Top 9 Best Pressure Washer For Car & Home 2020 Reviews

With peak summer months approaching, there is one thing every household is talking about, which is, cleaning. Yes, all of us want our homes to look perfect as we socialize, throw house parties, and just chill in our homes this summer. But, this task tends to be a gigantic one as all of us are in the habit of slacking out on cleaning jobs in the winter months. So dust, oil, and all sort of grime keep on accumulating on things and when we finally get to cleaning it all, it ends up being impossible to get it out! Well, it is impossible, but only if you go for the traditional mop or duster. You require a pressure washer!!!

A pressure washer, basically, ejects water out at a very high speed, separating even the tiniest of dust particles from surfaces. Pressure washers make deep cleaning jobs very easy, letting the water do all the heavy work. They are capable of doing heavy cleaning and removing stubborn grime in surprisingly less time. A pump is used to push water out at a reasonable pressure. The engines can run on gas or electricity. Electric pressure washers are apt for small jobs as there are no chances of fumes and they even fit into a closet. Larger jobs may need the force of a gas pressure washer, quickly removing really set-in dirt. 

So, as you get more and more intrigued with the idea of buying a pressure washer, there are a few things to consider before you buy one.


Things To Consider Before Buying Best Pressure Washer In India:

Gas vs. Electric:

The biggest difference between these two pressure washers is the speed and strength, enabling them to pressurize water differently. Gas-powered items make a lot of noise but are more powerful. While electric-powered items stay quiet but are less powerful. Electric is good for those who usually clean small areas. The gas pressure washer provides high-speed pressure, thus enabling to clean large areas like driveways.

Hot Water vs. Cold Water:

Cold pressure washers are available almost everywhere, are less sophisticated as compared to hot water pressure washers. Also, they provide more portability. The essence of it is that it relies more on the pressure. Hot water pressure washers can clean better and more efficiently, primarily because they use hot water. There are other advantages with them too- like they use less soap and clean a lot faster. Hot water pressure washers are more suitable for industrial or farm use. 


it is necessary to check the warranty before buying the product. You’ll find one which seems to be longest and then you’ll find another being longer than it. But what matters is what does the warranty cover? Are the engine and pump covered along with the frame? Just focus on all that information and you’ll easily find the perfect warranty for yourself!


There are mostly two and sometimes three things you should look out for in terms of power. But don’t forget about the third stat which is Cleaning Units (CU). This is the best test to see which washer is better in terms of power. CU can be calculated too, in case it is not available. It is PSI multiplied by GPM.


How easy is it to store and move around your pressure washer? You can’t imagine the frustration upon finding out that your washer won’t move around, nor it will roll the hose without some force. Look for a washer that you can move around. Just because someone else can wheel it around, doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to too. You must go to the store and see it for yourself. 


Top 10 Pressure Washer In India

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Best Pressure Washer In India Reviews

#1 Bosch AQT 35-12 Home and Car Washer:  

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The Bosch AQT 35-12 1500-Watt Home and Car Washer helps you do a wonderful cleaning job. Its powerful motor is just perfect to finish the cleaning quickly. With its max flow rate of 350L per hour and a max pressure of 120Bar, it makes it easy to remove all sorts of dust, stains, etc. Also, you enjoy a 10 m long area to move around in while cleaning due to its 5 m long cable and its 5 m long hose.

Thanks to its 3-in-1 nozzle simply perfect for a multitude of cleaning jobs, you can also clean roofs and terrace. Also, the quick fittings can help in time-saving even while changing nozzles, and there is a function that helps in saving energy as well. Also, its integrated accessories holder makes it the handiest device ever.



  • This high-pressure washer is very dense and strong, with running rubber wheels that don’t make a sound. It also has a handle that folds down and ensures smooth functioning.
  • Pressure washers can be cleaned very easily. Using this washer, you can wash all the wheels in approximately 5 minutes to 10 minutes that is lesser than the time taken to hand wash.
  • This pressure washer consumes less water as well as less electricity because of an auto-stop system which helps it to consume only half a bucket of water in comparison with manual cleaning.
  • The washer is spacious and it’s easy to carry it around. It also has attachable and detachable accessories.


  • It does not come with a shampoo bottle.
  • A tap connection is necessary as it is difficult to extract the bucket water.


#2 Bosch AQT 37-13 + Home and Car Washer:

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This home and car washer are durable and its strong features give a perfect for all appliances. Along with washing vehicles, it also facilitates cleaning various home appliances that include plates, glasses and also air conditioners, and many more. It also comes with a nozzle that makes it convenient for the clean. Its innovative nozzle does the job of cleaning in an efficient manner.

This multipurpose home and car have a lot of features that have various cleaning options and accessories to ensure easy cleaning. There is a function that helps in power saving. It is user friendly and has an easy connecting ability. 130Bar is the maximum pressure that it can hold. Its motor capacity is 1700W and it has a flow rate of 370 liters per hour. The washer’s maximum ability to stay work is at 40-degree centigrade.

Several functions including detergent dosing system, different spray modes, static wash brush, and more, are also offered by this magnificent pressure washer.



  • Storage for all accessories/ hose/ cables etc. has been provided. 
  • It ensures rapid cleaning. Using this washer, you can wash the whole car in about approximately 5 minutes to 10 minutes at a very easy rate than compared to the regular hand cleaning.
  • Along with cleaning the car it also helps in cleaning the household vessels like plates, glasses, and many more. It cleans many other household appliances. The nozzle facilitates cleaning dirt from each corner of the house or the care or any other appliances., for e.g. edge of the door, sunshade and roof of the cars, and many more small areas.



  • The suction pipe is not provided along with this pressure washer. You may need to buy a separate connector for the suction pipe.
  • It can’t be used for the professional car washing business.



#3 Black & Decker PW1570 120-Bar Pressure Washer:

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This product effectively removes dirt from delicate and complicated areas like dirt that sticks to your windows, garage shutters, and other places. Cleaning such areas is almost impossible without this product. With this pressure washer, we can eliminate the cost of taking the car to any service centers. Because it can be done efficiently in the homes. This multi-purpose cleaning equipment offers high performance and also has a silent operation feature.

Its easy-to-grip carry handle makes it simple to operate and carry around. It is the best cleaner that one can own. With its 3 Axial pump feature, this pressure washer can clean places that are difficult for us to reach. The product performs well with an inbuilt water filter and there is a stop system that will help you to stop the water whenever it isn’t necessary.

When we speak about the design and look of the washer, there is a matt finish that makes the Black & Decker PW1370 100-Bar Pressure Washer a great asset one can own in their homes. And shines the house in no time.



  • The Nozzle was created which is strong and provides a good grip. The long nozzle assists you to reach the smallest of the smallest corners and helps in cleaning the house completely.
  • Its rubber tread wheels make it easier to carry it around.
  • It has an inbuilt water pump with a locking system.
  • Total Stop System (TSS) helps the user to use the power carefully that is it enables power saving and also saves the water.



  • The pipe isn’t included with the kit. It has to be bought separately. This increases the cost since you have to buy extra equipment.
  • Upon receiving the product, you may notice that packaging is not proper, because of which some fragile, external parts may get broken.


#4 Karcher K2 Compact Pressure Washer:

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The Karcher K2 Compact has a power of 1400W. It has been added to the electric pressure washer succession. The product is small and weighs less. It can be carried around easily. It is suitable for cleaning cars and any kind of furniture. The “K2 Compact” is dense and strong having a lot of power. This high-pressure cleaner’s biggest plus point is probably that it is very versatile and mobile.

And after use, it is easy to store too. The features include a trigger gun, 4 m high-pressure hose and a spray lance. Features such as dirt blaster and many others are well known for removing, the tiniest dirt present in the house or anywhere, and its water filter can easily protect the pump against the entrance of any dirt particles from outside. 



  • There is a huge space to hold the clean storage of the hose as well as the cable that can be directly used on the device. 
  • The product is equipped with an integrated suction mechanism for detergents.
  • The convenient handle present in and the K2 Compact’s that has a very lightweight can make it easy and convenient to carry around from one place to another.
  • The pressure in this washer is just perfect to clean all dirt away from cars, bikes, and cycles.



  • Engine built quality, of this pressure washer, is not good.
  • The filter may get easily clogged and connecting to the inlet may be tricky.


#5 STARQ HIGH-Pressure Washer Induction motor:


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. This high-pressure washer from STARQ helps in making cleaning more interesting, fun, and easy. A number of accessories that are quick and easy to connect are provided with it, enabling fast and efficient cleaning. The device is highly energy efficient as well as convenient due to the auto-stop function. Performance-wise, its powerful 1500 W induction motor gives high pressure and auto stop function, enabling energy saving.

For design, it has a beautiful ergonomic design which is very easy to carry with the handle and takes very little space. It can easily be fitted on the front of your bike or in your backpack. You get a Washer, an Inlet Pipe, an Outlet pipe-5mtr, an Outlet gun, and an adapter as contents. The water pipe and the water gun can be easily connected. And the ergonomic water gun design is convenient and comfortable to grip.

It is suitable for cleaning window, washing floor, cleaning air conditioner, etc. Usage as a car washer may not be possible. It is dense and can be used for easy transport and high flexibility. It is a good performance machine with a very good quality pump that does not have any sound. Simple but efficiently designed. A car can be washed using just a bucket of water. In a nutshell, it is ultra-powerful and compact for long life.



  • This washer has a really strong pressure, perfect for car/ lawn washing.
  • It efficiently saves water.
  • You get a lot of value for the money you pay, as it is not expensive.
  • In case you run into a problem with this pressure washer, you will enjoy excellent customer service.



  • It would have been better if outlet hose attachments made latch instead of screwing in to decrease work.
  • The delivery pipe is short.


#6 Bosch Easy Aquatak 110 1300-Watt High-Pressure Washer:

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Sometimes cleaning a hatchback, two-wheeler or even the outdoor furniture ends up being a tedious task due to the requirement of a lot of preparation and huge time consumption, if you don’t have access to the right washing equipment. This amazing product has a power of 1300 watt. The motor gives enough power required to get the job of cleaning done at a faster rate with a lot of efficiencies.

It is very convenient for cleaning equipment. Some features of this product are that it is compact and offers portability. It gives good stability and this equipment has a lot of space with all the accessories. There is a simple set up option as well. Deeper cleaning is done by the variable power and rotary nozzles.

Cleaning time is reduced because of the high-pressure detergent nozzle, which quickly applies the soap. No assembly is required for this pressure washer. And the cherry on top is that it comes with a 6-month warranty.



  • This product can be used by anyone it is very convenient. There is a lot of room and the product is light weighted. 
  • Cleaning by hands wastes a lot of water and time. This product has been constructed for the purpose to both time, water and energy.
  • The device can draw water from a container or even an open water source like a lake or pond, not causing problems in places where running water is not available.
  • Oil and anti-freeze stains, usually found in driveways, are impossible to remove using other pressure washers whereas this product can perfectly remove them.



  • No inlet connector pipe is provided.
  • The pressure hose is too short, which may make you move the pump around a lot.


#7 Karcher K 2 Basic OJ High-Pressure Washer:

Karcher K2 Compact 1400-Watt Pressure Washer


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This product uses pressure to 100 bars helping it to easily clean all the dirt and stains. This model comes standard with various fine features, even though it has been competitively priced. The features include a switch to control the pressure which helps in switching the motor on and off when it is opened and closed. It is much more convenient for the user to use the machine it helps in controlling the usage of electricity and water enabling the power saving mode.

Here, detergent or shampoo can be picked up from a different container with the help of a chemical injector, and then it can be used in the low-pressure mode, eg for car washing. There are different Accessories given by the product that gives further benefits. There is a nozzle feature present that helps in combining the power of the jet with the area coverage of a fan jet, it gives the best results. The Karcher pressure washer, the product has been tested by the German company and has safety assurance.

The product ensures good performance with a high quality of the pump to reduce sound. It has a convenient on/off switch for easy running of the product. Easy plug feature for easy and convenient usage of detergent. The maximum temperature is 40 degrees. The product weighs around 1.3 (kg) the Dimensions of the product in (mm) is 280 in length, 176 in width and the height is 443. it has around 6-meter high pressure for the hose.



  • The pressure is really impressive.
  • It is a German-built product and comes with an awesome 1-year warranty.
  • It is lightweight, thus being easy to move around while cleaning.
  • You get cleaning equipment, perfect for home-use and at a reasonable price.



  • The entire building is plastic, hence it is not very sturdy.
  • Its hose is short and could be longer, for more ease, and it should have a retractable cable option.


#8 American Micronic- Imported 120 Bar, pressure washer:

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This product helps you clean in less time with minimum efforts. Using this product, you can clean other appliances and tools as well. The wheels are pretty strong as well as it can be folded that makes it easy to handle. The nozzle can be fixed easily in no time he helps in saving much time.

This pressure washer has a power of 1500W with high flow and pressure of water that helps in providing a good experience in cleaning. This high-pressure washer has a smart storage system design. It helps in easy cleaning, and it is very convenient to assemble and use. The time taken to clean is approx. 5 minutes to 10 minutes as compared to by cleaning manually. 



  • The pressure is very high, helping to clean very efficiently.
  • It has been priced very reasonably.
  • It offers the best build quality there exists.
  • The product is reliable and you get quite a few attachments.




  • It does not come with a detergent dosing soap bottle.
  • You may have to buy additional accessories to connect it to a tap.


#9 AllExtreme MElectric Power Car Washer Pressure Wheels and Quick-Connect spray:

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This product has a very great pressure washer. It can clean anywhere very easily and has the most powerful pressure washer. It is easier to make your car, porch, or any other appliances and home look brand new. There are multiple cleaning options present in the product. This high-pressure washer is good and best for all types of vehicles, cars, boats, homes, any appliances, and many more.

It is much easier to clean all those hidden junk and dirt. There are a lot of advantages to choosing this pressure washer. The air pressure can be operated in a free-flowing manner. Long Electric extension Cord is available to use on all various products and everywhere.

The product has great stability. There is also has a space to apply soap to have that clean spark on your surfaces. The voltage of the product ranges from 220-240V ~ 50/60 Hz, Wattage: 1700W, Max Pressure: 2030PSI, Flow Rate: 380L/Hr, and Water Temperature: 0-40.



  • The quality of the product and that of the attachments is fairly decent.
  • The noise produced by this washer is moderate and not alarming at all.
  • It uses less water.
  • The pressure is good, and it cleans effectively, keeping the car shining for a long time.



  • Shampoo bottles can only be used by removing the lance attachment, which will reduce the pressure.
  • You don’t get an inlet pipe, and an input hose adapter does not have a rotating nut.

How to pick the perfect pressure washer according to your requirement.


How actually does pressure washer Work?

Pressure washers either use two kinds of the engine that is, gas or an electric motor to power a pump. The pump put in force on through the nozzle quickly and forces out to give a clean surface. Other items like outdoor chairs, siding, and other items, can also be cleaned in very little time.


Potential Risks

The pressure washers are not like the normal hoes that we use in the garden other places they are different. The pressure washer’s nozzles shoot water at more than 30 times more pressure and have strong cutting capabilities. it is necessary to use all pressure washers with utmost care and caution


Shopping Tips

First thing’s first renting is a better option than actually buying the product. This removes the storage hindrance.

A pressure washer with a built-in soap tank comes in very handy if you need to use soaps or other additives. Wheels are very helpful for heavy pressure washers, as are tool and cord storage.


Everything You Need To Know About 

The angle and focused intensity of the water being sprayed, are the things one needs to worry about when using pressure washers. There are numerous pressure washers in the market.

There are adjustable nozzles and are much convenient as you can change according to your need. 


Do(s) When Using Pressure Washers

  • Wear goggles, long pants, and sturdy footwear (no flip flops), and take extra care on wet surfaces, which can quickly get slippery.
  • It is necessary to test the machine until it is suitable for you to use it.
  • It is recommended to hold the nozzle at least 1 to 2 feet away from the surface that you are cleaning.


Don’t(s) When Using Pressure Washers

  •  Do not get closer than 6 inches, as it is the upper limit as to how close you can get to something while cleaning, if you don’t wish to damage paint, pockmark, etc.
  • The pressure washer may overheat if you leave it on for too long. 
  •  Do not use a pressure washer and stand on a ladder simultaneously. 


Types of Pressure Washers


The following are the main types of pressure washers:

  1. Cold Water Pressure Washers: Cold water pressure washers are the most used type of pressure washer. This is since they are more user friendly to use overall as it is easier to use. 
  2. Hot Water Pressure Washers:   the hot water pressure washers can reach temperatures at a very high degree Fahrenheit. You can clean things much more easily since the water is hot.
  3. Electric Pressure Washers: Electric pressure washers are a common type of pressure washer that is available mostly in everyone’s house. These pressure washers are very suitable to use and generally weigh less. This is the most affordable product you could ever find.
  4. Gas Powered Pressure Washers: this is the most powerful pressure washer to work with. These pressure washers are going to be significantly more powerful than the electric pressure washers that are more commonly used. If you have a large surface area that has to be cleaned the gas-powered pressures work the best.

There are also 2 other types of pressure washers based on Style:


  • With Wheels
  • Standing Unit


And finally, there are 8 types of pressure washers, classified on the basis of features:

  • Soap Dispenser
  • Automatic Shut-Off
  • Interchangeable Nozzles
  • Adjustable Spray Nozzles
  • Pressure Selection Technology
  • Dual Detergent Tanks
  • On-Board Storage
  • High PSI


What is power washing?

One of the most popular applications of high-pressure water spray is power washing or pressure washing. It is produced by specially designed pumps. It is used on concrete to remove unsightly mold, bubble gum, and other stubborn dirt stains. By removing pollution, mildew, and other signs of neglect on houses, the appearance of siding (aluminum and vinyl) becomes much better.

What are the right chemicals that can be used?

You must use only cleaning solutions, after researching on the internet, that is power washer approved. 

Can bleach be used in a pressure washer?

NO! You must not, under any circumstances, use any household bleach with your machine. By using bleach there is a chance to damage the seals, hoses, and pumps as so on.

What is the best storage place to store the pressure washer?

Very good storage space is anywhere that is dry and has good ventilation. Are we to talk about storing the pressure wager in the shed then you need to monitor it carefully. All gasoline must be removed from the engine, in case you want to store it in a basement. 



After going through so much information on pressure washers, you must have realized that there is, after all, a need for them in our daily lives as there are dirt and grime so stubborn, that it won’t come off using manual power. And depending on how you want to use your pressure washer, you can go through all the types of it. You can go for a Cold Water Pressure Washer if you want it for everyday jobs, like household cleaning. Or you could buy a Hot Water one, in case the job in your mind is a special one, and you have some really stubborn dirt to deal with.

Depending on how much mobility you want, there even is a choice of having wheels or a simple standing pressure washer. So, it is safe to say that with a little bit of research, you can definitely find a pressure washer suited to your needs, at convenient affordability. And you’ll be able to go ahead with your quest for a cleaner home and surroundings. Happy Cleaning!

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