Top 10 Best Hair Wax In India For Men 2020 Reviews

The beauty industry is changing rapidly. With the rapid evolution, styling is now not limited to female products. The male beauty industry is also fast developing. With new styles and products, the male beauty brand is leaving no stones unturned to make male beauty a mainstream thing. One of the most common and basic male cosmetic products is hair wax which has been around for a long time. These waxes are one of the most “in demand” products for the present generation.

Besides the regular buyers, a number of people in the fashion industry depend on hair wax to style their signature look. From film personalities to fashion gurus and fashion experts, every sector of the industry surely needs some hair products such as hair wax. With hair wax, the user can give their hair the shape and style they want and the wax helps them to hold it in place. Be it those perfect beach waves or the most common back brush, everyone faces a challenge when it comes to keeping it in place.

With a good and proper hair wax, you can keep your hair styled for the whole day. The wax also provides the user with a glossy and shiny finish, giving the hair a healthy look. However, like most cosmetic products, hair wax can have adverse effects on your hair. This can easily occur if you fail to take proper care before and after using the product. Besides, the effect of any hair product depends on a number of factors. Now, how to choose a hair gel that will suit your style and hair? Here is a list of things to keep in mind before you go shopping for the hair wax.


How To Choose Best Hair Wax In India For Men & Women

  • Hair type:

This is one of the most important factors to keep in mind when buying your hair wax. If you have hair problems such as dandruff or scalp problems, it is best to avoid any sort of hair product and depend on natural remedies.  Now, if you have normal hair with some sort of dryness problem, you also need to focus on the before and aftercare.

Hair wax may give you a temporary solution on the look, but may damage your hair further on the long run. You need to know your hair type before you plan on staring to use any hair product. 

  • Non-greasy:

A good hair wax will give you a shiny and smooth finish but not an oily one. An oily product will flatten your hair and give it a greasy look. What you need to look for is a non-oily wax that will keep your hair dry but at the same time, it can hold the shape. You also want to make sure that the wax is easily washable to prevent any hair damage. 

  • Wax or gel or power:

Hair wax is available in a number of forms in the market. Some of the common hair wax comes in the form of gel or powder. This factor is going to depend on the kind of hair you have. If you have oily hair, you can go for powder for. Now if you have normal or dry hair, you can go for hair gel. 

  • Easy application:

Hair wax can get difficult to work with. If the wax is not easy to apply, you will struggle to get the desired style. Additionally, the wax can start setting in before you have finished styling it.

Here is a list of 10 best air wax in India –


Top 10 Hair Wax In India

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Best Hair Wax in India

1) Urbangabru Hair Wax

Urbangabru Hair Wax Zero To Infinity For Strong Hold And Volume 100 Grams

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This is a clay hair wax that is made of mostly natural products. It gives you the desired hairstyle in a matter of minutes. It is quick and easy to apply and it sticks around all day as it has a stronghold. The wax can be used on any length. Be it short, long or medium, the gel can hold up any length of hair. The wax is not oily and leaves a simple but classic matte finish after usage.

After you are done, it is also easy to remove as well. You don’t need to wash it multiple times or worry about any residue after washing your hair. The wax consists of natural and organic ingredients such as Vitamin E & Earth Clay. This adds fullness to hair fibers and gives the hair some volume. Further, almond oil restores natural hair oil back in the hair, so that it doesn’t dry out. 


  • It has natural ingredients
  • It has Vitamin E
  • It is easy to wash off
  • It is easy to apply
  • It has a matte finish
  • It is not oily
  • It is nonsticky
  • It has a nice smell


  • It may not be suitable for dry hair
  • It can get sticky with sweat
  • It can’t hold for too long


2) BEARDO Hair Wax

BEARDO Hair Wax, Strong Hold, 75g

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The special and stronghold of this wax make sure that you don’t have to apply multiple layers. Adding multiple layers of hair wax can result in a sloppy look. It can also damage your hair if you use wax in large quantities. The crystal gel technology give a long hold to the hairstyle without damaging the roots or scalps. The wax has a matte finish one you are done styling.

This way, it prevents the hair from looking too oily and sleek but leaves a natural texture to it. Once you are done applying, the wax doesn’t lose the grip. You can effortlessly remove it at the end of the day as well. Simply apply conditioner without wetting the hair, and the wax will come off easily. You can also apply the wax in your beard to style it. The wax also contains natural ingredients such as aloe vera extract, glycerin, and bee wax. 


  • It has certain natural ingredients
  • A single layer of wax is enough
  • It has matte finish
  • It is easy to apply
  • It is easy to remove
  • It doesn’t damage the hair too much
  • It lasts for a long time


  • It is not very strong for curly hair
  • Longer hair might require more wax
  • It is not very good for thin hair
  • It takes a bit longer to dry
  • It needs more than just conditioner to clean off


3) Gatsby Styling Wax Mat

Gatsby Styling Wax Mat and Hard, 75g

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This hair wax is suitable for most hair lengths. It can hold short, medium or long hair in place. The wax gives a matte finish which gets a bit hard on application. This means that you can add as many tiny details as you want. However, if applied in the right quantity, the wax can give your hair a more bouncy look. It can also determine the texture of your hair, from glossy to matte.

The restyling ability of the wax allows you to design our hair as you wish. A small amount of wax is enough to make your style throughout the day. However, the wax doesn’t really have any natural components. This means this will damage your hair more than any natural product. It is advised not to be used on a daily basis.  


  • It works on any length
  • It works for any hair texture
  • It has a hard hold
  • You can achieve detailed style with this
  • It can be glossy or matte
  • It gives a bouncy look
  • It lasts long enough


  • It is all synthetic and chemicals
  • It causes hair to fall
  • It makes the hair really dry
  • It is a bit difficult to remove



4) Set Wet Studio X Hair Styling Wax

Set Wet Studio X Hair Styling Wax For Men - Freestyle Matte 70 gm

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Set Wet is one of the most common and well-known hair wax brand in India. It is co-created with Aalim Hakim. This particular product is designed to give your hair a natural matte finish. With this wax, you can easily restyle your hair as you want. The easy to apply wax is a handy product for men who want to achieve a quick but sleek look. However, don’t expect it to give you a really hard and professional hold, unlike other known brands.

The wax is enough to give your hair a fairly medium hold. This makes the product suitable for all hair types. However, the result might vary from different hair lengths. This wax is easily washable and it doesn’t make your hair go super dry as it doesn’t have a very stronghold. Additionally, you need to be careful while applying the product so that it doesn’t get on your scalps and hair roots. Also, you have to apply it fast enough as it dries out really quickly.


  • It is pocket-friendly
  • It can work in less quantity
  • It doesn’t make the hair super dry
  • It has a natural matte finish
  • It is suitable for all hair type


  • It doesn’t have a very stronghold
  • It is not suitable for long hair
  • It sets a bit too fast
  • It gets a bit sticky
  • It doesn’t last too long


5) Ustraa by Happily Unmarried Hair Wax

Ustraa by Happily Unmarried Hair Wax - 100 g …

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This hair wax also provides the user with a matte finish. The wax has china clay in it which helps to retain the natural hair oil in the hair. This means that it won’t dry out your hair too much even after a long day. Even though the hair wax is suitable for all hairstyles, it works best for short to medium hair length. So if you have long hair, this wax might not give the best result.

The wax has a pretty strong hold so that your hairstyle lasts throughout the day. Additionally, the wax contains lemon essential oil. It works as an antibacterial and antiseptic and helps in maintaining hair hygiene. Further, the wax doesn’t contain any extremely harmful chemicals to damage your hair too much. After you are done using it, you can simply take it off by washing your hair normally. 


  • It has a matte finish
  • It retains natural hair oil
  • It doesn’t dry out your hair
  • It is suitable for all hair types 
  • It can give you a vast variety of style
  • It has lemon essentials
  • It doesn’t have very harmful chemicals


  • It is not suitable for longer hair
  • It doesn’t have a very stronghold
  • It can get a bit oily
  • It gets sticky in summer
  • It could use a bit of fragrance
  • It can’t get you spikes


6) Set Wet Matte Hair Styling Wax

Set Wet Matte Hair Styling Wax for Men, 60 gm

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Here is another set wet hair wax that is co-created by Aalim Hakim. This wax is water and oil-based styling product. It is suitable for almost all hair types. Be it short, medium or long hair, the wax is suitable for styling any length of hair. You won’t need to apply multiple layers of the wax to make your hair stay in shape throughout the day. However, it doesn’t harden your hair like most wax.

It means that it can’t hold any details or spikes in place. As the wax doesn’t harden your hair too much, it also doesn’t dry out your hair and damage it. It provides you with a rather bouncy look. The wax provides a glossy yet natural look to your hairstyle. However, you are advised not to apply it on a daily basis as the product doesn’t have any natural ingredients. On a daily application, it can damage your hair. 


  • It is pocket-friendly 
  • It is suitable for all hair types
  • It works on any hair length
  • It doesn’t need multiple layers
  • It doesn’t harden your hair
  • It doesn’t dry out your hair too much
  • It has a bouncy texture


  • It sets a bit too fast
  • It is not great for really thick hair
  • It doesn’t work well for wet hair
  • It can’t hold for very long


7) Gatsby Styling Wax

Gatsby Styling Wax, Hard and Free, 75g

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This is a gel-based hair wax. The wax has a non-sticky built. It can be used for light hair setting. This means that it is not meant for tight holds and really detailed looks. You can achieve a subtle took with this gel which can be passed as daily styling. It has the restyling ability so that you can style it, anyone, you want even after application.

The wax is suitable for almost all hair types. However, it may not be the best option for people with a bit longer hair. Now, unlike the last Gatsby wax, this is not designed to give you a stiff and stronghold. It can provide you some subtle waves without making your hair all stiff and rough. 


  • It is gel-based
  • It is non-sticky
  • It can be restyled
  • It can work on all hair types
  • It requires small amount to work  
  • It comes off easily
  • It can work on all lengths
  • It has a natural matte finish


  • It is not suitable for thick hair
  • It doesn’t have a very stronghold
  • Longer hair needs spray to keep the style intact
  • It can get a bit oily
  • It can damage your hair in the long term.



8) TIGI BED HEAD Matte Separation Workable Wax

TIGI BED HEAD For Men Matte Separation Workable Wax, 85 g

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This hair wax once again has a new form this is available in a paste form. It has a firm hold so that your style lasts for a long time. With a matte finish, the wax doesn’t make your hair too oily and sleek but provides you with a healthy and bouncy look. The best part about a restyling wax is that you can style it anytime you want even after you are done applying it. 

You can just touch up your look simply without the use of additional wax. This wax provides a good texture and enhances the definition of your hair. It is suitable for all hair types. It works fine even for curly hair. With a natural matte finish, you are ready to set your hair in your favorite style. The wax contains glycerin which balances the hair moisture for humidity resistance. 


  • It has a firm hold
  • It has a matte finish
  • It is not oily
  • It is suitable for all hair types
  • It can be restyled
  • It gives good textures
  • It gives a good definition
  • It balances the moisture in your hair


  • It is a bit pricy
  • It doesn’t work in humidity
  • It can be a bit tricky to apply
  • It makes your hair really hard


9) Mountainor Anti-dandruff with Natural Essential Oils Hair Wax

mountainor Anti-dandruff with Natural Essential Oils Shine and Refreshing Smell Hair Wax

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This hair styling wax is probably one of the most hair-friendly products. The wax mainly consists of natural and organic elements making it a natural and organic product. It not only gives you proper styling but also works on protecting your hair. The wax has 100% hair fall protection so that with us, you don’t lose your hair. It is 100% Safe and it makes your hair five times stronger.

The wax contains natural oils like almond oil, sunflower oil, and vitamin e oil. This checks hair loss while giving it a natural-looking shine. It is also effective in repairing split ends. If you are an animal lover, you would be happy to know that this product is not tested on animals. Other than this, the wax also doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. With the non-greasy formula, this wax gives your hair a naturally conditioned and smooth look.


  • It is natural and organic
  • It doesn’t dry your hair
  • It gives a healthy look to your hair
  • It doesn’t cause hair fall
  • It makes your hair stronger
  • It repairs split ends
  • It is not greasy
  • It adds volume to your hair
  • It can be used on beards
  • It is easy to wash


  • It doesn’t have a super stronghold
  • It is not long-lasting
  • It needs regular setting after application
  • It takes a bit to set


10) Schwarzkopf Taft Power Wax

Schwarzkopf Taft Power Wax (75ml)

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This hair wax has a shiny finish to it. Therefore, it makes your hair a bit sleek after application even though it promises to give a matte finish. It can get a bit oily for oily hair. If you use it in more quantity, it may make your hair look a bit sloppy and flattened. 

It has a caffeine-strength formula that holds your hair in place for an admirable 48 hours without washing it. This hair styling wax gives the hair a luxurious radiance with the liquid crystal gloss effect. Even with the powerful hold, it protects your hair from drying out too much.


  • It is easy to apply
  • It has a sleek finish
  • It is good for dry hair
  • It has a really good hold
  • It gives the hair a healthy look


  • It can get a bit oily
  • It is not suitable for all hair types
  • It can get a bit sticky
  • It can damage your hair on long run
  • It doesn’t work well in humidity


Additional Information

There are a million options for hair products everywhere and hair wax is also the same. So there are certain things to keep in mind when you are using hair wax. If your hair is starting to dry out avoid using any products. This can further result in hair fall and dandruff or even infections. You also want to check that you are not allergic to any ingredients used in the wax. As for the hold it depends on the type of hair and length.

If you have straight hair it is possible that a wax is going to work better on you. For curly hair, you might want something which has more hold to it. Again, longer and thicker hair might require more wax than their counterparts. Make sure that you wash off the wax at the end of the day to avoid any damage.

Also, if required, apply hair serums or even common hair oil to prevent hair damage and dryness. You need to experiment with different products to know which one works best for your hair. Lastly, try to go for more natural and organic products as these options are safer than their chemical counterparts. 



Spoiler title
Yes it does. Even if it may be natural and organic, it still has certain damages.
Spoiler title
it is advised to not use hair wax on a daily basis as it can seriously damage your hair. If you are doing it without proper care, you are sure to lose your hair a lot earlier than you have imagined.


Final Verdict

I hope it article helps you to make a better choice while buying a hair product, for yourself. If you are a new buyer, it is highly suggested that you test out your options before settling for the one which suits your hair the best. Follow a basic hair care routine and you are ready for all the new hairstyles. 

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