Top 10 Best Room Freshener In India 2020 Reviews

Do you feel bad odour at our at your home? This is because of outdoor factors like moisture,  humidity,  and dirt. Many times it may be due to the lack of sweat of people, especially during summers. Bad odour leads to a bad impression of you in front of your guests. Bad odour leads a person to form a bad opinion about the place. The foul smell may be due to dirty carpets, laundry, odour from socks, and shoes. To get rid of the foul smell, it’s necessary to have an air freshener.

It is useful to have an air freshener. Room freshener helps in eliminating the bad odour from your room. It helps in spreading alluring fragrance at your home. This helps in vanishing unpleasant odour. If you don’t want any odour,  there are fresheners that make room unscented and regimes unpleasant odour. They can be placed anywhere. They are cheaper than an air purifier.

Along with this, they emit a soothing and refreshing fragrance which makes your mood happy and peaceful. In cars, where the area is small, air freshener helps in vanishing bad odour from the seat, dust from shoes, and other sources. This makes your travel more memorable, as your mood won’t be affected because of bad odour. 

There are different types of room fresheners available- Sprays, Plugin, Gels, potpourri, scented candles etc. This confuses buyer what to choose.


Things to consider before buying:

Choice of scent:

A room freshener comes in different fragrances. Before purchasing a room freshener, make sure it is liked by everyone. Because fragrance is something that may affect the mood of a person. If a person doesn’t like the fragrance, his/her happy mood may change.


The main objective of a room freshener is to remove unpleasant odour from a room. A room freshener must be long-lasting so that there is no bad odour and you do not have to spray room freshener again and again.


Purchase the air freshener according to the purpose. People use it for different purposes like bathroom, kitchen, bedroom. Room freshener comes in different odours. Some are strong while some are mind. You should know where you are going to use and purchase accordingly. 


Purchase room freshener according to the size of a room. Some fresheners works do not work in big rooms.


A room freshener is made from different ingredients. That’s why room freshener comes in different odours. Make sure the ingredients are not allergic or disliked to anyone at your home.


Air fresheners in different types like spraying bottles, bags, reed diffuser, etc. Buy according to your need and desire.

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Top 10 Room Freshener In India

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Best Room Freshener In India

#1 Airwick Freshmatic ‘Scents of India’ Air-Freshener Kit [Machine + Hills of Munnar refill – 250 ml] 

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This Air wick freshmatic device induces fragrance in the air instantly. Air wick is one of the oldest companies for manufacturing room fresheners. It releases bursa t of continuous fresh odor, which makes your home smell fresh and beautiful. The product is packed in a box that includes one device, two alkaline batteries,  one refill. The product creates smooth hing and mesmerizing fragrance.

The fragrance includes the essence of lavender and lotus which is unique and gives the experience of  Himalayan mountain mist, Madurai incense, aromas of Kashmir, Nagpur narangi, and hills of munnMunnarhome. The device provides continuous and automatic fragrance.

The machine looks elegant. It can be used at any weather or occasion. This makes it complement as a room decor. It is a great t product to use in a room. The spray is made up of essential oils which also helps to remove pathogens. It also improves air quality.



  • It provides continuous fr rance up to 60 days with one refill.
  • It looks classy which makes it perfect for room decor.
  • It is designed to disperse wide and elevated odor.


  • The odor is not long-lasting.


#2 Godrej is Matic Air Freshener Kit with Flexi control – Cool Surf Blue (225 ml)

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The product disperses cool and refreshing odor which gives the experience of smooth sea breeze flowing over coral reefs in Mauritius. It comes with a flex control timer. It sprays every 10, 20, or 40 minutes. It’sItsign makes it complement as room decor.

It has a mounting hole at back, therefore it can be wall-mounted or can be placed on any table or shelf with an inbuilt stand. Each refill guarantees 2200 sprays. You can replace the air freshener refill, with any of 4 fragrances-Fresh Lush Green,  Violet Valley Bloom, Cool Surf Blue, and Petal Crush Pink.

The Godrej airmatic kit includes one automatic air freshener dispenser, 2 AA batteries, and one refill unit (225 ml). This automatic air freshener keeps room fresh 24×7 up to 60 days.



  • The refill guarantees 2200 sprays.
  • The refill comes in four fragrances.
  • It comes with a flex control timer.
  • It has a mounting hole at the back of the machine.


  • the machine is not of good quality.
  • It stops working after a few days according to buyer review.


#3 MANGALAM CamPure Camphor Cone, 45 Days Scent for Cars, Room Freshener with Mosquito Repellent Properties (Original) -2 Pack 

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Mangalam campure camphor cone is multifunctional. It can be used in cars. It emits a refreshing fragrance for bathrooms. This is a unique product. They quickly neutralize unpleasant odors.

The camphor has insect repelling properties which makes it safely rep mosquitoes in confined spaces, such as bedrooms. This makes your sleep safer and keeps your room mosquito-free mosquito-free also approved safe by WHO. It is natural and safe for children and pets as it does not contain harmful toxic chemicals. It is a healthier and safe alternative to aerosol sprays.


  • It quickly neutralizes unpleasant odors.
  • It does not contagious harmful toxins.
  • It has mosquito repellent property 


  • It is quite costly.


#4 Godrej Long-lasting spray, Home & Office Air Freshener – Petal Crush Pink (240 ml)

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This Godrej easy to use spray with elegant design body is available in six fragrances. This is easy to use. You can use this spray anywhere- bedroom, living room, bathroom. You can even use this in workplaces.

The spray is long-lasting long-listings with a simple push. Fragrances-Cool Surf Blue, Morning Misty Meadows, Fresh Lush Green, Musk After Smoke, and Petal Crush Pink. The fragrance is fresh and refreshing. It is not too strong.



  • easy to use 
  • Spray is long-lasting
  • The fragrance is fresh and refreshing 


  • The scent is not long-lasting 


#5 Godrej aer matic, Automatic Air Freshener Kit with Flexi Control – Violet Valley Bloom (225 ml)


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Godrej aer magic has a wide range of fragrances. It is available in four fragrances,  which smells great. It has the feature of Flexi-control which means you can control fragrance intensity by 10, 20, and 40 seconds. It is designed to look perfect as room decor at your home and office. It has a mounting hole at back, it can be easily wall mounted.

It has an inbuilt stand which means you can place it at your shelf. The machine is battery operated which makes your room fragrant. Each refill ensures 2200 guaranteed sprays and lasts up to sixty days. The spray keeps your room fragrant 24×7 without hassle. You can also replace the air freshener refill, with another refill.

The refill is available in for fragrances: Valley Bloom, Fresh Lush Green, Petal Crush Pink and Cool Surf Blue. The product includes one automatic air freshener machine, 2 AA batteries and 1 refill unit (225 ml)



  • The refill is available in four fragrances.
  • The machine is a flex control feature.
  • It can be wall-mounted.
  • It guarantees 2200 sprays.


  • Many customers complained about the machine not working properly 


#6 Odonil Room Freshening Spray – Lavender Mist -550 g

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Odonil room freshening spray refreshes your home and workplace. The fragrance refreshes your dull mood due to a hectic schedule at work or travel. The fragrance makes you feel the experience of the calming aroma of lavender. The fragrance brings nature to your home. The spray bottle is available in three sizes – 108g, 153g & 360g. Odonil room freshening spray is available in seven fragrances-Jasmine, Lavender, Sandal, Rose, Citrus, Floral Bliss & Ocean Breeze. It is easy to use. You can use this in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, car, cupboard. 




  • The spraying bottle is available in 3 sizes 
  • It is easy to use.
  • Available in seven fragrances.


  • the odour is not long-lasting.


#7 Godrej Aer Spray, Home and Office Air Freshener – Fresh Lush Green (240 ml)


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Godrej is the spray is different from other ordinary room fresheners. The spray is easy to use works with a simple push and odour is long-lasting. The bottle is elegantly designed.

Godrej is spray is available in 5 different fragrances-Cool Surf Blue, Morning Misty Meadows, Fresh Lush Green, Musk After Smoke and Petal Crush Pink. You will experience nature at your home. It can be used anywhere-bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, car, office. The spray is available at affordable prices.



  • It is available at a cheap price.
  • Odour is long-lasting.
  • The bottle is elegantly designed.
  • It is available at 5 different fragrances.


  • The odor is strong.


#8 Song of India 100 ml. Madurai Jasmine/Mogra Organic Goodness Air Freshener Room Spray in Amber Coloured Glass Bottle for Home Fragrance


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It is made with natural essential oils. It is soft and delicate. The scent of jasmine blossoms and fresh mogra refreshes the room. It includes organic essential oils and sugarcane alcohol. The scent is none toxic and free of chlorofluorocarbons(CFCs). It is 100 percent natural.

It comes in the fragrance of chameli, mogra, motia, and Madurai jasmine. The bottle comes with a golden pump and cap which is convenient and easy to use. The aroma soothes your senses. This is perfect for your room, washroom, office, car, linen, and living space. It has a capacity of 100 ml. A little spray works its magic.



  • Made with essential oils.
  • It is 100 percent natural. 
  • It is Toxin-free.
  • It is easy to use.


  • It is costly.


#9 AirRoma Velvet Touch Premium Air Freshener Spray 200 ml for Luxurious Experience in Home, Car, and Office 


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This air freshener refreshes your home, office, and car. It is believed that good fragrance brings a fortune of life. The spray comes in liquid form and is long-lasting when sprayed on bedsheets, curtains, carpets, etc. It can also be used in bathrooms and cars.

It is available at 6 different fragrances. It is extracted from nature and blended with luxury. These natural fragrances are a symbol of love, friendship, harmony, peace, and energy.



  • the spray comes in liquid form.
  • The fragrance is long-lasting.
  • It can be used anywhere.
  • It is easy to use.


  • It does not eliminate the bad odor. It just masks it.


#10 Premium lavender lace room freshener:” target=”blank” size=”5″ radius=”5″]Check Price

This lavender lace room freshener is long-lasting. Its fragrance is natural and refreshing.  It creates a serene and blissful atmosphere. It is convenient to use. This room freshener is perfect to use in your rooms as well as the bathroom. The odor gives pleasant vibes. Also, it is available at an affordable price.



  • It is convenient to use.
  • The odor is pleasant 
  • Perfect to use at your home 
  • It is available at an affordable price.


  • the fragrance is not long-lasting


Best Room Freshener Buyer’s guide:

There are different types of air fresheners available in the market. This gives options to the buyer and confuses what to choose. Before purchasing a room freshener, the buyer should check the ingredients present in the room freshener. You are purchasing room freshener not only for yourself, make sure, but the scent is also liked by everyone. No one should be allergic to an ingredient present in room freshener.

The room freshener should be sustainable and long-lasting. Many times, people overuse room fresheners resulting in strong odor. One should pick room freshener which is spread and eliminate the bad odor at every corner. Cost is one of the factors which a buyer must consider before buying. Compare the price and features of the product before buying. You should know for what purpose you are purchasing. Check the date of the expiry before buying the product. The expiry product can be harmful to us.


Types of air fresheners:

There are many types of room fresheners available with a different mechanism.

Spray: It is easy to use anywhere. They are bottles with a nozzle on top. It is used by pressing the nozzle and the scent is dispersed. It is more likely to be preferred as it is cheap, easy, and convenient to use. It is not long-lasting. The scent freshens and sanitizes the room.

Plugin: Plugin continuous disperse fragrance. They have simply plugged in an electric socket and comes in refills that are placed in the machine. They do not have nozzles as sprays do. This results in even spreading of fragrance in the room. It is quite costly compared to other room fresheners.

Gels: Gels are simply placed at a place and fragrance is carried by the movement of air. It is time-consuming. It does not work immediately. It is mostly used in cars. The gel is placed in a container and has small openings. It infuses when coming in contact with the atmosphere.

Potpourri:  Potpourri mechanism is the same as gels. It is environmentally friendly. Its ingredients are refreshing and natural. They come in a container and scent is spread through the air. It is really good to be placed as room decor.

Scented Candles: Scented candles are very simple to use. The wax infuses fragrance. You can keep a candle at your home. On lightening the candle, it fragrances all around. It can be used for decoration purposes as well. It is not sustainable and long-lasting.

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Does room fresheners purifies the air?

Yes, room fresheners purify the air. In fact, man,y room fresheners help to remove pathogens.

Is it safe to inhale scents t of room freshener?

Yes, it is safe to use room freshener. But do verify you are not allergic to any of ingredient present in room freshener.

Is it safe for pets and children?

It depends. There are room fresheners that include toxins which are harmful. Hence prefer natural and chemical-free to avoid any infection to children or pets.



Room freshener has become a need for your home and office. It is important to keep bad odor away from your home or workplace, it leads to a bad impression. Also, it affects the mood of a person. Nobody likes to live in a place that stinks. Room freshener not only eliminates bad odor but purifies the air too. Also, a nice fragrance makes a place more beautiful. This also makes a person experience nature indoors. Hence, it is a need to make your home more pleasant and beautiful.

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