Top 10 Best Pain Relief Spray In India 2020 Reviews

Pain is the indication of an unpleasant symptom of a prevailing condition. It is a ‘warning sign’ send by the body to the brain to register potential tissue damage. While pain can be quite annoying, however, one needs to understand that it is one of the most important human ‘stimuli’. It is an indication which asks you to act accordingly to your area of concern.

So why exactly is a pain so important for the normal functioning of the human system? Pain allows you to understand your environment better. It gives you the assessment of what is safe and what is not. With the onset of pain, you can either recognize the source of pain or rectify your situation accordingly.

Pain, in a way, tells you to attend the certain part of the body which is suffering and also withdraw from a situation or a condition which might be the cause. But can pain be avoided? Let us find out.

It was, perhaps, due to pain that the human need for a doctor or a medical practitioner. The earliest known ‘doctors’ had understood the healing properties found in nature. Healing properties found in herbs; plants even certain categories of soil were used by the early practitioners.

This practises of ‘healing through nature’ further advanced to ‘spells’ and ‘witchcraft’ later on. However, it is interesting to know that it all started with the man’s need to heal through certain sources. Thankfully the times today have changed, and we have some of the most advanced medical treatments of all kinds. 

Medicine today is more of a lifestyle asset than a necessity. Medical and healthcare systems are so advanced that people are investing in order to enhance their quality of life. Now, pain is no longer something you need to deal with for a long time. Diagnostics and logical approach towards a medical symptom are utilized. Likewise, pain and development in the medical sciences regarding pain relief have evolved to new heights.

Today, if you are suffering from a certain type of joint or muscle pain, a simple spray is the answer to your queries. Such a topical form of medication is known as the ‘Pain relief spray’. So how does the simple ‘pain relief spray’ works? Let us find out.

Pain relief spray usually works by bringing down the inflammation and releasing a ‘counter irritation’ in the neighboring areas on the application, thus, soothing the pains in the underlying tissues. So, what constitutes a general pain relief spray? 

A basic pain relief spray constitutes of ammonium salicylate, Camphor, Menthol and a mixture of ethyl and methyl esters of Salicylic acid. Salicylates are derivatives of Aspirins on application to the skin they get absorbed by the underlying tissues and thus, reduce the pain.

For, counter-irritant effect, Camphor, Methyl Salicylate, and ethyl salicylates act as agents. This is a great way to divert the brain from the original pain and thus, change the ‘perception’ of pain. Usually, when we apply a pain relief spray over the skin, we get a feeling of ‘cool’ sensation.

This is caused by the Menthol, which helps widen the blood vessels on the skin, thus, a feeling of ‘cool’ gives you the much-required relief.

A basic Pain relief spray is used when suffering from muscle stiffness, muscular aches, and pains, fibrositis and backaches. So, what makes a pain relief in a spray bottle so popular? Basically, it is best used for those areas where you cannot reach by self, such as the back.

Here, you can easily spray the ointment, even upside down if required. However, if possible, you can also massage the are of concern after you have sprayed the pain relief.


<b>How to use a pain relief spray?</b>
  • It is a thumb-rule that pain relief spray is only recommended for people above 12 years of age. 
  • It is the most effective, after a nice warm bath to apply a pain relief spray.
  • You need to spray over the affected area and gently massage it with your hands, if reachable.
  • You can repeat the process again after about ten to fifteen minutes for added benefits
  • Remember, not to cover the area after application and leave it to ‘air’ itself.


<b>Pregnancy and Lactating mothers</b>

It is common knowledge that there are certain medicines which are best avoided during the period of pregnancy. As one is not too sure of how medicine can react when used during pregnancy, you need to always consult your doctor before you go for such applications. The same goes for the breast-feeding mothers, it is best avoided, however, if necessary, you can consult a doctor for a better option.

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So, now that we know quite a lot about a basic pain relief spray, let us find out the Best pain relief sprays in India

List Of Top 10 Pain Relief Spray

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Best Pain Relief Spray India Reviews

#1 Moov Fast Pain Relief Spray – 50g 

Moov Fast Pain Relief Spray – 50g

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Moov is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to offering a nice pain relief spray option. This pain relief is filled with the goodness of various natural ingredients like Wintergreen oil, Mint extract, Turpentine oil, Eucalyptus oil, Cinnamon oil. The formula is quick-absorbing and offers instant relief for the user.

Now, you can also enjoy a long-lasting pain relief effect by using Moov and go about your daily routine. This pain relief spray can be used in case of stiff shoulders, body aches, and general backaches. This is one of the most recommended pain relief sprays when it comes to dealing with lower back pains and stiff necks. At first, the user is treated with a feeling of warmth on the application, which allows the pain to subside eventually.


  • This product is a quick-absorbing formula
  • This product offers warm sensation on application
  • This product offers instant action
  • This product offers a long-lasting relief
  • This pain relief spray contains natural ingredients
  • The product is easy to use
  • The product is easy to carry and compact
  • The product comes within the budget


  • The price is higher than the cream counterpart
  • Can lead to skin irritation in some cases
  • The quantity of the product is compromised


#2 Relispray Pain Relief Spray for Elbow Pain, Backache, Muscle Pain, Knee Pain – 95 Gm – 1 Pack 

Relispray Pain Relief Spray

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This is a wonderful product which brings to you pain relief in a spray can. Now, you no longer have to depend on somebody else to apply the ointment to hard to reach areas, as the spray helps manage self-application.

The application is simple, where you need to directly spray the product over the affected area and allow to stay. However, it is recommended to shake the bottle before using for a better effect.


  • The product offers instant relief
  • Great for all forms of body aches
  • The product has a soothing aroma of menthol
  • The product contains natural oils
  • Can be applied for muscle fatigue


  • The product can only be used in case of minor pains
  • Required to cover the sprayed area after application


#3 Volini Spray Maxx – 25 g (Pack of 3) 

Volini Spray Maxx

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Volini Spray Maxx is one of the most used products when it comes to offering pain relief solutions. This product is filled with the goodness of Linseed oil and works wonders in just a matter of moments. This product can be used for all sorts of aches and pains, such as neck pains, back pains, muscle strains, and joint pains.

The product offers instant relief in a matter of minutes and you are good to go. The application is simple, as the product is contained in a spray bottle, thus making it easy to reach out to though places.


  • The product applies 360-degree technology
  • The product offers instant relief
  • The product is applicable for multiple pain areas
  • The product contains the goodness of Linseed oil


  • The pain relief effect is mild
  • The product is pricier as compared to other products
  • The product can irritate the skin in some cases

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#4 Deep Heat Spray, Fast Relief – 150ml 

Deep Heat Spray, Fast Relief - 150ml | top selling pain relief sprays

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This is a nice product in a spray bottle, which offers to relief pain in a matter of few moments. This product is suitable for all types of pain; Muscular, neck, back, head, joint pain, foot aches to name a few.

This is a nice product even for relief from tension and fatigue. On application, the user feels instant warmth, which further soothes the pain. The users are advised to massage the product on the application and leave for some time.


  • The product offers instant relief
  • The product reduces swelling
  • The product is easy to use


  • The product can lead to skin rashes in some cases
  • The product is slightly on the higher price


#5 VICCO Narayani Spray-45g (Pack of 2) 

VICCO Narayani Spray-45g (Pack of 2)

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This is a fine product which offers quick action against pain without worrying about any form of side effects. The formula consists of various natural ingredients like Pudina, Rai, Nilgiri, to offer the user soothing effect from pain.

You can use this product in case of lower back pain, Backaches, Joint pain, and muscle stiffness. The best part is that you can now apply VICCO Narayaani spray-on cervical spondylosis as well.


  • The product does not have any side effects
  • The product is quick-acting
  • The product offers permanent relief
  • The product is completely natural
  • The product is completely Vegan
  • The Product is Halaal certified


  • The effect is slightly mild


#6 Mangalam Cam+ Pain Relief Spray – Camphor Based Ayurvedic Preparation (35g x 2 Cans) 

Mangalam Cam+ Pain Relief Spray – Camphor Based Ayurvedic Preparation (35g x 2 Cans) | Best pain relief sprays

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This is a fine product which is effective for long-lasting freedom from pain. Now, you no longer have to worry about any side effects of using pain relief spray, as this product does not contain any petrochemical additives. The formula includes the goodness of Camphor which is a natural product obtained from the sap of trees.

This Ayurvedic product is great when it comes to dealing with injury-related pains and also posture-related stiffness in joints. The key ingredients used in this pain relief spray are Wintergreen oil, Clove oil, and Cinnamon oil.


  • The product is natural
  • The product is Ayurvedic in nature
  • The product has a long-lasting impact
  • The product has an instant effect
  • The product is easy to use
  • Good for sports related injury
  • The product does not have any side effects
  • The product does not contain Petrochemical additives


  • The product has a mild pain relief effect
  • The quantity of the product is compromised


#7 Biofreeze Pain Relieving Spray (118 ml) 

Biofreeze Pain Relieving Spray (118 ml)

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This is a nice product which effectively relieves the body from pain through quick and safe action. This is a topical analgesic which is gel-based and also combines the healing effect of touch. Biofreeze is clinically proven which is also fast-acting and long-lasting.

This analgesic is effecting in relief from pains, aches and muscle stiffness. It can also be used for pain relief from bruises. The product can be applied to various parts of the body such as foot, ankle, knee, neck, shoulders and elbows. 


  • This product does not ‘perceive’ pain
  • The product is formulated by Menthol
  • The product offers long lasting effect
  • The product is FDA approved


  • This product is expensive

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#8 Omnigel Spray – 50 ml (Pack of 3)

Omnigel Spray - 50 ml (Pack of 3)

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Omnigel Spray is one of the most widely used pain relief sprays available in the market today. This product is quite effective in reducing pain, muscle soreness, bone fractures, Strains and sprains, Lower back pain, joint pain, Osteoarthritis pain, muscle pain to name a few.

This is a topical pain relief application which contains Diclofinac Topical, Menthol Topical as the main components. The main working of this spray is by bringing down Prostaglandins synthesis and to bring about the delay in the muscle soreness. This product comes in easy to use a spray bottle, which makes the application an easy task for people who need to self-apply.


  • The product is Ozone friendly
  • The product offers instant relief
  • The product offers long lasting relief
  • The product contains Linseed oil
  • The product is good for joint pains
  • Falls within budget


  • The product needs a repeated application for effect
  • The product can have side effects on the skin in certain cases


#9 Amrutanjan Spray – 30 gm 

Amrutanjan Spray - 30 gm | Best pain relief sprays in India

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This is an Indian brand and is one of the most sold products for pain relief purposes. This product is an Ayurvedic formula and it offers a safe and gentle effect over affected areas. This product works with a powerful counter-irritant along with a long-lasting soothing effect over the wound.

The bottle is safe and easy to carry and can be used whenever required. This is an ideal product for sports-related injury and can be easily carried about in travel kits. The best part about this product is that you no longer have to worry about the spray greasing your clothes after application. 


  • This product is an Indian Brand
  • This product offers instant relief
  • The product is good for joint pain
  • The product is great for sprains
  • The product falls within budget
  • The product is suitable for children above 7 years
  • The product contains natural ingredients
  • This is a non-greasy formula


  • The effectiveness of the product is mild
  • Might not be suitable for deep bruises

#10 BioFrost Cold Therapy Pain Spray

BioFrost Cold Therapy Pain Spray

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BioFrost pain relief spray is a 100% natural- water-based, nonoily, and odorless pain relief spray, which has been a hot pick for quite a few years now. With the help of its 360˚ pump, you can conveniently apply the spray holding it upside down. This way, even the toughest of spots are easy to reach.

It is a nonaerosol spray and is a great alternative to oral painkillers. Using natural extracts of menthol, green tea, aloe vera, sallaki, zergul, turmeric, hapusha, and white tea; the spray effectively helps you get rid of the pain without any side-effects. It is diclofenac-free, odorless, non-oily, and water-based. It is easy to use and you don’t need to use your hands to apply.


  • nonaerosol
  • water-based
  • 360˚ pump
  • 100% natural


  • not easily available

Some More Details About Best Pain Relief Sprays Available in Indian Market

<b>A Word Of Caution</b>
  • The user should bear in mind that the pain relief spray is exclusively for external use only.
  • Keep it away from your mouth and eyes.
  • Always ‘check’ your area of application for cases of irritated or broken skin, as the pain relief spray should never be applied over such places.
  • In case a user suffers an ‘accidental’ application of the pain relief spray on eyes, mouth, or genitals, always wash thoroughly with cool water.
  • There are cases when your skin can get irritated on the application of a pain relief spray. Under such cases, be sure to discontinue any further usage.
  • There are brands of pain relief sprays that are highly inflammable. Be sure to never use such products near open flames, hot surfaces, or lit cigarettes.
  • It is best to avoid using pain relief spray in closed places as it increases the chances of rapid inhalation of the product. This could cause discomfort in many cases.
  • Under certain circumstances, it is also advisable to altogether avoid using the pain relief spray near newly polished or painted surfaces. This could lead to certain unwanted ‘reactions’ in the vicinity.


<strong>Side Effect Of Pain Relief Sprays</strong>

Like every other medicine, pain relief spray to comes with its own set of side effects on the human body. 

  • Instant and rapid irritation soon after application of pain relief on the skin
  • Development of allergic reactions such as Rash or Hives on the skin
  • Headaches in certain cases

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FAQ’s about Best Pain Relief Sprays in India

What are the compositions of a Basic pain relief spray?
A basic pain relief spray consists of various ingredients. The final product usually comprises of Camphor, Menthol, Ammonium Salicylate, and a mixture of ethyl and methyl esters of Salicylic acids. There are also brands that infuse certain natural ingredients as well. Sometimes you might find Cinnamon oil, Linseed oils, Eucalyptus oil also included in the product. Certain products are Ayurvedic in nature and are formulated with traditional healing properties.
Why are Pain Relief Sprays so popular?
Pain relief medication comes in various forms. While there might be ointments, creams, and also oral medicines in case of body pains, the ‘spray’ type is very popular. It is basically the ease of use which makes it popular amongst the users. Now you no longer have to worry about having someone massage you the ointment when pain strikes you.

The spray action of the application makes it easy for people to reach out to otherwise though to reach parts like the back etc. Also, most pain relief sprays are usually ‘no-rub’ formulas which can work without having to massage the medicine over the affected surface.

How does a basic Pain relief spray works?
A basic pain relief spray helps bring down the inflammation caused by the affected part. This is done by causing a counter-irritation in the area so that the brain perceives this as pain and gets diverted from the ongoing pain reaction of the underlying tissues. Once applied, the ointment gets absorbed by the skin into the tissues, thus, bringing down the pains levels, hence, ‘pain relief’.
Are Pain relief sprays a healthy choice for pain relief?
Pain relief sprays are topical forms of application for relief from pain. However, since these work by getting absorbed by the skin and the underlying tissues, there is a big chance that your skin might not react positively at times. There are cases when users might develop skin rashes and skin irritations after applications. This happens generally when certain brands use petrochemical ingredients in the prayers that are not exactly skin-friendly.

Also, in case the user has a prevailing skin allergy, there are chances that it might get aggravated due to certain ingredients present in the spray. Sometimes, it is the simple act of ‘spraying’ that might cause you irritations. On inhalation of the spray, one might suffer from undesirable reactions. Also, it is necessary to bear in mind that pregnant women and lactating mothers are best advised to avoid using pain relief sprays altogether.

Final Verdict

Pain relief sprays are one of the most popular topical medications for pain relief today. They are easy to carry about, simple in application and are instant in their actions. However, just like everything else, you need to be careful about your medical applications and refer a doctor before using a pain relief spray.

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