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Top 10 Best Microwave Ovens in India 2020 Reviews

Microwave oven in the world today is not about luxury anymore. It has grown to be a necessity in the modern kitchen. Technology has gifted mankind with many comforts, microwave oven being one of them. Earlier, it was a task to reheat food items or even do some basic baking. With the invention of a microwave oven, cooking has become a do-able task for just about anyone.

The earlier oven in an Indian kitchen was an ancient concept, however, with the ever-evolving urban lifestyle, the microwave oven has found a permanent fixture in homes. The modern housewives of today are multitasking women and have tasks involved in various fields other than just the housework. For such a woman, an efficient microwave oven is a savior which can make her work in the kitchen easy.

With further advancement in the field of technology, there are various models of the conventional oven that are multi-tasking in their features. An ultra-modern home has a microwave oven that is designed to function for baking, steaming, re-heating, grilling, and air-frying.

So, let us take a look at the various types of Microwave ovens available in the market today:

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Types Of Microwave Oven

  • The Solo Type Microwave Oven

These are the very basic models of the microwave oven. These are of the elementary level and are most widely marketed and supplied. As compared to the other models these are cheaper and comparatively simpler to use.

  • The Grill Type Microwave Oven

These are a step ahead of the Solo-type microwave oven. These are provided with the grilling accessories which are utilized for the ultimate grilling experience. The Grill-type Microwave comes along with the heating coils that are designed to do the grilling, roasting, and toasting.

  • The Convection-type Microwave Oven

This type of microwave oven features like a fan at the back that is meant to help distribute the heat uniformly all over the food that needs to be cooked or reheated. This mainly helps in speeding-up the heating process. 

So, now that we know the various types of microwave ovens, let us take a look at some of the features that make the oven a good buy:


Things To Consider Before Buying Best Microwave Oven In India With Price

  • The Auto-Cook Menu

This is one of the most popular features in a Microwave Oven. This is designed to be able to make the process of cooking simple. Basically, the oven is programmed with the cooking-type for certain recipes. The user must select a specific code accordingly and the oven automatically chooses the heating time and power.

  • Child Lock

This has become one of the most important features and has become popular because of its growing demand. The Child Lock is an important feature as it ensures the safety of your child and other in-experienced individuals in the family.

  • Rotisserie

This is used for the grilling purpose and comprises of the entire set that is required for the function. This can be used for a variety of food items such as vegetables, Poultry, Meat and Paneer.

  • Defrost

This is one of the most recent features in a microwave oven. This is used to help defrost your frozen food items in a matter of minutes. The feature is simple to operate, where you need to just enter the weight of the food and the oven automatically programs itself to do the right function. This entire process can also be done manually by you entering the right inputs as required.

  • Pre-Heat

This is primarily a baking feature where pre-heating of the oven is required. This feature is required when you need to bake biscuits, cakes or pizza and must set the oven to a certain temperature before you actually start the process of cooking.

  • Timer

This is an important feature where you do not need to attend when your preparation is done. Here you need to set the timer to a certain duration and have the alarm alert you when the time is up as the food is prepared.

  • The Panel-Type

The panel-type is available in three-types i.e. Mechanical, Feather-touch, and Tactile button. All three types of panels are useful; however, they have their own relevancy. The Mechanical type panel has a long-life comparatively and is a more traditional ‘rotator-wheel’ type mechanism.

The feather-touch Panel is the ‘touchscreen type’ where you need to type-in your input. This is also easy to clean and looks stylish. The tactile button type panel has a Jog-wheel control to easily set the time and temperature.

Now that we know the various features and functions of a typical microwave oven let us take a look at Best Microwave ovens in India:

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Top 10 Microwave Ovens In India

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Best Microwave Ovens In India With Price Reviews

#1 Wonderchef Roland 63152504 25 Litre Microwave (Black) 

Wonderchef Roland 63152504 25 Litre Microwave

Check Price

This is a fine product from a reliable brand name. This microwave is one-of-a-kind with the multi-level cooking feature available. Here you can bake, grill, roast and pre-heat. This appliance is perfect for cooking without oil and consists of convection modes. The device is powered at 1950 watts and has an operating voltage of 230-240 V.

With a capacity of 25 liters, this microwave oven consists of a glass tray and a baking tray. The unique feature about this particular appliance is that you can also use it for ‘thawing’ and ‘grilling’ within minutes. The sleek futuristic design makes it a perfect fit in any kitchen and the complete black shade makes its maintenance easy.


  • Can cook without oil
  • Features multi-stage cooking
  • 10 years of warranty
  • Stylish design
  • Jog-wheel panel
  • Can grill


  • Slightly pricier
  • Slightly bulky


#2 LG 32 L Convection Microwave Oven (MC3286BRUM, Black) 

LG 32 L Convection Microwave Oven

Check Price

This is a fine appliance from the brand house of LG. This electronic device is a perfect partner for serving to the needs of a typical large Indian family. This oven can be used for grilling, defrosting, reheating and pre-heating. This appliance is sure to assist you with your cooking as it consists of the auto-cook option.

The jog-wheel is featured on the control panel which ensures the longevity of the device. This oven can also be used for baking cookies and cakes etc. The best part about this device is that it can be used to prepare diet-friendly food items as well. Diet-frying, barbecuing and steaming can all be performed to cook your low-calorie food items.


  • High on capacity
  • Starter kit available with the product
  • Auto cook option
  • Tactile buttons featured
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used for pasteurization
  • Rotary mechanism


  • Aluminum cake tins cannot be used
  • Need to watch the load per use
  • Installation can be a problem when attended by self


#3 IFB 30 L Convection Microwave Oven (30SC4, Black) 

IFB 30 L Convection Microwave Oven | Best microwave oven in India

Check Price

This is a fine 30 liters microwave which is perfect for a large Indian family. This is a convection model and can be used for baking, grilling, cooking, defrosting and reheating. The control panel is a sleek touch keypad and is easy to maintain. The added feature in this microwave is the child-lock which ensures complete safety when not attended.

The 101-auto cook menu makes for the perfect cooking partner when you need to whip up a dish in no time. The LED display and the stainless-steel cavity makes this electronic device an asset. It also features overheating protection and has a sensor malfunction protection. The device has an operating voltage of 230 V and power consumption of 1400 W.


  • Convection Oven
  • Touch key panel
  • Child lock present
  • Convection oven
  • Combi-tech oven
  • Free installation
  • Starter kit available


  • The timer can be too sensitive
  • Tray provided is not durable
  • Slightly expensive as compared to the other products
  • The auto cook menu can be improved
  • The heating can get slower after some time
  • Can get noisy at times

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#4 IFB 25 L Convection Microwave Oven (25SC3, Metallic Silver) 

IFB 25 L Convection Microwave Oven

Check Price

This microwave oven is perfect for average family size with a fine capacity of 25 liters. Powered at 2000 W, this device requires 230V of electricity supply. The control panel is of touch keypad type along with the child-lock system. You can grill, bake, reheat, cook and defrost in this convection microwave oven.

The specific feature of this oven is the 26 auto cook menu options. The technology allows you to enjoy both Combination cooking and multistage cooking together to give you a memorable experience. The oven is also designed in a manner that allows you to keep your food warm for a longer time with being overcooked.

The weight defrost allows you to be able to defrost your frozen food without any hassles. Microwaves can be a hassle to clean, but this brand brings to you the Steam clean feature which makes it easier to clean the appliance. This oven also boasts of the Deodorize feature which allows you to clean and stubborn elements in order to maintain the hygiene and gives you an odor-less microwave.


  • child lock present
  • auto cook menu option
  • convection oven
  • Steam clean feature
  • Deodorise feature
  • weight defrost feature


  • Installation can be an issue for self
  • The plug provided is not of standard design
  • Can get noisy at times


#5 IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven (20SC2, Metallic Silver) 

IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven | Top microwave oven in India

Check Price

This is a nice convection oven with a capacity of 20 liters with a microwave frequency of 2450 Mhz. This appliance is perfect for a small to average-sized family and can perform multiple functions. The oven also has a child lock facility to ensure your safety when not attended.

The touch keypad is easy to clean and use. The auto cook option makes simple cooking an easy task for inexperienced cooks. You can bake, grill, defrost and reheat using this oven for various purposes.


  • Convection oven
  • Starter kit available
  • Child lock present
  • Auto-clean menu present
  • Auto reheat present
  • Pocket-friendly


  • Quality of the material used can be improved
  • The size of the cavity inside the oven can be an issue
  • The reheating can take longer than expected
  • The handling needs extra caution while functioning sometimes


#6 IFB 23 L Convection Microwave Oven (23BC4, Black+Floral Design) 

IFB 23 L Convection Microwave Oven

Check Price

This is a fine 23-liter convection oven. The brand ensures various unique features such as child lock for safety and the touch keypad. The 71-auto cook menu helps in quick and easy recipe making for learners. This oven can also be used for keeping the food warm inside without overheating or burning. You can also defrost the frozen food with just entering the weight on the input.

The technology is also designed to protect the appliance from malfunction or even over-heating. The exterior design of the electronic is sleek and stylish. The oven looks good in any home and within any interior. This is a perfect option when you need all the features of a high-end product within a reasonable budget.


  • Starter kit present
  • Child lock present
  • Auto cook featured
  • LED display
  • Combi tech
  • Convection oven
  • Free installation
  • Malfunction protection
  • Overheating protection


  • Can get noisy at times
  • Can overheat quickly
  • The keypad needs maintenance
  • Can be insufficient for a larger family and big food portions.


#7 IFB 17 L Solo Microwave Oven (17 PM MEC 1, White) 

IFB 17 L Solo Microwave Oven | best microwave oven

Check Price

This is the Solo type microwave oven and performs basic functions with efficiency. The capacity is just fine for an average family and is convenient for reheating, defrosting and cooking. The oven also features 3 auto cook menu and had jog dials that are easy to use and have a nice longevity.

This is a good buy if you need to operate basic oven necessities with ease. The range is quite good when considering the basic utility of this microwave oven.


  • Auto cook menu option present
  • Jog dials featured
  • Features Flexi power control


  • No starter kit available
  • Performs limited functions
  • No digital display

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#8 Morphy Richards 23 L Convection Microwave Oven (23MCG, Black) 

Morphy Richards 23 L Convection Microwave Oven

Check Price

This is a fine Convection microwave with a 23-liter capacity that can serve an average to a large Indian home. This is a perfect buy if you are needed to grill, cook, bake and defrost using the same machine. The control panel has a Touch Keypad which is easy in operation and can be cleaned without any hassles.

This appliance also features the all-important child lock system which is a necessity in a home with kids on the loose. The oven can be operated with five different power levels as required for various recipes. The Auto cook feature helps you in preparing easy meals in no time with simply the temperature and timings to be set accordingly.

The mirror glass door allows you a complete view of the food as it is being prepared. The design is stylish and compatible with any home interior.


  • Five different power levels to choose from
  • Child lock present
  • Auto cook present


  • No starter kit provided
  • Can ‘leak’ after a while
  • Can be tough to understand for new users.


#9 Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven (CE1041DSB2/TL, Black, SlimFry) 

Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven | Best oven in India

Check Price

Samsung brings to you a fine Microwave oven which will offer you various functions within a single appliance. The unique Tandoor technology is perfect for creating the ‘tandoor’ like environment within the oven to bring to you the authentic taste of ‘Roti’ and ‘Naan’.

Going a step further, you can also enjoy curd any time you want to with the fermentation function featured in this oven. The design is sleek and stylish which looks good in all homes. The auto cook menu option is a perfect treat for those of you who are beginner cooks and requires assistance.


  • Tandoor technology
  • Good capacity
  • Easy installation
  • Auto cook menu present
  • Slightly on the heavier side


  • No starter kit provided
  • Fitting into compromised spaces might be a challenge
  • The user manual could be more detailed


#10 Panasonic 20 L Grill Microwave Oven (NN-GT221WF, White) 

Panasonic 20 L Grill Microwave Oven

Check Price

This is a wonderful microwave oven from the brand house of Panasonic that brings to you an efficient appliance with multiple purposes. The touch-panel is easy to operate and convenient to clean. The auto cook is you perfect cooking-partner with various Indian menus to try out.

The reheat feature is efficient as it helps in making the leftovers taste just as good as fresh. The design is stylish and sleek and can fit into any interior with ease. The digital display and glass door offer a perfect view of the food preparation going-on.


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Auto cook present


  • No child lock present
  • Limited functions
  • Slightly pricier with limited functions
  • Slightly outdated model



Can a Table0top model be used as a built-in type?
The table-top models are designed for the sides to stay uncovered. If you place such a model into a cabinet, there are huge chances of damage due to overheating. 
Does the Microwave need to be Pre-heated when re-heating?
It is not necessary to preheat when reheating your food. However, it is important to understand that pre-heating is required only in Conventional cooking.
How to understand if the temperature has reached when Preheating in a Microwave?
The convection function in a microwave has the required settings that are used to understand if the desired temperature has been reached. Usually, the LED display starts to flash with repeated beep alarms to alert you about the temperature reached.
How is Microwave cooking different from the Oven cooking?
The microwave oven utilizes the microwave radiation to heat and cook the food from within and all over. The cooking time required is less as compared to the Oven cooking methods.
How to know if a utensil is microwave friendly or not?
You can make out if the utensil is microwave friendly or not by simply checking the bottom of the vessel. If it has ‘microwave-safe’ indicated than you can easily use it. If somehow there are no indications present, you can test the vessel by placing it inside the oven with a glass half-filled with water. Set the temperature to maximum power for one minute. If the vessel turns hot, it is recommended not to use it. It is also advisable to avoid using metal utensils and metal-rimmed vessels for microwave purposes.
What is meant by ‘stage-cooking’?
This is one of the most convenient features of a modern microwave oven. Stage cooking technology allows you to cook in multiple stages but with just a single setting at one go. Under stage setting, you can cook, defrost and heat the food in a single stage.

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The Final Note

Best microwave ovens in India for baking has grown to be a constant companion for the modern housewife today. While the basic functioning of the appliance remains the same across all models, however, the added features make a lot of difference. The kind of purchase you make is entirely dependant on the requirement you have. If you are in a bachelor living a basic Solo type oven is just good enough.

However, with the increase in the number of family members, you also need a more advanced appliance. Various features such as grilling and baking can be a deciding factor when buying a microwave oven. There are diet conscious people who prefer only low-oil meals. For them, steaming and grilling options are preferable.

For families where large gatherings are a norm, you need a bigger capacity oven that can accommodate a larger portion of cooking like cakes and pizzas. The safety measure is another deciding factor. Be sure to invest in an oven that has child-lock as it will ensure you proper safety when the oven is not attended.

For people who believe in a more relaxed lifestyle, go for the multi-stage microwave and auto cook menu which will help you with your meals in no time.

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