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“Makeup is Art, and Beauty is Spirit.” A Good makeup set is every woman’s desire as makeup just adds extra sophistication to their beauty. I believe all women are pretty without makeup but the right kind of makeup can make them pretty powerful. The makeup industry is flourishing in leaps and bound. Every day thousands of brands are launched which provides the buyer with many options to choose from, and sometimes puts the buyer in a fix. Today, in this article we will be focusing on makeup brushes. Makeup brushes are essential to carve out one’s skill on one face with perfection. Makeup brushes are used to spread the makeup throughout the face evenly and blend them finely in the skin. There are many brands that offer the best makeup brushes and are preferred by a large set of people. In this article, we try to bring out the criteria which one should look into before buying the brushes.


Things to consider before buying Makeup brushes:


 Every woman desires a great palette of makeup product which can fulfill all their makeup needs. Makeup brushes are one of the essential parts of the whole makeup system. The good quality Makeup brushes ensure perfection. While choosing a makeup brush one should look for certain criteria.

  1. Natural And Synthetic brushes: Before buying the brushes one should look for the material it is made out of. Many people are allergic to animal fleece, so one should always look into the labels, some prefer cruelty free brushes. So they also choose synthetic brushes as they are soft and allergy-free. The natural brushes which are made of Goat or sable hair work very well with the powder product so people prefer them most of the time. To check on the brushes one should first use them on their hand to check if they are soft or not before using them on their face.
  2. The shape of brushes: The shape of the brush is very important as every brush shape defines its work. One should know their utility to use them properly. There are square or angled brushes that can be set in a manner to apply makeup in a more precise manner. The buyers should indulge themselves in knowing what exactly the brushes do and for which part of face makeup they are designed. Then comes the chisel Bristles, whose bristles are fixed in the brush body in downslope fashion for the proper blending. The pointed brushes are narrow or full round something like barrel-shaped which are used for detail work on the face as the eye lining of the eyes, next comes the round brushes which are arranged in the full round: the brush tips are either doomed, angled, or flat-topped. Last but not least is kabuki which is more of providing luxurious appeal to the brush. The bristles of this brush are tightly assigned to the body of the brush.


  1.  cleaning: Makeup brushes need to be cleaned after some time of use, as a layer of skin cells gets deposited on it, which needs to be cleaned. The cleaning of makeup brushes is not an easy task so one should look for brushes that are washable and are durable. Many a time it happens that bristles start to fall after the washing. It is advised to the customer to buy the brushes which are durable and can be cleaned easily.

  1. Brush Handle: Brush handles are a very important part of a brush body as it should provide a firm hold. They are made of wood, wood composite, metal, acrylic, etc. it should feel substantial and should not be heavy to hold. The handle of the brush needs to provide great support which will enhance the performance of the brush. If the handle of brushes is made of solid hardwood or composite handle. It is not advised to rinse that type of brushes. Wood handles are likely to absorb water as they are porous. So one should look closely enough and judge the product precisely before buying it.

  1. Quality: the last characteristic but not the least thing which the buyer should consider is the quality of the brushes. As the quality can’t be measured with the price and the brand but it is always advised to read customer reviews to know how the product turns out to be. 


Review of the products:


  1. Basicare Cosmetic Tool Kit (1068)

This cosmetic tool kit comprises five makeup brushes and a foundation Sponge. These brushes are designed in such a way to enhance the looks. This product also comes with a transparent carrying pouch which will keep the brushes altogether.

Speaking of the quality and features of the brushes:
The brush comes in average size with fleecy bristles. The handle is very easy to hold, and the bristles are soft and do not lose their smoothness even after washing. The bristles are long-lasting and don’t shed during makeup. The bristles can hold a correct amount of blush.

The eye shadow brush is pretty much useful too as it promises to add a smooth touch to the eyes. It blends the eye shadow well and gives an intense pigment. It has a softer sponge eyeshadow applicator also. 
The brow and lash brush have two sides. One has a brush and the other has a comb assigned to it. It can be used to give lashes the correct shape and take out extra mascara from the eyelashes. And the foundation sponge is ideal for applying foundation. It blends the foundation very well in the face. The lip brush can also be used to apply lipstick.

This basic care though defines many features but the customer reviews of the product are quite not satisfying. 


1.Five efficient working brushes.
2. Come in a transparent bag. 
3. Inexpensive.
4. Provide even makeup.

1. Rough Bristles.
2. Brushes are not of the right sizes.


2.BS-MALL Premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Kit, 10 Pieces/Golden Black

This product is brand new in the beauty world, it promises high quality, and brushes are made of silky soft material.

BS-MALL Premium Synthetic Kabuki makeup is perfect for Beginners and Professional makeup artists. Five different types of brushes:
Flat Angled
which provides an easy and professional solution for basic cosmetics foundation.

The angled makeup brush is perfect for blush and bronzer. the small flat brush is for stipple concealer and blemishes. The flat brush is used for the Foundation. It is 10 piece set of Kabuki makeup brushes at an efficient price.


1. Blends well
2. Cheap.
3. Bristles are soft and dense.
4. Long Handles 


1. Don’t come with any pouch.
2. Poor Quality.


3.Vega Set of seven Brush:

The application of makeup is an art that requires a lot of skill and patience. The perfection we desire from the makeup requires handy tools to create. With this set of brushes, one can desire a look and can make it happen.


 The Vega product provides 5 brushes that are suitable for women. It has a blush brush, eye shadow brush, eye shadow application brush, lip filler and eye groomer. The brushes’ bodies are black in color.   


The bristles of these brushes are made of high-quality synthetic fiber. It has fine, soft bristles and thick bodies that provide a firm hold. Bristles are highly flexible and fluffy and ensure that the right amount of blush can be applied onto the cheeks. Eye shadow applicator brush has a soft sponge assigned to its end which lets one apply the correct amount of eye cream on the eyes without spreading it and the eye shadow brush has short and compact bristles which are used most of the time to apply powdered eye shadow. However, the lip filler is used to apply liquid lipstick on the lips evenly.  The eye groomer provides the opportunity to brush the eyebrows as well and apply mascara on the lashes precisely.
All these brushes can be easily cleaned after use. These are durable brushes and promise great performance with durability.


  1. Good quality.
    2. Bristles made out of Synthetic thread.
    3. Soft bristles.
    4. Blends perfectly.

    1. Damaged products.
    2. Poor Packaging

    4.Urban Beauty Makeup Brush Set, 18 Piece (bamboo)

    This product is brand new and is made of high-quality material. It is designed to fulfill all daily basic makeup requirements. What makes it more wanting is the addition of extra brushes in the product. The product suits both professional use and home use. This product makes the application easy. It is very convenient to carry this product as it comes in a wrap pouch.

    This product comes in different colors, and it has 18 brushes and handles are carved out of wood which provides a great hold during the makeup. The bristles are made out of soft hair, and which is great for the skin.

    1. Brushes come in a different color.
    2. Wooden handles.
    3. Soft bristles
    4. Fit for both personal and professional use.

          1.Damaged Product.

  1.  lacks durability.

    Eco Tools Travel Brush Set -5 Piece

    This product is an eco-friendly product and these are sets of 5 brushes and come with a pouch to keep in. These brushes create an effortless look especially when one is in a hurry. The complexion blending brush to buff the foundation with a circular motion and can be used to spread the foundation all over the face equally. The user can swipe eyeshadow perfectly with the shadow smudge brush and use slightly darker colors on the crease for better dimension. The angled liner can be used to line the eyes with cream or gel liner. The brow can be filled with gel or cream. The makeup will be over by finishing the powder blush on the cheeks.

    EcoTools Travel Brush includes 5 brushes which makes one define their beautiful style and embrace it with the world. These brushes include Complexion Blending Brush, shadow Smudge brush, angled liner brush, powder/blush brush and cosmetic care.

    This product encourages embracing one’s own beauty and sharing it with the world confidently.

    These brushes are designed in a way to make the whole process of makeup easy and fun , the artist can make tutorials or spread the world with their inspirational story. As when you feel beautiful you will make the world and people around you feel the same.

    1. Excellent quality.
    2. Cruelty-free.
    3. Soft Bristles.
    4. Provide perfection.

1. Brushes look cheap.
2. Poor Packaging.

6.KYLIE Makeup Brushes Set Premium Synthetic Kabuki Foundation Face Powder Blue Eyeshadow Brush Makeup Brush Kit with Blender Sponge and Brush Cleaner (10 pcs, Black/Silver)

This range of kylie products are largely used by professional makeup artists, they are incredibly cheap and include wide varieties of brushes. The piece set includes 10 piece makeup Brushes :1 piece Makeup Sponge and 1 Piece makeup Brush Egg that promises professional quality makeup for a different use: nose, eyes, face, eyeliner, eyelash, lip and so on, one can find complete exposure of makeup with product.

The features of this product are the following: 
The makeup brushes handles are made out of wood which gives it a firm hold and provides great support to the hands while doing makeup. The bristles are made of high synthetic fiber which are incredibly soft to skin and are good to go for the sensitive skins also.
The other feature of this product is that these brushes blend the foundation perfectly, buffing the blush at an accurate ratio, and contouring the dark areas in the most astonishing way and highlights the face and eye makeup flawlessly.

It creates a seamless and beautiful natural makeup application.

These brushes can be cleaned easily without degrading the quality. Wet the bristles in the brush cleaner egg and let it soak in it for some time and then one should wash them with clean water.

1. Ergonomic Design.
2. Blends Perfectly.
3. Bristles are soft.
4. High-end wood handle


1. Cheap quality Pouch.
2. Lack Durability.

7. NAKED PLUS Makeup Brushes Set Tool Pro Foundation Eyeliner Eyeshadow (Black)

This product is being widely used by professional makeup artists. This set includes a professional makeup brush and an egg brush set. It includes 10 piece makeup brushes, one piece Makeup Sponge and 1 piece Makeup brush Egg that can be used for the nose, eyes, face, eyeliner, eyelash, lip and every part of the face. 

The brushes have soft bristles which are durable, and these are great for applying cream and powder. The brushes can be used to apply liquid makeup more easily.These 10 brushes are made of wood.

1. No skin irritation.

  1. Blends perfectly.
    3. Soft bristles
    4. Provide great gel makeup.

1. Harsh On the skin.
2. Bad packaging.

  1. URBAN MAC 10 Pieces Makeup Brushes Set Tool Pro Foundation Eyeliner Eyeshadow (Black) with Sponge Puff (Colour May Vary)

    This product is a professional makeup set and sponge. This set contains 10 makeup brushes with 1 pc makeup sponge which come in a different color. 

The makeup handles are made of sturdy wood while bristles are made of high synthetic hair which promises to provide all the time soft feeling. The brushes work efficiently for buffing, contouring, highlighting for the face and eye makeup.

The Urbanmac helps one to develop their makeup style and showcase their skills to the world. The multipurpose makeup sponge is a Non latex makeup blender. It is dual-use, wet or dry. It can be used to blend the powder or BB cream and liquid foundation. It is a reusable and washable beauty sponge. This product is an edgeless design for maximum and equal texture throughout the face.

The set includes: Blush brush – Suitable for Powder, Powder Blush brush – Concealer around Eyes and Nose, Precision Face brush – Perfect for Blush and Bronzer, Flat Top Buffing Foundation Brush – Apply to Foundation, Face Powder Brush – Foundation around Nose and Mouth, Eye shadow Brush – Concealer under Eyes and around Nose, Angle Flat Top Shadow Brush – Contouring Hollows of Cheeks and Side of Nose, Flat Top Shadow Brush – Eyeshadow and Primer, Blooming Brush Detail Powder Brush – Concealer on Rounded Areas, such as Nose, Blooming Brush – Stipple Concealer and Blemishes.



1. Great price.
2. Soft bristles.
3. Value for money.
4. Great for Professional makeup

1. Bad packaging
2. Some brushes are not up to the mark.

  1. Start Makers Diamond Handle Makeup Brush Set with Big Fish Tail for Foundation Eye shadow Lips -12 Pieces

    This brand brings vibrant and colorful brushes which promise to provide great quality brushes at an effective price.

    The start maker’s diamond handle makeup brush set is the basic brush set which suits both professional use and home use. Its great design will make one makeup palette look unique and bright. It can also be gifted to friends, family, lovers and co-worker.

This brush is basic for daily application; its bristles are made of high-quality synthetic fiber, the unique diamond handle design on the handles gives the brushes a different look.

1. Silicon beauty blender.
2.  Affordable Price.
3.  Easy to blend.
4.  Provide a stylish look.

1. Lacks durability.
2 .Harsh bristles.


Buying guides about Makeup brushes:

 There are five more things which guides the buyer in the process of buying the product. They are:

  1. Purpose and utility: Before looking for the brushes one should know what they want from the brush and then go for a design suiting their needs. For instance: if one wants to create a precise line, cover a large or small area, contour and so on, they need an angled brush or pointer brush for that purpose. Brushes can be used for multi-purpose also if it says powder brush on the label that does not mean it can’t be used for the other purpose if it suits your method and application.

  2. Size, Shape and weight: Brushes come in different sizes, shapes and weights. Even when they are designed for the same purpose, they will all look and feel a bit different. One should try out different brands and should see which one works for them.

  3. Cruelty-free: Nowadays, people pay a lot more attention to their tastes like non-animal hair, cruelty-free and vegan brushes. There are recycled and environmentally friendly brushes in the market which are getting more and more popular in the makeup industry.

  4. Sets Vs Individual Brushes: Brushes can be bought in different ways like in sets or individually. Buying brushes in a set is more money efficient than buying them individually. Sets vary in size, but even a small brush set provides the commonly used brush wrap with sets too. The only disadvantage in buying brushes in a set is many times some brushes in the set are found damaged. Traveling brush sets can be quite handy for holidays and can fit anywhere. Buying brushes individually requires a lot more precision and one should know very well what they are looking for.

  5. Blending: It is one of the most important characteristics one should consider as the whole point of buying the brush is to blend perfectly. Brushes are better to use than the fingers when applying foundation and concealer, as they can spread the makeup evenly throughout the face. Eye shadow brushes are designed in such a way to provide a target specific to highlight the areas effectively.

1.How to clean brushes without harming them?
Ans: Cleaning brushes without harming them requires great care. A line of Non Toxic cleaning products designed specifically for makeup brushes. Instead of using harsh detergents, one should go for brush cleaners. It cleans the brushes efficiently.
2. Which makeup brushes brands one should go for?
A: There are many brands which one can go for according to the money they want to spend : one can go for marc Jacobs, zoeva and Kylie and for the less money one can go for Vega, Urbanmac.
3. What are the best high-end makeup brushes?
A: Mac brushes are rated best for their quality and durability.
4. Which makeup brushes to buy for beginners?
A: Beginners should focus more on the quality of brush which a good brand can provide like Kylie, wet n wild, MAC.
5. Can makeup brushes cause an allergic reaction?
A: Brushes made out of animal fleece can cause allergies therefore one is advised to go for the synthetic one.

Conclusion: Everyone wants flawless skin, glowing cheeks and eyes that pop, the secret behind all this is the tools we use. Brushes make all this happen and provide a professional-look. Makeup brushes just define the skills of the person. In This article, we tried to help the buyer in choosing the makeup brushes. We tried to make the buyer aware more about their own needs and different types of brushes and brands they can opt for. Moreover, we tried to focus on bringing up various brands which the buyer can go for, suiting the needs of both beginner and professional makeup aspirants. Later in this article, we evaluated most asked FAQs. Hopefully, this article answers the entire question which arises in a buyer’s mind.

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