicycle for a mountaineer. It is a kind of casual bicycle for a casual rider who expects relaxing rides. This cycle comes with the less but optimal number of the gear shifter. It numbers into 18 gear shifters.

The brakes used in this bicycle is are disc types. In rear and front, both having disc type of brakes. A worth mentioning feature is its open suspension. This cycle is an idea for both men and women. This is because the frame size is less than 5.4, which is less than average. Apart from this, it’s tire size of 26 inches is quite acceptable to enhance mobile journey throughout this bike.

Appealingly, it’s having some color variances, which won some buyers comprehensively. But despite having fewer speeds, it’s just as versatile and performance-based as any other bicycle on this list. It requires a Wiseman’s decision to head towards a conclusion at this moment. So, below mentioned a buyer’s guide to help you out throughout your struggle.

Notable features-

  • 26 inches tires.
  • 18 gear shifters.


#10 Cosmic Voyager 21 Speed Gear Bicycle, 26-inch (Black/Yellow)

Cosmic Voyager 21 Speed Gear Bicycle | Best Gear Cycles Under 15000

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The cosmic voyager is another great speed gear cycle present in this range. It comes with an 18.5-inch steel frame body which confirms it’s durability as compared to aluminum body frame. It has a dual suspension system. The tires used in these cycles are DSI tires of size 26×2 inches. And the wheels are made up of 36h rims. It has disc brakes in both front and rear.

It has 21 shifting gears, thus speeding up with this bike is comfortable. Apart from this, it has an attractive outer look in both the variant, black and yellow. It goes well with everyone from teenagers to middle-aged people. The dual suspension used in this cycle is steel suspension for the rear and zoom suspension for the front.

Notable features-

  • 21 shifting gears.
  • DSI tires od 26×2 inches.
  • 18.5 inches steel frame.
  • Colorful and appealing.



Things To Consider Before Buying Best Gear Cycles Under 15000

This is most probably the first question, every buyer comes across as soon as they decide to buy something. I guess you’re absolutely in the right place to get your answer. There are certain aspects of that bicycle buyers have to look at when they select a cycle. We can consider the frame of the cycle initially. The frame size determines, alongside the wheels, the kind of physique that would be apt for a particular bicycle.

Larger cycles would need taller people to push on the pedals properly, while smaller cycles would be extremely uncomfortable for the same tall people. Thus, cycles supported with average height are comfortable for every user. Another thing you can look for in a 15000 range of cycle is its frame material. Sturdier the cycle more is the handling and controlling assistance.

The frame of the cycle actually determines three things, sturdiness, whether it is prone to scratching or not, whether it is heavy or not. Steel frame cycles are generally sturdier and heavy and resistant to physical damages. Since they’re heavy they cause resistance to mobility. At the same time, aluminum frames are not durable enough to refrain from physical damages. They’re mostly fragile and are easily worn out of bicycles. If you’re yet not satisfied with the information shared, you can try youtube and some other online informatics for your better assistance.


The most important thing about a bicycle without which a cycle can’t move in literal. Each tire has its own mentioned psi.

Cycle Frame

One of the most important bicycle parts includes the cycle frame on which the entire components are fitted. It is actually the base structure of the cycle. Different cycles or bikes have different types of frames.

The most modern and common type of cycle frame found in most of the cycles is the diamond frame. The diamond frame includes two types of triangles- a rear triangle and the main triangle.


Bicycle parts also comprise of brakes which is one of the most vital parts of a cycle. There are various types of cycle brakes. Some of the most common types of brakes are disc brake, drum brake, rim brake and so forth. Brake system is very crucial in a bike or cycle as it helps to stop or slow down the vehicle.

When the rider applies the brake, friction is applied to the braking pads which are attached to the rim of the wheel, this helps to slow down the cycle and eventually bring it to a halt. The brakes are usually attached to the handlebar of the cycle and can be activated by the riders.

Cycle chain

Most of the cycles have chains that transfer power from the pedals to the wheels to move the cycle. Chains are also included among the list of important bicycle parts. It is necessary to lubricate the cycle chain so that the cycles perform better and faster.


The pedals are turned by the rider to move the cycle. It is fixed in the center of the cycle frame and propels the bike forward.

Handlebars of the cycle

The handlebar provides adequate support to the rider and helps him to steer in various directions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 26 inch tire size appropriate for 6 ft person?
This tire size is ideal for a person with 4.7 to 5.5 height.
Can we attach any carrier at the back of cycle?
Yes, we can add carriers to the back. They’re conditioned like this.
Do these cycles have suspension lock system?
Yes, necessarily almost 90% of the gear cycles are provisioned with this.
Can we set mudguards?
Yes,  absolutely.
Do there is a user manual provided?
No, not actually.
Do cycle companies provide toolbox along with the cycle?
No, you require to purchase it from a local shop.
Can we get a helmet?
No, helmet is not provided. If you’re willing to use a helmet for your safety, you require to buy one of your own. There is no helmet provided from the company’s side.
Can you assemble gear and disk home?
Maybe you can. But it is risky. It’s better to get an assistance from local shops to deal with front or rear disk.
If we buy it online, do all the parts we get are assembled?
You’ll receive your product at doorstep, but it is more certain for you to receive the parts 80% assembled or semi assembled. You would require a local guide to assemble or you might help yourself too. It depends upon your knowledge in this regard.
Is there any free bottle stand?
Sorry to say, no such supplements are given from company’s side.


Our conclusion

There is a hell lot of choices for buying the best gear cycles under 15000 in India. But we always try to buy the best possible option within our budget. So, we tried our level best to assemble all the possible data of the top 10 gear cycles in order to find yourself one of the best analyses. We have mentioned us in-depth analysis. We have mentioned the pros and cons of each of the bicycles. We also tried to explain comprehensively each and every necessary aspect a person should before buying himself a bicycle.

According to the demands and requirements of a person, a person should finally opt to buy. Thus, we have looked closely in this matter just to treasure you a bit lesser time to decide the best choice for you. We have arranged also the notable features of each of the cycles for you to capture in the shortest interlude. We tried to put our best into this just to assure you to get the best for yourself.

So, considering all the possible consequences and features, we can conclude Cosmic Trium 27.5 Inch MTB Bicycle 21 Speed (Ink Blue) as one of the best buying options in this range. This is a fabulous gear cycle with almost all the features required in a geared bicycle. This is because of it’s supreme features and also it’s trusted built company. Apart from this, it is simply one-shot perfect for riders and adventurers. It has conforming durability.

So, investing money for the best gear cycles under 15000 can never be a wrong decision to the purse.

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