Top 10 Best Liquid Detergent in India 2020 Reviews

From caustic soda to detergent powders and now liquid detergents, laundry cleaning has its own little backstory. Most of us have lived that time when every detergent powder was called ‘surf’ without caring about the brand, because there were hardly two or three brands available in the market. But now things have changed drastically. There are varieties of detergents, with different colors, fragrances, and claims.

Some claim that they can whiten the clothes even brighter than they were when they were bought, while some guarantee the color retainment of your clothes. It is hence tougher, like the stains on our clothes, to decide what kind of detergent to opt for as clothes come in direct contact with our bodies and there is a sea of detergents to choose from. 

There are mostly three types of detergents. The good old powder detergent. The second one is the liquid detergent, which is the center of this very article and the third is detergent pods. The pods are the most convenient, Utilitywise.  It is absolutely hassled free as all what you have to do is toss a pod into your washing machine and voila! The work is done.

No more waiting for dissolving the powdered detergent in water or trying to control the wastage of liquid detergent every time to mishandle the bottle by mistake. Pods are water-soluble pouches filled with liquid detergents. But the only issue is that these are expensive. Powders are a struggle and many washing machines are not suitable for powdered detergent use.

Hence, liquid detergent comes to the rescue. It readily mixes in water, whether hot or cold. It is much easier to pour out the liquid and is a lot less messy. There is a hierarchy of classification in this type of detergent as well. Some liquids are suited for cotton clothes exclusively, while some are made for washing woolens only. Some are designed for dark clothes while some for light-colored ones. And the classifications are unending. 

The type of detergent also depends on the type of washing machine which is being used. There are mostly two types of washing machines, semi-automatic and fully automatic. Semi-automatic involves a gap between washing and spin-drying as there are separate drums for both the processes. While fully automatic machines have a single drum for both.

Further fully automatic machines are of two types, top load, and front load. The top load uses horizontal spins to agitate and clean the clothes while the front load machine uses vertical circular motion to do the same. The basic working principles of both types are quite different and hence the detergents to be used in them also vary in their actions.

Washing machines may look sturdy and firm but they are also subject to small and delicate parts. These parts can easily be affected by the action of various agents present in the detergents which are added in them. Accumulation of detergent powders in the small gaps of the washing machine interior and forming large amounts of suds are some threats to the machine in the long term.

Therefore it is of high importance to correctly choose your detergent according to the type of machine you own. If you prefer to hand wash your clothes, it becomes really important to check whether the detergent is organic or not, whether it harms your skin in any manner or not. 

The best thing one can do is look out for genuine reviews of various detergents or consult your family friends for their experience. Also, all the products are available in sachet forms at low costs, one can always use them to check the suitability of the detergent. 


Top 10 Liquid Detergents For Washing Machine In India

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Best Liquid Detergents In India Reviews

#1 Ariel Matic Liquid Detergent

Ariel Matic Liquid Detergent - 2 l

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Probably one of the most popular and sought after brands, Ariel detergents, and dishwasher bars and liquids are a common sight in many kitchens in our country. Starting off with the outer packaging of the product, it is an easy dispenser bottle made of sturdy plastic. It has a colorful container and comes with a handle for easy grip. One of the unique things of the bottle is that it has a transparent edge on one side from which you can easily check the level of detergent which is left in the bottle.

The cap is large and handy and measures up to 85 ml and has distinct measurement markings on it. It is suitable for both top and front load washing machines. All types of fabrics can be effectively washed with this, although it does not work quite well on woolens. There are no residues on the clothes after washing.

Not only this, but it also has a pretty blue color with good viscous liquid and a mild fragrance. Although a little expensive, this detergent owes it’s position in this list to its branding and functioning.


  • It has a  good fragrance
  • It dissolves easily
  • It comes with a measuring cap with different markings
  • It gives a good washing quality
  • It cleans the clothes effectively and releases all the dirt particles
  • It can be used with any type of washing machine
  • It does not leave any residue after washing
  • It has an easy dispenser bottle


  • The cap can be better as there are few leakage issues
  • It is not really suitable for woolens
  • It is a bit expensive.


#2 Surf Excel Top Load Matic Liquid Detergent Pouch

Surf Excel Top Load Matic Liquid Detergent Pouch

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As said earlier, all the powdered detergents were collectively known as ‘surf’ a few decades ago. This brand is perhaps the starting point and inspiration for many other brands that have risen to fame nowadays. This is a Top load Matic detergent pouch and hence produces much more suds. Since it is in the form of a pouch, it can be used as a refill for your previously bought and emptied detergent bottles.

It is also easy to carry while you are traveling as it takes up less space. It is a lightweight pouch and also generates less plastic waste (as compared to the large bottle). The cap only has one measurement mark of 60 ml. It is a thick and light blue liquid and is best for light-colored clothes. It does not seem to have a color guard as dark-colored fabric tends to lose color.

The fragrance also comes out as too strong but after clothes are sun-dried the smell fades away. Best for your day to day regular loads, this detergent is tried and tested. Also, it’s pricing is little on the affordable side as well.   


  • It is a bit affordable
  • It is much more environmentally friendly
  • Can be easily packed while traveling
  • It can be used as a refill
  • It is a good option for hand washing as well
  • The pouch is handy for storage purposes
  • It is suitable for warm as well as a cold wash
  • It is easily dissolved.


  • It has no nozzle opening
  • The fragrance is very strong
  • It has just one plain measurement.


#3 Ifb Fluff Liquid Detergent 

Ifb Fluff Liquid Detergent

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IFB is an India based company and is a trusted home appliance maker. Be it dishwashers, microwaves or air conditioners. Their washing machines are of superior quality and high efficiency. The company has very cleverly manufactured their own laundry liquid detergent and they have really done a good job. Since the company has all the prerequisite knowledge of the working and construction of washing machines, it can be said that they manufacture a better and systematized detergent.

The packaging is attractive (light pink color) and appealing. It is a bit more expensive than its peers but is also more concentrated hence uses less detergent at a time (just 40 ml as compared to 60 ml of other detergents). It is observed to have retained the brightness of clothes and is free from all kinds of phosphates and chemicals.

With a beautiful and mild fragrance, it is a thick light blue liquid. Designed for front load machines it can be used for handwashes also. If you already own an IFB washing machine, this is a must buy. Even if you have any other machine, this detergent will still look after the internal health of your machine. 


  • The fragrance is awesome
  • It is more concentrated as compared to other detergents
  • It can be used for front load machines as well as hand washing
  • It mixes with the water quickly
  • It is used in small quantity and hence cost-effective
  • It is suitable for all types of fabrics, woolen, cotton, silk, etc.
  • It has an appealing packaging
  • It has an easy nozzle pouring system 


  • The measuring cup can be better as there is a possibility of  leaking
  • It is expensive.


#4 Love & Care Soft Woollens Expert Care Wash Liquid Detergent

Love & Care Soft Woollens Expert Care Wash Liquid Detergent

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Another Hindustan Unilever product, this detergent claims to contain no bleach. However, it couldn’t pass the color test with flying colors as a few samples of clothes lost some color. However one cannot entirely blame the detergent as the type of cloth and type of water used also plays a major role.

It produces high suds and hence a lot of clothes can be washed with a little amount. The consistency is quite thick and the color is very light pink. It has a mellow fragrance that lingers on your clothes. It is not very ideal for machine wash due to the huge amount of foam which is generated.

It is gentle on the hands and does not cause any rashes and allergies. The packaging is a cute pink color and it has a strong cap. However, there is no nozzle for pouring out the liquid. All in all, it can be given a try for washing your woolens.


  • It has a lovely fragrance
  • It has cute packaging
  • It is of good consistency and concentrated
  • It is suitable for all types of woolens
  • It is easily soluble
  • It is on the cheaper side hence pocket-friendly
  • Less quantity is used at the time
  • It has value for money


  • It’s color retaining properties are not up to the mark
  • It is exclusively for hand washing only
  • It does not have a nozzle for easy and mess-free pouring


#5 Surf Excel Easy Wash Detergent Liquid

Surf Excel Easy Wash Detergent Liquid

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The iconic Surf Excel has time and again proved that good quality can also come at a lower price. It is a light blue liquid with a thick consistency and a lot of foam is generated even with small quantities. It has the classic fragrance of Surf and also makes the clothes smell fresh.

It is suited mainly for hand washing but can be used for top load machines as well. With less quantity, more effect is produced and can be easily observed. This product comes at a reasonable price and has a sturdy and durable packaging.

However there is no handle or calibrations for convenience, but maybe these things are a lot to ask for at such an affordable price. It does not leave any residues and works wonderfully well.


  • It is cheap
  • It has a familiar and good fragrance 
  • It dissolves easily 
  • It gives more effectiveness even in less quantity
  • It has an attractive bottle
  • Its bottle can be reused for different purposes
  • No residue on clothes after washing
  • Very cost-effective


  • It does not have a handle
  • It does not have calibrations on the cap
  • It is not suitable for washing machine use.


#6 Godrej Ezee Liquid Detergent

Godrej Ezee Liquid Detergent - 1kg

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This is a detergent specially designed for your woolen and sensitive clothing like silk and chiffon. It has a cute and striking packaging with the pattern of a common design of a woolen sweater which symbolizes it’s utility. The bottle is sturdy and durable. It also has an easy pouring slot to avoid leakage. It is very effective on blankets, shawl, sweater, silk, chiffon, etc.

However, it is not suitable for washing formal wear or party wear clothes. A slightly thinner light orange-pinkish liquid, it forms a moderate amount of suds and does not cause a lot of abrasions. The cap is calibrated for easy measurement. The plastic bottle can be used as a hand wash dispenser later or can be refilled as well.

It is very gentle on your clothes as well as your budget. If you are worried about your woolens and want them to last longer, Ezee is the best choice to go to. This will leave your woolens clean, fragrant and safe.


  • It has attractive packaging
  • It is affordable
  • It has a leakage-proof bottle
  • It is safe for hands
  • It is easily affordable
  • It is suitable for woolens and some light cotton as well
  • It has a reusable plastic container
  • It has a measurement cap 


  • It is not very suitable for machine wash.


#7 Vanish Oxi Action Stain Remover Washing Liquid

Vanish Oxi Action Stain Remover Washing Liquid

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Vanish stain remover was the talk of the town when it was released a few decades ago in India. Although it is widely used outside India for a very long time it came as a big surprise due to its claim of removing all sorts of stains. It is unique in its claim as well as functioning. It effectively removes tea, coffee, and ketchup stains, but falls a little short in removing much tougher stains like lipstick and fruit stains.

It might look expensive but since it is used along with a carrier detergent, the quantity used is less and hence there is value for money. There are mainly two ways of using this, one is pre-treating only stains in a concentrated form and then washing it off with your regular detergent, while the other is mixing Vanish liquid with your detergent and washing it all together.

All in all, it is moderately effective but is a good option if you have children who tend to stain everything they wear. It is also proven to be mild on the skin.


  • It is better than the powder version
  • Maintains the color of the fabric
  • It is used in lesser quantities
  • It removes most of the tough stains
  • It improves the efficiency of the carrier detergent
  • It dissolves easily in the water
  • It is safe for the hands.


  • It does not have a handle
  • It has a large mouth and there is a tendency to overspill while pouring
  • It does not work properly on harsh stains like lipstick or fruit stains
  • The bottle is not very sturdy
  • It is a bit expensive.


#8 Woolite Laundry Liquid Detergent

Woolite Laundry Liquid Detergent

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This is a fairly new brand that is recently launched in India. However, it has an excellent track record in many European countries. This detergent is specialized for maintaining your woolen clothing and dark clothes. Everyone likes to own a black outfit. It is also inevitable for professionals as it is mandatory for them to wear black formals. Drak clothes tend to lose color the most and hence need extra care.

This liquid maintains the dark color and does not cause any discoloration. It is definitely very expensive as compared to its native peers but it will change your washing experience drastically. It is a royal blue liquid of thin consistency and lower suds. For people who like to try their hand at exotic and new stuff, this is definitely a must-have.


  • It has an attractive bottle
  • It protects your black and dark clothes
  • It has a very sweet smell which lingers after washing
  • It has keratin present in it
  • It is not very foamy
  • It can be used in both types of machines
  • It is suitable for hand washing also
  • It is worth the cost


  • It is very expensive


#9 Genteel Liquid Detergent

Genteel Liquid Detergent

Check Price

A product of the very famous Godrej brand, this is a trusted product. Godrej also manufactures washing machines and hence its washing detergents stand a great chance of wooing its customers as well. This bottle comes with a nozzle dispenser like many other brands, making it easier to pour. The bottle also has a side handle. The liquid is transparent and of a gel-like consistency.

Its mild fragrance does not tingle the nose and is appealing. It also has a fabric conditioner as a constituent and softens the fabric. But too much fabric conditioner can also be harmful. It is ideal for both, front and top load washing machines. This is not a very unique detergent other than the fact that this brand is very reputed. 


  • It has a pleasant light fragrance
  • It is a 2 in 1 detergent and conditioner
  • It is a tried and tested brand
  • It is suitable for both top load and front load machines
  • It is value for money
  • It has a nozzle dispenser
  • It is much cheaper


  • It is not suitable for handwashing
  • It does not effectively remove hard stains
  • It can damage sensitive clothing due to the conditioner present in it
  • It cannot be used to wash woolens


#10 IFB Essentials Fluff Front Load Fabric Detergent

IFB Essentials Fluff Front Load Fabric Detergent

Check Price

As said earlier, washing machine manufacturers are the best people to manufacture the detergents suitable for their machines. Obviously, this detergent is specifically good for washing machines, but this can’t be used for handwashing. It is an aqua-colored, concentrated liquid that produces lower suds, making it suitable for a front-load machine.

The bottle has a side slot for easy handling and is pretty to look at as well. One liter of this liquid is enough for nearly 40 washes which is very reasonable. One must take care to buy authentic and untempered products as good products can easily have duplicates. You will not need any extra conditioner after the washing cycle as this liquid already fluffs up the fabric and makes them look shiny.

The only factor concerning this is the high price of the product. But it is also true that all these properties together are not easy to find in another detergent. It is also environmentally friendly as it passes the phosphate test. It is also a 100% vegetarian product.  One can give this a definite try.


  • Easy to handle
  • Good cleansing action
  • Good for the washing machines
  • No extra conditioner required
  • Value for money


  • It is expensive



Which type of detergent is best for using in top load washing machines?

Most Indian households have either semi-automatic washing machines or top load washing machines. Both these machines have agitators and wash the clothes horizontally. The wash cycle is comparatively smaller than front-loading machines.

Since the area is much more in the top-loading machine, more surfactants are required in the cleaning process and hence more soapy suds are required. It is advisable to use a detergent that offers high suds(foam). Most branded detergent companies manufacture different detergents for both types of machines.

Make sure to buy detergents which have either ‘for top-load machine’ written over them or the ones which are suitable for both types of machines. You can do so by buying small samples first of the product and checking it’s efficiency according to your requirements. 

Does high suds help in cleaning more?
It’s actually a myth that higher the quantity of suds or foam, the greater is the cleaning efficiency of the detergent. What matters more is the quality of the foam that is produced. There are many foaming agents which do little to help in cleaning. It is just useful in sticking to the surface of the laundry and helps the actual detergent to clean it.

So no, the extra foam will not help you clean more. An ideal detergent is moderately foamy and is just enough to assist in the cleansing action. A lot of foam also indicates the presence of phosphates which is certainly not a desirable ingredient in the composition of good laundry detergent.

Which detergent is best for washing baby clothes?
Perhaps this is one of the most asked questions by expecting parents or people with young children. Babies have very very sensitive skin and no one wants their baby to have any sort of allergy. 

First of all, it is best to use a liquid detergent as powder detergents tend to stick on the clothes in the form of thin layers which can irritate the skin of the baby. Moreover, babies have the habit of licking and suckling at their hands which can cause harm if they have previously touched their own clothes. Use a mild, organic detergent which forms less lather. It is advisable to hand wash the baby clothes separately so that all the detergent is washed off properly. 

Also, keep checking your baby’s skin for any rashes after you dress them up with the clothes washed in the detergent you are using. Immediately stop the use if any allergies are noticed. It is also a practice to wash baby clothes with mild soap and later dip into mild disinfectants. However many market detergents are also tried and tested safe for young skin. Make sure to find them.

What is the ideal price for a good detergent?
Anything which is really good in its functionality is never very cheap. Hence, you must invest a little more to buy something durable and trusted. Almost all the above products are affordable, a few of them being slightly on the pricey side.

A good detergent, as per the marketing industry, is usually priced between ₹250 to ₹320 per 2 liters of the detergent. But a detergent which has a little something more will be costlier. However, it will be utterly wrong in saying that slightly cheaper detergents do not do their jobs.

Should I buy different detergents for different types of clothing?
If you can, then yes. Different fibers require different treatments. Woolens and silk are a lot more sensitive and require more care. Cotton, chiffon, and georgette are a lot more sturdy and tough. The detergents for woolens are hence delicate and less abrasive. This ensures longer fabric life, sheen and functioning of the clothes.
Are fabric conditioners really good for clothes?
Fabric conditioners are used to fluff up the clothes and make them feel soft and new. These will also make the fabric look smoother. It does not really harm the fabric in a few washes, but excessive and prolonged use can backfire. Conditioners might be good for clothes but are not very good for your skin.

Many conditioners contain phthalates which have allergen properties. If you have to make your clothes soft and it’s very necessary then you can use store-bought conditioners but only up to an extent. Other than this there are many DIY ideas for making your own fabric softeners, for instance using white vinegar or Epsom salt in your wash. 

Do my clothes seem to get damaged very fast after a few washes? How to avoid or minimize this?
Clearly, there is an issue with either your detergent or your water quality. Get your water pH checked. It is obvious that detergents are alkaline in nature and have a high pH value. You must take care that your water is also not very alkaline. A lot of alkalies will definitely ruin your clothes sooner than usual. If the pH level of your water is between 5-7 the probably your detergent is at fault.

Do not opt for local and cheap brands. Clothes are a long time investment and it is not a good idea to buy new ones over and over again just to save a few pennies on the detergent. Everyone has a few expensive and branded clothes. One must read the wash instructions properly and follow them for longer fabric life. Don’t wash your clothes too often, only wash when it’s necessary. 


Things to Consider Before Buying Best Liquid Washing Detergent In India

  • Eco-Friendly

In this time, where the entire planet is at the stake of collapsing, we must do our bit to contribute towards the welfare of our home, because nothing is greater than life. Detergents are famous for carrying enormous amounts of chemicals, whether it is for creating large amounts of foam, fragrance or intensive action on the fabric. These chemicals are harsh not only on the clothes but also are non-biodegradable and harmful.

It is one of the important theories that dirty water left after cleaning clothes in detergents can damage a young plant is watered with it for a few days. This is not possible if the detergent was organic. It is the most important factor to be considered and hence, the first one.

  • Temperature

Clothes can be either warm washed or cold washed. Warm washing is slowly becoming the thing of the past as heating of water requires additional energy sources. Usually, detergent powders were used for warm washing as the higher temperatures of the water made it easier to dissolve the detergent granules.

While liquid detergents can be pretty much used at all temperatures. It is advisable to do laundry in cold or normal temperature water as it will not harm the cloth fibers as well as enable the detergent to its full capacity as heating might block the activity of few necessary enzymes in the liquid.

  •  Scent

Clothes are used to adorn the body and it’s always a pleasant experience if your clothes emit mild fragrance. It gives the feeling of freshness and maintains hygiene. The fragrance becomes all the more important during monsoon as the clothes might take up to days to dry up. Damp cloth starts stinking and the ugly odor persists even after the fabric dries up.

To avoid this, detergent manufacturers add appealing scents so that your clothes smell nice and fresh. One must select a detergent with mild and mellow fragrance which is just enough to bust the bad odor. It should not be too aromatic to cause a headache. Sometimes people go for unscented detergents and add essential oils into the washing machine along with the detergent.

This can also be done but the problem is that genuine essentials oils (or fake ones too) are very expensive and hence it is better to buy scented detergents.

  • Type of clothes

There are clothes of different fabrics, different brands and different varieties. Each of these demand separate care. Woolens, silk, blankets, shawls, and stoles are much more delicate and tend to damage easily. While on the other hand, cotton, chiffon, etc are much tougher. Synthetic fibers like nylon, rayon, spandex are the toughest but their only enemy is excessive heat.

Very foamy detergents can harm the soft fibers of wool and thick blankets. Hence it is necessary to buy different detergents for woolens and your pieces of cotton. It will make their life longer and will prove to be economical in the long run too.

  • Type of people using

There can be a lot of things while considering this factor. The skin of babies and young children is much more soft and sensitive. Their clothes should not be washed in normal daily use detergent. Sulfate, phthalate and phosphate-free detergents should be used for this purpose.

Many people who have major or minor skin conditions need extra care so as to disinfect their clothes and stay away from any chemical exposure. The wrong detergent can aggravate skin problems and must be avoided at all costs. Hence one must choose correctly. Again you can buy a sample for testing or read or take trusted reviews

  • Type of machine

Nowadays hardly a few people hands wash their clothes or undergarments. Washing machines are time and lifesavers. It is important to know what type of machine you own and what kind of detergent is suitable for its functioning. It is true that detergents can deteriorate the sensitive zones inside the washing machine. Too many suds can damage your machine.

If you have a Top load machine it is better to go for a detergent with high suds, the opposite is done in the case of Front-load machines. The detergent packs have a very clear indication on the front stating what kind of machine it is manufactured for. It is advisable to choose detergents accordingly.

  • Colour protection

A good detergent should remove stains and not the color of your fabric. However, there are a few detergents that are so abrasive that they may actually ruin the dye in your clothes. Therefore, one must not opt for cheap and local detergents.

Go for tried and tested detergents which provide color protection to your clothes. New clothes tend to release color (mostly cotton) in the first 2 or 3 washes but after that, no color should fade from your clothes. Opt for phosphate and chemical-free solutions.



Clothes are not only a thing of fashion, but of status, health, and necessity too. The craze for different and unpopular types of items of clothing is fast spreading. Hence it is not just important to go along with the trend but also understand your clothes. They are non-living, but definitely have life in them. It is hence required to acknowledge this and take special care of our clothes.

Moreover, clothes can cost a fortune sometimes, making it all the more important to care for them. Detergents, water, and sunlight are the benefactors of your clothes. Many people complain about how their detergent ruined the clothes and some don’t even seem to know the actual cause. As said earlier a cheap detergent just gives the feel of cleansing while in reality, it is just harming your fabric.

What kind of fabric requires what kind of detergent should be known by everyone. It is no rocket science and hence the above article has captured all the things you should know about your ideal detergent hoping that it could clear all your confusion and help you make better decisions.

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