Top 10 Best Perfumes For Men In India in 2020 Reviews

During summers, it’s natural that the human body sweats due to hot temperatures. This results in odd odour from the body. The odd odour comes due to the emission of sweat from the body during heat and summers or during work out. Generally, having a bad odour leads to a bad impression. It is human nature that mood depends on odour. Inhaling good fragrance can even change your mood to happy and bad odour makes you unhappy. Along with this, if you carry good fragrance, it leads to a good impression of yours. People use talcum powders, oils, deo, perfumes for having a pleasant smell. Having a good fragrance is a gem added to your beauty as it attracts people’s attention. 

Nowadays perfumes and deodorants are essential as they not only hide bad odor but boost morale too. Perfumes have been used by humans for a very long time. They have been used from ancient times of kings and queens. Those were made naturally by extracting flower oils. Perfume is a mixture of essential oils, fragrant aroma compounds, solvents used to give a pleasant fragrance to an object or body.

Perfume is made by extracting oil from millions of flowers. Therefore, you get a perfume with the fragrance of your favorite flower. A good fragrance makes you more attractive and confident. Perfumes come in different types the sprays, gel, oils, etc. Generally, people prefer buying spray bottles. You can gift a perfume to your family and friends. Choosing a perfume is not easy. There are different kinds of perfumes with different brands and fragrances are available that confuses buyers.  

 Perfume is easy to apply. You just have to spray your perfume on pulse points like inner wrist, neck, and inner elbow. The reason behind applying on pulse pints is that pulse points are warm and discharge fragrance continuously Do not apply your perfume on all body as it will lead to strong fragrance resulting irritation and sneezing to you and maybe people around you. Also, it may result in a bad impression as people will not prefer to be around you. It makes you refreshing as you smell pleasant.

Perfume bottles are generally expensive as it is made from essential oils which are extracted from millions of flowers for a bottle of perfume. Also, they include alcohol which is flammable. Perfumes come in really attractive bottles so, Keep it away from small kids as they may put it in their eyes or mouth. If you feel any redness or irritation after applying the perfume, stop using it, and consult a doctor. Perfumes may include the content of chemicals which may not suit your skin.


Things To Consider Before Buying Best Perfumes For Men In India


This is the most important factor that one must consider. Check fragrance before buying a perfume. Choose a fragrance that is pleasant and liked by everyone. If your fragrance is not good, then people might not like to be around you.

Side effects:

Before buying, make sure you are not allergic to that particular fragrance. Check content used in making, and make sure you are not allergic to my of ingredient or aroma. 

Date of expiry:

Before purchasing, check the date of the expiry of perfume. Expired perfumes disperse false smell and may cause any side effects to the body. 


The perfume which you are purchasing should be long-lasting and should be capable of holding bad odour so that it can make your body fragrant even you are sweating. 


Generally, the price of perfume is costly. This is because it includes the essence of flowers. The perfume is made by extracting oil after handpicking millions of flowers. 


There are perfumes that may cause problems in everyday use. Just make sure it is safe to use on a regular basis.Do not purchase perfumes that involve high chemical content. This may not be safe for your skin.


Top 10 Perfumes For Men With Price List In India

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Best Perfumes For Men in India Reviews


#1 Armaf La Rosa Pour Femme Perfume For Women 100 ML EDP 

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The fragrance of Armaf La Rosa Pour Femme Perfume has a delightful fragrance. 

Top Note: Bergamot, Pear, Black Currant, Pink Pepper

Middle Note: Mimosa, Tuberose, Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine, Neroli

Base Note: Patchouli, Tonka, Vetiver, Nutty Accords

This perfume gives floral and fruity fragrance which makes you look more attractive and confident. The perfume comes in a really attractive bottle which looks adorable at your dressing. It smells light and delightful. The perfume is not long-lasting. You can gift this really amazing perfume to your loved ones.



  • It disperses light and delightful fragrance 
  • It comes in an attractive bottle 
  • It gives the floral and fruity fragrance 


  • It is not long-lasting 


#2 Guess for Men – 2.5 Ounce EDT Spray 

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Guess for men comes in a really alluring bottle which is mesmerizing 

Top note- wormwood 

Middle note- nutmeg, white pepper, lavender and ginger 

Base note- Sandalwood, per balsam, fir, amber, musk and suede 

The fragrance is moderate and attractive.  It makes you look more confident and attractive and you have to worry about the bad odour of your body.


  • It is mild 
  • It comes in a really attractive bottle 


  •  It is not long-lasting 

#3 Versace Eau Fraiche Eau De Toilette for Men, 100Ml


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Versace men Eau Fraiche Eau de is scent perfume with a refreshing and elegant fragrance. It makes you feel more confident and free. It comes with bubbly and none conformist features, parabola, with a mixture of white lemon and rosewood. It also includes the essence of cedar leaves and a vibrant note of tarragon. It has a woody fragrance segment. This is safe and recommended for daily use.

Versace is a brand from Italy by  Olivier Cresp. The fragrance comes with an aquatic aroma which gives you freshness and makes you more puffed up. The pleasant essence makes you feel of summer and sunshine. It makes you feel cool.

This is perfect for what at the beach. VERSACE MAN EAU FRAICHE is one of the top ones of Versace and the scent is refreshing and long-lasting.  If you are thinking to gift verse to your family or friends, it’s a really perfect choice. They will love your gift.

Top note – lemon, rosewood, bergamot, rose 

Middle note- cedar, sage, tarragon, pepper 

Base note- musk, amber, woody notes, saffron


  • The scent is refreshing 
  • The bottle comes in an elegant bottle
  • The fragrance is long-lasting 


  • It is a bit costly 


#4 Hugo Boss Red EDT Spray for Men, 200 ml 

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This is a unique perfume with a fragrance full of hot and cold daring tension. This perfume for men makes them more hot and attractive. The perfume comes in a hot red dispersing bottle with a black cap on top. It is a 200ml bottle of Eau de toilette which ideal for boys. You can ear this on a regular basis or maybe at a special occasion as well. Manufactured by Hugo, this will add compliments to your style after you step out wearing this.


  • It has a unique fragrance 
  • It comes in a really attractive bottle 
  • It is ideal for boys 


  • None 


#5 Denver Natural Hamilton Blue Perfume, 100ml – Set of 1 

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Denver provides a high range and quality of perfumes. This perfume is one of the best among Denver products. This perfume is of high quality and 100 percent authentic. This is a pearl added to your personality and makes you more stylish and confident when you step out wearing this. This is the perfect gift for your family and friends. This can be used by anyone. It is mild flavored and long-lasting.

That means this will last on your body up to 7 to 8 hours. It is really loved one by young teenagers and adults as it’s fragrance is elegant which adds more confidence to your personality. Wearing this will lead to really good impressing in front of your partner. You can use this every day as it is made up of fine quality. 



  • It is long-lasting 
  • It is 100 per cent authentic 
  • You can use this every day


  • Many customers complained about not being long-lasting 

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#6 Fogg Impressio Scent For Men, 100ml 

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Fogg is a well-known brand for its deo and perfumes for men and women. It offers a wide range of personal care and over the counter products. This spray perfume has a really unique fragrance that makes you more attractive. This comes in a really mesmerizing bottle. It is a perfect one to get your loved ones. This ensures 800 sprays and keeps you a refreshing whole day as it is long-lasting.

Fogg Impressio Scent For Men has a really refreshing fragrance that attracts people and makes you refresh all day. It is of fine quality and you can use it on a regular basis. You won’t regret purchasing this amazing perfume bottle. It adds a gem to your looks and personality. Fragrance notes include ginger, rose, bitter orange, sandalwood, jasmine, and honey-amber accord. The fragrance stays for almost 4-5 hours which means it is not so long-lasting. It is available at an affordable price.



  • The product ensures 800 sprays 
  • The fragrance is unique and refreshing 
  • It comes in an attractive spray bottle 


  • It is not long-lasting 


#7 AXE Signature Gold Black Musk and Cedar Wood Perfume, 80ml 


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Axe is one of the best brands for male deodorant. It comes in elegant matte bottles. It is made up of refined ingredients which makes the fragrance attractive and different. The scent is made up of cedarwood and black musk. On applying, it leads to a really good impression of yours and adds more confidence to your personality. This is perfect to gift your loved ones. Axe is the #1 brand of male deodorant.

You can attend your parties, meetings, or special occasions and attract people wearing AXE Signature Gold Black Musk and Cedar Wood Perfume. This is really long last and made from good quality. It disperses warm, woody fragrance with a fresh top. It is safe to use which means you can use it on a regular basis. 



  • It comes in an attractive matte glass bottle 
  • It is long-lasting 
  • It is safe to use 


  • None 


#8 Park Avenue Eau De Perfume, Euphoria, 50ml 


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Park Avenue comes with a really attractive fragrance. It is crafted by master perfumes- Conquer, Euphoria, and Harmony. It refreshes your body all day. This is for men’s use.  It includes the essence of feisty orange flowers, fruity top notes, blends of amber, and musk.

This Park Avenue Eau De Perfume, Euphoria perfume is created by fragrance experts. This is ideal to wear at parties or special occasions. It adds more charm in the personality and makes you feel more confident. This is perfect to gift your family and friends. It comes in an elegant black bottle with golden stripes. It is safe to use


  • It has an attractive fragrance 
  • It includes the essence of feisty orange flowers, fruity top notes, blends of amber, and musk. 
  • Perfect for morning and evening wear 
  • It is made by fragrance experts 


  • It is not long-lasting 


#9 Jaguar Vision III Eau De Toilette Spray for Men, 100ml


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This fine fragrance is from the woody/oriental family. The perfume is created by French perfumer Dominique Preyssas (CPL Aromas, Paris). The fragrance is strong and long-lasting. The perfume comes in an elegant metallic spray bottle with the logo of a jaguar on it.

This is really attractive to give as a gift. Wearing jaguar vision ||| makes you look more handsome and sophisticated. The fragrance is strong and different that definitely attracts a person. It makes you more confident and elegant. You will not regret purchasing this. 


  • The fragrance is long-lasting.
  • It comes in an elegant metallic spray bottle 
  • It is skin-friendly 


  • The fragrance is too strong 

#10 Calvin Klein Eternity EDT for Men, 100ml  


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Calvin Klein is one of the leading brands of lifestyle. Calvin Klein EDT for men has really amazing fragrance. The scent is warm and soft which makes it’s fragrance intoxicate. It is long-lasting. You can this at your parties, office, etc. This makes you look more elegant and confident. It comes in a really beautiful transparent glass bottle with a silver metallic cap on top. The fragrance is so amazing that it attracts people. This is really amazing to gift to your loved ones. It is safe to use. You can use this on a regular basis. 

Top Note-Mandarin, sage, galbanum Mandarin, juniper berry, a sky of the sky accord Mandarin, sage, galbanum

Heart Notes-Basil, geranium, lavender, Lavender green apple, violet leaves Basil, geranium, lavender

Base Notes-Moss, cedarwood, amber, Patchouli, sea moss, ambergris, moss, cedarwood, amber 


  • The scent is warm and soft 
  • You can use this on a regular basis 
  • It comes in an elegant bottle 


  • It is a bit costly 


Best Perfumes For Men In India Buying Guide: 

Purchasing perfume is not easy work. There are so many brands that are selling perfume. So how to choose which one is best for you. 

It is important to check all the details before buying. First, it is important to check fragrance. Generally mild and natural aromas are liked by people. A fragrance should be elegant and unique that make makes people look when you pass. It is important to check it’s ingredients. Perfumes are made up of essential oils that are extracted from flowers.

Make sure you don’t purchase a perfume that includes flower which is allergic to your body. Another thing is a God perfume is one that is natural and long-lasting. The main reason behind wearing perfume is a good fragrance from your body all day. Therefore your perfume should be long-lasting. Make sure you buy it from the carried brand. There are companies that make copies of the brand which is not of quality and fragrance. 

Check all the details before buying. Also, make sure for what occasion or purpose you are wearing. There are different fragrances for different moods and occasions. Some are strong, some are mild. Perfume is made by mixing different essential oils and aroma. Therefore choose according to your purpose. If you want your perfume last longer. Just apply a coat of petroleum jelly before applying perfume. This will result in fragrance last longer. 

Be careful while applying. Do not put it into your eyes. And keep it away from children. Perfumes in attractive bottles that can let kids drink it or put it in their eyes. Do not keep it near flame as it includes alcohol content.  Along with this make sure how you are carrying and store because many perfumes come in glass bottles if you do not handle the care it may break.



How perfume is made?

Perfume is made by mixing essential oils and aroma. Essential oils are extracted from flowers. 

How to store perfume?

Do not keep the perfume in heat or sunlight. Keep it in a cool dry place ( room temperature ). 

Is it safe for kids?

No, children skin is really sensitive. The perfume may not suit to children as resulting allergy, irritation or allergy. 

Is it flammable?

Yes, perfumes include alcohol and alcohol is flammable. So keep this away from flame so that it does not catch fire.

How to use?

Just spray it on your inner wrist, neck, earlobe and under the elbow. Generally, I am applied on pulse points because pulse point is warm which makes the continuous release of fragrance.

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Perfumes have become part of the lifestyle. Now, to have a good fragrance is important. This leads to your impression of people. Nobody likes to be in or around a bad odor. A good fragrance attracts people’s attention. It not only removes bad odor but boosts your confidence too. Along with this, it is really elegant to gift to your loved ones. Many people use talcum and oils to make body fragrant.

But perfumes are the invisible element that adds gem to your beauty. You can even carry this along but carefully as many perfumes come in glass bottles. If you wear a unique and alluring scent, it attracts people. The fragrance is something that can change the mood of a person. Wearing an attractive scent can make your personality more elegant. Therefore, choose the correct perfume according to your purpose and occasion. And check all the details and reviews before buying.

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