Top 10 Best Knife Set For Kitchen In India 2020 Reviews

The first thought that grabs my mind when I think about my country is food. Indian cuisine is among the world’s delicious cuisines. Indian food is very magical cause all this magic keeps your taste buds active and your body fit. All this magic starts in the kitchen. Indian kitchens, even today, use the traditional kitchen tools to keep their flavors grounded. But, one tool which has to get upgraded is the knife. The knife was the first tool made by mankind in order to save themselves.

Later, with time the knife has evolved to become the kitchen’s master. Knives have appeared two-and-a-half million years ago; as Oldowan tools. The early human-made knives out of bones, wood, and stones. With the development of the sciences and improvement in the area of metallurgy; now knives are made up of metals such as copper, steel, titanium, etc. Knives play a prominent role in our daily life. There are many types of knives. Knives play many roles. They act as weapons. As weapon knives are accepted universal and have been in use for ages. 

Knives are used as sports equipment also. Knives are also used as tools. The type of knives used as tools is camping knives, cobbler’s knife, Kambarage, etc. But, their highest usage is in the kitchen only. There are many types of kitchen knives like a bread knife, butter knife, chef’s knife, paring knives, table knife, etc. A bread knife is a knife which has a stridden blade which helps us to cut bread very easily.

The bone knife is a knife which removes all the bones from fish, poultry, and chicken very easily. Mezzaluna is a two-handled knife that helps in chopping herbs easily. Paring knives are generally used for cutting fruits. They all serve different purposes, but having a set of all the essential knives would be the best plan. Knives are generally differentiated based on their characteristic parts.

Knives’ exterior is broadly divided into 10 parts. The characteristic parts of a knife are based to choose the best knife. The list below guides you to buy the best knife.


Things To Be Consider Before Buying Best Knife Set For Indian Kitchen

This is the best guide to buy the perfect knife of your choice. Looking into the following points you should consider buying a knife of your choice. A modern knife consists of the following parts:

The blade – 

Knives are made of different metals like high carbon stainless steel, stainless steel, iron, and many other types of materials having different metal compositions. This metal composition is important to consider while buying a knife. This metal composition says the durable and rust-free nature of the blade of the knife. The blades are made of different tips which also matters as it tells you the real purpose of the knife.

The handle-

the handle decides the grip of the knife. The grip of the knife is very important to consider. If the grip is bad it may cause serious harm to the user. The handles are made of different materials in different colors and materials. Different materials in which the handle is made are rubber, ceramic, metal, POM, polypropylene, etc. The material which gives the best grip is POM.

The point-

there are different types of points. Some knives have rounded points, blunt points, sharp points. The end of the knife is used for piercing. This point decides which kind of knife is the knife-like meat knife, vegetable, etc. 

The grind-

the edge of the knife is known as the grind. The different types of grinds are planar concave, chisel-shaped, wedged. These grind shapes don’t change in knife models. Only professionals use knives with different grind shapes.

The spine-

the spine bluntness is important in a knife because if the spine is sharp then the spine may cause damage.

The fuller-

is a groove added to make the knife lighter? This decides the weight of the knife, which is the most important factor while choosing a knife.

The ricasso-

the flat section of the blade located at the junction of the blade and the knife’s bolster or guard.

The guard-

the barrier between the blade and the handle which prevents the hand from slipping forward onto the blade and protects the hand from the external forces that are usually applied to the blade during use. This guards your fingers and hands, so it’s important to have a good guard on your knife.

The hilt-

the end of the handle utilized for blunt force. 

The lanyard-

the end of the handle utilized for blunt force. This part saves your wrist.

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Top 10 Knife Set In India For Kitchen With Price List

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Best Knife Set For Kitchen In India Reviews

#1 Prestige Tru-Edge Kitchen Knife Set: 

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Prestige Tru-edge kitchen knife set is the perfect knife set for your kitchen. A right set of knives can save you valuable cooking time and make a huge difference. The right usage of a perfect can make your dicing and chop much easier. This knife set features 5 multi-purpose knives along with a premium quality peeler. This knife set includes knives like a bone knife, paring knives, and chef’s knife which are sharp enough to make you a  perfect evening snack. These knives don’t need sharpening in the future because the sharpness is long-lasting. The prestige true-edge kitchen knife set consists of a chef’s knife, cook’s knife, utility knife, vegetable knife, paring knife, woodblock, and a free peeler. These knives have attractive handles and stainless steel blades. These knives have tempered blades to make these blades more sharp, strong, and durable. The teeth of these knives are of high definition. Even after using the knife every day, the knife remains new after days also. This is due to the high definition of the knife teeth. The ergonomic design keeps your cutlery stylish.



  1. You get a free peeler along with the knives.
  2. The serration of the teeth of the knives is of high definition.
  3. The company is a premium quality brand.



  1. They are costing for the wood board.
  2. The knife handles are not unbreakable.
  3. The handles leave marks on your hands as the grip is hard.



#2 Pigeon by Stovekraft Stainless Steel Kitchen Knives Set:


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Pigeon knives set is a set of 3 knives. This company has been one of the top companies in India which has been satisfying many customers. These knives are premier quality knives that are engineered by many talented product designers for daily usage. They have a hollow rounded grip which makes them pretty light. You don’t have to carry dumbbells while working in your kitchen anymore because you got these lightweight knives in your kitchen room.

This knife set consists of a Chef knife (8 inch/20.3 cm), Utility knife (5 inch/12.7 cm), and a paring knife (3.5 inch/8.9 cm). Their blades are made of high-quality stainless steel. The handles of these knives are ergonomic designs that make the handles of these knives soft rounded at their edges. Their edges are hollow and grounded.if you’re a person who loves to keep this kitchen colorful then this should be a good pick.

These knives come in 3 different colors which include black, red, and blue.the company provides a 1-year warranty along with an awesome set of kitchen tools for your premiere kitchen.



  1. Knives are light.
  2. The company provides a 1 years warranty.
  3. You can choose from three colors.
  4. The handles are designed very beautifully.


  1. The finishing of the blade is not that perfect.
  2. The serration of the blade is not long-lasting.



#3 Victorinox Swiss Classic Paring Knife Set:

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This is a beautifully packed 3 set knife which is made in Switzerland. This set consists of 3 paring knives. These knives are specially designed for cutting steak. These knives are also reviewed to be amazing vegetable knives also. This set of knives is a customer’s top pick. It is a 5 star rated set. It is a very comfortable and durable set of knives. The blade length is about 27.6cm of the longest knife. 

The blade is made of highly durable stainless steel. The handles are made of nylon shank which makes it pretty lightweight. The best part of this set is that the blades are laser tested and then sent for packing. The laser testing says whether the blade is sharp enough to cut your steak properly. The perfect edge of the blade makes it perfect for slicing.

This set is available in 6 colors. The available colors are pink, yellow, red, orange, green, and black.  This set is very appropriately priced. They are very easy to use. This is almost a beginner’s knife because it cuts vegetables very easily. The knives are very durable. The serrated edges of the knives make the knife easy to use.



  1. The knife is easy to use.
  2. It is a beginner’s guide.
  3. The blade has a sharp edge.


  1. The handle is not badly designed which causes pain in the hand.
  2. The company gives no warranty.



#4 AmazonBasics Premium Stainless Steel Knife Set

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If you are a home cook or a professional chef, then this is the best knife set for you. This amazon basic set is a beautiful set of 9 knives. If you’re opening a new restaurant then this is the apt knives set for your busy kitchen. This set contains a professional set of knives which comes in handy for all the chefs in a busy kitchen. It has a solid handle which only a professional can handle. This is not advised for a beginner’s kitchen because you might not enjoy this set to the fullest.

This set consists of a 9-piece knife set including an 8-inch chef knife, 7-inch Santoku knife, 8-inch slicing knife, 8-inch bread knife, 6-inch boning knife, 5-inch utility knife, 3.5-inch paring knife, 8-inch sharpener, and woodblock. The blade is pre-shaped to get professional results. The blades are stainless steel, a precision-honed blade that ensures easy cutting and long-lasting sharpness. Stainless steel and shiny blades which only need hand wash is the best part of this set.

Amazonbasics is always preferred as it gives the best results. Weighted knives for effective use, balance, and control on cutting make these knives pretty professional. The weight of these knives keeps your culinary creations in place. These knives have triple ventes handles that have a soft grip which can keep you cooking for long hours. This is a 5 star rated knives set. This is the best set for chefs in a busy kitchen.



  1. Chef’s top choice.
  2. Serrations highly defined.
  3. Cutting made easy.


  1. The handle is very heavy and might cause creases on the hand.
  2. Very expensive.
  3. It has been a major disappointment to many home cooks.



#5 Victorinox Classic Round Tip Wavy Tomato Knife:


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If you want to win a carving competition in the near future, then this is your practice knife for sure. This fruit cutting knife can make a rose out of the tomato. This round tip tomato knife is a very sharp knife that lasts for about 6 months without losing its original sharpness. This is one of the best knives which has many of its customers. The knife’s handle is made of polypropylene which makes the handle strong and light. This knife is made in Switzerland. The blade is made of stainless steel.

The blade is about 11cm. The blade is a super sharp-edged wavy blade with a round tip. This knife is molded from stainless steel which is rustproof. The blade is fumigated at a temperature of 121-degree celsius which keeps the food you cut germ-free. The ergonomic design gives the knife a firm grip to hold on to. This knife can be used to cut fruits and vegetables with hard peel like lime, apple, carrot, cabbage, brinjal, etc. This is also used as a carving knife. This knife is available in 6 colors. This knife has satisfied most of its customers for its durability.


  1. This is a very user-friendly knife.
  2. The handle is light.
  3. The blade has high definition serration.


  1. The package is very bad.
  2. The company doesn’t give any assurance.



#6 Solimo Premium High-Carbon Stainless Steel Santoku Knife:


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Your perfect dicing station is Solimo premium santoku knife.  This knife is a dicing knife which helps you dice your vegetables. A high carbon handle is a feature added to this knife. The three vented santoku knife is the best knife available for you. Vegetables like onions which bring in tears are easily diced using this knife.  The blade is made of stainless steel with sharp edges.

The serration on the blade is highly defined which makes your cutting very smooth. Santoku knife is ideal for dicing, slicing, and mincing of vegetables. The Solimo is a multi-purpose which features a durable sharp blade made of stainless steel. The blade has to be seasonally sharpened to keep up its quality. The grip is very comfortable which gives a smooth slicing without causing harm to your hands.

The blade is razor shaped and the handle is very handy to slice the tomatoes evenly. The knife’s triple-riveted construction securely attaches the handle to the stainless-steel tang which runs from the blade through the end of the handle. The handle is made of POM(plastic over-molded). This is a 4 star rated knife. The knife is comfortable to handle. The Solimo is a  sturdy knife.


  1. It makes slicing easier.
  2. High defined serration.


  1. The blade is sharp on the wrong side.
  2. Has to be sharpened periodically.



#7 Godrej Cartini Chef Knife:


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In cooking, a chef’s knife is also generally called the cook’s knife. This knife is generally used as a cutting tool in food preparation. Originally, these knives were designed to primarily cut and disjoint large beef chunks. These knives are Japanese knives; originally Japanese made.  Godrej Cartini is an excellent kitchen knife for home kitchens. It has the best blade.

These knives have a little proportion of iron which makes it strong. This knife is suitable for professional use in both restaurants and at home. This knife is about 33.3 cm which is pretty long for drawers. This knife weighs about 209grams which makes it a little heavy. Its structure is a forged structure which makes it a sturdy and strong knife. The knife has a tapered ground for extra stability.

The handle is made of polypropylene. Ergonomically designed handles make it easy for the cook to cut. The blade is made of high-quality stainless steel which keeps the knife away from rust. This knife is used for cutting both vegetables and meat. It is a four-star rated knife.


  1. Ergonomically designed handles.
  2. High-quality stainless steel.
  3.  Multipurpose knife.
  4. Easy to handle.


  1. A little heavy to carry.
  2. Hand strained due to extensive usage.
  3. Not very long-lasting.
  4. Very long.



#8 Victorinox Swiss Classic Chef’s Knife:


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If you reside in the OCD family, then this is the knife that should be in your kitchen as it has the seal of the national sanitary Foundation(NFS) on it. This knife is a swiss made which is hand made. This Victorinox blade is made of fibro which is dishwashable. Its blade is made of stainless steel. Its ergonomic design makes it slip-free; it has the best grip. So, if you have slippery hands; then this should be apt for your kitchen rack.

The blade is 8 inches which have a sharp edge. This knife is trusted by chefs for ages from now and an excellent professional knife. Now, this company is producing its home cook knife for providing these cooks the same quality as that for the restaurant chefs. Victorinox swiss classic provides the best mirror polished with high carbon stainless steel handles. These are renowned for their sharp blades.  These knives are very hygienic and germ-free.


  1. Hygienic knives,
  2. The very renowned company produces.
  3. Dishwashable. 
  4. Slip-free.


  1. A little expensive.
  2. Packaged very badly.



#9 Solimo Premium Stainless Steel Chef’s Knife:


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Solimo completely changes your opinion on Chinese products. This made in chain product is a very durable piece of the knife. This is a chef’s knife which is enjoyed by both novice and experienced chefs. Chef’s knife is generally an all-purpose knife that is used for slicing, dicing, and mincing both meat and vegetables.  This is a one-piece 8-inch blade knife that has a 5-inch handle.

This triple-riveted knife provides comfortable dicing. This product is designed by product designers especially making it useful for professionals. This knife is available in many combos, so you’re looking for interesting combos with comfortable discounts; then this should be a good option to consider.

The blade is made of high-quality stainless steel which keeps your knife durable and stainless. General handwash is enough to clean up this knife. The handle is very user friendly, safe, and efficient. The high-quality knife features a high carbon steel blade along with a weightless handle with an excellent grip.

The razor shaped edge makes the knife cut vegetables with great accuracy and reliability. The high definition serration of the blade gives accurate and precise results. The knife’s triple-riveted construction securely attaches a tang along with the whole knife which keeps the knife intact. Solimo is a company known for its quality products.



  1. User friendly.
  2. Professional use.
  3. Durable and stainless steel is used.
  4. Multipurpose knife.
  5. Apt sized knife.


  1. A little heavy.
  2. Has to be sharpened periodically.



#10 Cartini Godrej Essential Kitchen Cleaver:


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Cleaver knives are the knives used by meat choppers. If you’re a meat-lover and always end up breaking your knives while cutting meat chucks; then this should be in your pocket. Cleavers are large rectangular knives which are primarily used to cut large chunks of meat. Large fibrous plants such as asparagus are also cut using this knife. It resembles the butcher knife. Originally, these knives were used in ancient China. This Cartini cleaver is manufactured in India by a very famous renowned company – Godrej. Cleaver cuts thick meat, bones, and cartilage.

This knife can also be used for cutting vegetables like carrots, radish, etc to get perfect sliced circles. The blade is 18 cm and the blade is made of stainless steel. The blade has a very sharp edge and a blunt top in order to avoid accidents. The handle has a very good grip and is slip-free. The blade has to be sharpened periodically due to the heavy-duty of the knife.

If careless, this might take away your fingers along with the vegetables. The production company provides a warranty for a year. The knife is very sturdy and a little heavy. The weight is important in order to keep up the balance of the knife.


  1. Very helpful for meat choppers.
  2. Very very sharp.
  3. Has an excellent grip.
  4. The company provides a warranty for a year.
  5. Multipurpose knife.


  1. Very heavy.
  2. Extremely sharp that it might cut fingers.




Why is serration important?

Serration is the spacing between the teeth of the knife. It says how nicely the knife is designed.

What is a vegetable knife?

A knife used to cut vegetables, fruits, and boneless meat. This knife is a very basic knife used for dicing and slicing. Their handles were initially made of ceramic handles.

What is the utility knife?

Also known as Stanley knife. This is used for general purposes. This knife is used for cleaning fish, scraping hides, butchering animals, etc. 

What is the bone knife?

As the name suggests, this knife is used to remove flesh from fish bones. This kitchen knife has a sharp point and has a narrow blade. A stiff boning is used to cut pork and beef.

What is the paring knife?

A paring knife is used to carve fruits and vegetables. This knife can be used for cutting fruits and vegetables with soft skin.

What is mezzular ?

The EER is the cooling capacity that has the ability to be measured in watts. The air conditioner is more efficient when the EER ratings are high. It is advisable to buy a conditioner that has an ENERGY STAR label.

Why is the tip important?

The tip is very important because it is the most important part of a knife. Depending on the tip the knife’s purpose can be suggested.

What is the Santoku knife?

This knife is used for a variety of purposes. This knife is used to cut ingredients like vegetables, fruits, and meat.

Why is sharpening important?

Sharpening is important in some of the knives because they lose their sharpness with time due to the amount of pressure put on the metal.



A good knife is an important tool in your kitchen and choosing it carefully is very important. A good knife defines a good kitchen which provides good food. A good knife is also important for a safe kitchen because you never know how the future stands. Happy cutting 🙂

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