Top 10 Best Sandalwood Powders In India 2020 Reviews [Chandan]

From time immemorial, sandalwood has had a deep root in our culture. Before paracetamols like Dolo and Crocin and even before the water-soaked padding used to bring down fevers, Chandan lep (sandalwood paste) was used for this purpose. Hermits, sages, even the mighty kings adorned their foreheads with this holy and pure sandalwood paste.

The calmness, the serenity and the integrity which it brings to the mind are unmatched. Times changed and so did the form of sandalwood. The population increased, demands increased and as a result, pure sandalwood became scarce. Now, sandalwood is utilized to its maximum potential. Be it in the form of essential oils, face packs or just pure sticks of sandalwood, you can find almost everywhere.

It is also widely used in room fragrances and perfumes even today. But what the real deal is, to identify the authentic sandalwood. Before going forward to the things to consider before buying sandalwood powders I would like to give a little briefer about sandalwood.

Sandalwood is found abundantly in India and Australia. While South India is known for producing white and yellow sandalwood, Australia is mostly known for red sandalwood. The color difference between the three types of sandalwood is the only difference as such.

Although the red sandalwood is a lot less fragrant than the others, it is most widely used for skin problems. The other two types are also used for toning the skin, de-tanning and decreasing the effects of aging from the skin. All three can be used in performing holy rituals according to the need.

With this being said it becomes very important to know what to look for in the sandalwood powder before buying it. Here is a list of things to consider before buying your sandalwood powder.


Things to Consider Before Buying Best Sandalwood Powders In India

  • Purpose

Sandalwood or Chandan powder has varied uses, as told earlier. Some use it for their skin, some for treating bodily problems (which involves ingestion of the powder) while some use it in sacred events like pujas and havanas. Your choice of sandalwood powder depends on the purpose it is required for. Sandalwood powder used for holy rituals should be pure and should be completely vegetarian.

Sandalwood powder for the skin should be free from any chemicals or impurities as this might result in rashes and allergies. Similarly, sandalwood for treating digestive disorders or internal treatment should be certified and lab tested. Make sure to be very clear about your requirements of sandalwood powder and choose accordingly.

  • Type of Sandalwood

Primarily there are three types of sandalwood powder: red, white and yellow (or tending to brownish color). Red sandalwood (also known as Rakta Chandan) is not very readily available while yellow sandalwood is the most common one. Red sandalwood is mostly used in therapeutic treatments such as digestive disorders and also has diuretic effects.

White sandalwood powder is also used in the treatment of infections such as common cold and fever. Yellow sandalwood is usually used as a part of beauty kits and different face masks. It is known to have anti-aging properties. While all three can be used interchangeably, they have specific properties and it’s better to purchase based upon your needs. 

  •  Skin type

Experiencing skin allergies and reactions is very common among people who are trying various cosmetic products for the first time. Generally, it happens due to a lack of knowledge of your skin type. The average Indian facial skin is a combination type of skin. It means the areas around the nose, chin, and forehead are fairly oilier than the other areas and it’s very rare that someone will have extremely dry or oily skin.

Nevertheless, it’s advisable to check with your dermatologist or simply do the tissue paper test at home which has been described in the FAQs below. Usually, people with dry skin are more prone to allergic reactions. Also, keep in mind the history of your skin.

If you have had skin issues in the past it is very necessary to cross-check your product quality. People with oily and acne-prone skin are advised to use sandalwood powder with care.

  • Source

It is very important to know the source of the sandalwood powder you are using. India is one of the oldest and reliable users and sources of sandalwood. Yellow and white sandalwood are primarily found in south India and Mysore sandalwood is also very famous.

Red sandalwood is mostly found in Australia and as a result, might be expensive. It is crucial to know the source from your retailer as various sellers have been making fake and duplicate sandalwood powders. 

  • Manufacturer

There are many trusted and well-known herbal product manufacturers who make sandalwood powder as well. Khadi India, Etheric and Indus Valley are a few well-known brands and have also been reviewed below. One should do some research on the manufacturer and know its history a little bit.

It is even better to contact the retailer online or on call to know more about the authenticity of the product. It is better to opt for brands that are certified by FSSAI, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. 

  • Price

It is well known that sandalwood trees are not very abundant and hence pure sandalwood powder can be pricey. Sandalwood trees take a long time to grow and develop and produce the qualities that it possesses. Mostly the sandalwood plantation comes under the jurisdiction of the state government and it is purchased with the permission of the authorities.

This is the reason behind the high costs of sandalwood. Nevertheless, one can purchase a small amount of sandalwood powder and mix it into various carriers and mediums as pure sandalwood powders are naturally concentrated. One must look out for vendors who sell huge quantities of sandalwood at very cheap rates. One must also check the genuinity of extremely expensive sandalwood powder.

  • Feedback

Customer reviews are something that one can trust completely. Communicate with people around you and ask them about their experiences regarding the sandalwood powder they are using or have used. Go through buying guides, like this one, which has been compiled after taking valuable feedback from various users of the product.

So here we begin with the Best Sandalwood powders that one can find online. One should keep the above factors in mind while deciding which sandalwood to purchase.

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Top 10 Chandan Powders In India

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Best Sandalwood Powders In India Reviews

#1 Neotea Original Sandal Wood Powder, 500 g (1099)

neotea Original Sandal Wood Powder

Check Price

Neotea is a company dedicated to producing quality products from various natural herbal ingredients. It also sells ayurvedic supplements and various other root powders other than sandalwood. Although the product is a little overpriced, it is worth the price. It is difficult to find effective sandalwood powders but this one is to look out for. It is packed in a zipper-lock plastic pouch which makes it easier to store.

It is a 100% vegetarian product and hence can be used in holy rituals without any issue. It is a FSSAI certified product and is free from any harmful agents. It is also certified by APEDA (Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority) which ensures it is not illegally made or sold. It is good as an exfoliant and soothes irritated skin.

However, it has not proved to be very effective in treating acne or eczema. It’s purity and smoothness make it desirable and a must-have.


  • This powder is easily miscible with water and other solvents
  • It has been ground very finely for easy application
  • It has very good packaging making it easier to store
  • There is no adulteration and is a good quality sandalwood powder
  • There is a strong fragrance of Chandan
  • It is a FSSAI certified product


  • The suitability might vary from skin to skin and it’s advisable to do a patch test
  • It is pricier than other brands


#2 NCHANT Sandalwood Powder for All Skin Problems

NCHANT Sandalwood Powder for All Skin Problems

Check Price

This product is really very appealing to the eye. This product definitely justifies its cost in looks as well as in its functions. Nchant Sandalwood is one of the most expensive products and honestly there are much better and cheaper sandalwood powders which work just as fine. There is no clear composition of the product and it’s non-returnable.

Apart from this, it has the aroma of actual sandalwood and it does not lose it’s a fragrance like a few other brands’ powders do. It soothes the skin and gently exfoliates it and you can feel the difference within a week. It is a little coarse in texture but does little to affect its workability. For people who are enthusiastic about trying good and expensive products, this is a win-win thing.


  • It has a very attractive packing and is ideal for gifting
  • It has a long-lasting and effective fragrance
  • It is a good exfoliant
  • It provides a cool effect just after application
  • It can be mixed in face packs and applied easily
  • It is also effective in preventing breakouts


  • It might be a little coarse for some people
  • It is very expensive


#3 Arkes Parmash White Chandan Powder (100 g)

Arkes Parmash White Chandan Powder (100 g)

Check Price

The first thing that catches our eye is the packaging of any product. The irony is that though the product is very expensive, the packaging looks very cheap and unreliable. One must make arrangements to store the sandalwood powder if one wishes to buy this.

Coming to the actual product quality, it is actually surprising. This has proved to have suited almost all skin types and is highly recommendable. Other than this it’s highly miscible and blends well with pretty much every solvent.

The best part is you can return the product with valid reasons for returning it if you are not satisfied with it (although T&C definitely apply). It is definitely on the expensive side but if your budget allows this can be a good choice.


  • It is very skin-friendly
  • It is a very fine powder
  • It is the not so easily available white Chandan powder
  • It is easily miscible with lotion, water, and other mediums
  • It can be returned within stipulated time if does not match your expectations


  • The packaging can be better 
  • It is very expensive


#4 WILD FOREST Red Sandalwood Powder (25g) 

WILD FOREST Red Sandalwood Powder

Check Price

This is probably the most expensive sandalwood powder of the lot. The reason being that it is a Red sandalwood powder which is not available easily. It is a 100% vegetarian powder and is certified by FSSAI, which ensures it’s sanctity. Though the composition is not known, this product has given outstanding results for various skin problems. It helps in clearing pimples and rashes.

It is very gentle to the skin. The only concern is the quantity of the product. Nevertheless, one should invest a little more for better results. It comes in a very attractive and resealable packet and has a good shelf life of 12 months. You can buy this if you feel the urge to try what red sandalwood is.


  • It is a smooth and good textured powder
  • It has an organic feel and fragrance to it 
  • It is the rare red sandalwood
  • This is 100% vegan and is perfect for holy rituals and occasions
  • It is a FSSAI certified product
  • It has a mild fragrance


  • It is not a very fine powder
  • It is not returnable
  • It is very expensive


#5 ETHERIC Natural Sandal Powder, 100 gm

ETHERIC Natural Sandal Powder, 100 gm

Check Price

This sandal powder is probably the most common one and has many satisfied users. This product is very accurately priced and not at all heavy on your pocket. Not only this, it is excellent for your skin and leaves it soft and supple.

One can apply it with honey, banana pulp or orange peel powder for the complete facial experience. It has the value for money and a complete package of goodness at a very reasonable price. One should try this product at least once and see the amazing results.


  • It is ideal for oily skin
  • It is soluble and easy to apply
  • It comes with a natural and mild fragrance of Chandan
  • It is suitable for most skin types
  • It is a purely organic product
  • It has proved to be effective in controlling acne
  • It comes with good packaging which can be resealed
  • It is affordable


  • The quantity maybe a little less
  • This brand has fake dealers as well and one should refrain from them


#6 Indus Valley Organic Sandalwood Face Pack (100G) 

Indus Valley Organic Sandalwood Face Pack (100G)

Check Price

This is the wonderful face pack that one needs for the skin. Indus Valley has been honest enough and clearly stated that its sandalwood powder also contains other all-natural ingredients which are Multani Mitti, calamine powder, and almond powder.

Multani Mitti helps in soaking extra oil and calamine and antibacterial effects. The almond powder provides moisturization and tightness to the skin. This sandal powder mix has a sweet and pleasant fragrance and is an all-rounder. It is also a time saver for people with a busy lifestyle.

You just need to mix this powder with milk or rosewater and you are good to go. No hassle and wastage of time in making the face pack from scratch is required. This product is unique in it’s presentation and qualities and is highly recommended.


  • It is good for oily skin
  • It is a 100% natural
  • It comes in good packaging
  • It is good for de-tanning or sunburnt skin
  • It has a lingering fragrance
  • It makes a smooth paste and hence easy to apply
  • It is affordable for almost everyone
  • It is a very fine powder


  • It has other additional ingredients and is not completely sandal powder.


#7 Aaveejay Stores Pure Sandalwood Powder | Ideal for Face masks Facials & Skin Care, 30g 

Aaveejay Stores Pure Sandalwood Powder

Check Price

This sandalwood powder comes in a very petite, handy and traditional kind of container. Its overall look is very pleasing. It is an expertly blended fine powder that makes it ideal for mixing with creams, face packs and natural gels like aloe vera or lemon juice. It has the smell of sandalwood, but not very strong. It is effective for various skin problems and provides some cooling effect to irritated skin.

However, it does not work for scars. Although it is pure sandalwood powder, it is a little too expensive for the price of sandalwood. If you want you can use it in rituals as well. If you have the budget to invest in this product you can surely go for it, for the quality is definitely upscale. 


  • It has a super fine texture
  • It comes with a mild yet refreshing fragrance
  • It feels and looks quite pure 
  • It comes in a good airtight packaging
  • It does not contain any other powder or additives


  • It might not be suitable for all skin types
  • It is quite expensive for the quantity of the powder


#8 KRIWIN 100 grams Mysore Chandan/ Sandalwood Dust/ Powder | Processed for Puja Purposes 

KRIWIN 100 grams Mysore Chandan

Check Price

Mysore is known to be one of the hotspots for sandalwood cultivation. These trees produce very aromatic and authentic sandalwood powder. Although this powder is processed for puja (prayer) purposes, it does not bear any mark for being 100% vegetarian. According to the fragrance, it is very pleasant and lingering.

It is also good for the skin but it is advisable to do a patch test first on the neck or hand. The exact ingredients are not entirely written on the packet and it’s difficult to know the composition. It is one shade darker than the usual mustard-colored sandalwood powder. Nevertheless, this is a good sandalwood powder at a very affordable price.


  • It has a very nice fragrance
  • It is safe for the skin as well
  • There are no added chemicals
  • It does not contain any additional powder hence can be assumed suitable for puja
  • It is affordable


  • It may not be suitable for all skin types
  • It is not very fine in texture


#9 Khadi Sandalwood (Chandan) Powder 100 gm

Khadi Sandalwood (chandan) Powder 100 gm

Check Price

In the past few years, Khadi has risen high above and won the trust of the people. However, this brand is not to be confused with Khadi Naturals which falls under the government of India. This is a different brand.

Though the quality of the product is fair enough, its composition is unknown. The sandalwood powder is moderately fine and mixes with various creams and gels. It is a very cheap deal for a fairly good amount of the product. 


  • It is highly affordable
  • It comes in a good quantity
  • It is sold in its natural state
  • It has a good fragrance
  • The packaging has a zipper-lock and can be resealed after use


  • It is a bit coarse, not very finely powdered
  • The composition is not known
  • It is not returnable


#10 Pramsh Traders Premium Quality White Sandalwood Powder (300gm)

Pramsh Traders Premium Quality White Sandalwood Powder

Check Price

Specifically made for a healthy skincare routine, this white sandalwood powder will work wonderfully for your skin. At a very low price, it is a moderate quality white sandalwood powder. For those who desire exotic quality of the powder might not be very pleased with it, but it does its work.

It can be used in multiple ways, mix with rose water or glycerin or any other gel and it blends perfectly. Moreover, it is a certified product and does not pose any health hazards. It does not have a lot of fragrance to it. Perhaps it is one of the cheapest good quality white sandalwood powder and people with a slightly lesser budget may give it a try.


  • It is a very fine powder
  • It is very inexpensive
  • It can be applied with ease
  • It readily mixes with creams and lotions
  • It is an FSSAI approved product 
  • It is herbal and natural


  • The packaging can be better
  • It is a non-returnable item



How to know my skin type at home?
It is very easy to know your skin type overnight. Wash your face with soap or face wash before going to sleep and keep a thin dry facial tissue paper ready on your side stand or table. When you wake up in the morning first thing take the tissue and press it on your entire face and let it stay there for a minute.

Remove the tissue and look closely at the tissue paper for oil patches. If the oil patches are from each part of your face (T-zone, cheeks, nose and chin and other parts as well) then you have completely oily skin. If oil patches are only visible at the T zone, chin and cheeks you have a combination type of skin. 

How can one identify good quality sandalwood powder?

Good quality sandalwood will have the following characteristics

  • A mild earthy yet pleasing fragrance which will soothe your mind instantly
  • A light yellow, more like mustard-colored powder, the powder should not be dark brown
  • Red sandalwood powder should be more like baked brick color and not a very bright red, which indicates the addition of coloring agents
  • Sandalwood powder should feel relaxing and cool when its paste is applied on the skin, however, it should not feel too cool which indicates the addition of powders like Multani Mitti (kind of a facial clay)
  • The powder should not be very cheap in price, it should justify its quantity with the price as genuine sandalwood powders are expensive
How many types of sandalwood are there?
There are mostly three types of sandalwood powders. Red, yellow and white sandalwood powders. Their properties and differences have already been addressed multiple times in the above description.
What are the benefits of sandalwood powder?

The benefits of sandalwood powders are unending. Sandalwood powders have all the qualities to help human beings in all their activities. Be it skin-related, health-related or faith-related. They have therapeutic effects. Extremely helpful in all kinds of skin infections, sunburns, tanning and early aging of the skin.

It has been used to cure fever and headaches of time unknown by our ancestors. It has also been used to treat STDs in a few parts of the world. Authentic and pure sandalwood powder is a boon in disguise.

How to use sandalwood powder on the skin?
There are many Gharelu Nuskhe (home remedies) regarding the use of sandalwood powder. There are countless recipes for sandalwood face packs. A few of the common ones are: mixing rosewater with the powder and applying it for a few hours, mixing it with honey for an added moisturizing effect. It can even be mixed with lemon or orange juice for further de-tanning.

Nowadays people prefer mixing the powder in their store-bought creams and face packs and that too is effective. Applying pure sandalwood with just water also works well and is hassle-free. Some people also suggest soaking the sandalwood powder overnight with rosewater to extract its full essence. It is up to you and your preference to choose the carrier for this powder, it won’t decrease its effectiveness.


Which is better, white Chandan or yellow Chandan?
It will not be justified to compare two types of sandalwood powders as both have more or less the same effect and uses. Although white Chandan is preferred over the yellow one, it is not as widely available as the yellow one. Most people use only this yellow Chandan and do not even know about the other two types. Both are effective for the skin and good for fevers and cold. The yellow one has more fragrance but the properties are almost the same.


How can I correctly store sandalwood powder?
You should keep the sandalwood powder away from moisture as it might interfere with its properties. Keep the packet sealed and in a dry place if it is packed in a plastic or paper wrapper. Many manufacturers nowadays provide very handy and durable containers along with the powder which makes it all the easier to store.


Are there any side effects of using sandalwood powder?

In its pure and herbal state, no side effects have been reported until now. However, if used in excess anything can be harmful. Sandalwood powder removes excess oil and soothes the skin for sure but one should apply it more than three to four times a week.

This might lead to excessive drying of the skin resulting in the scaling of the skin or even breakouts. If the powder contains some other additives that might prove to be allergens to some people, then also it can have side effects. One must try to get the best sandalwood powder available in the market and test it on a small area of your hand or neck before applying it on your face.



History has many stories to tell us and has innumerable elements in it. Some old practices are good if forgotten while some have proved to be a boon. The discovery of sandalwood and its magical properties are a blessing in true sense. But in this era of adulteration and duplicity, authenticity has become scarce.

The increasing demand and diminishing supply is the fuel to this fire. While there are a number of dealers and sellers who sell fake products, our motive with this product buying guide is to channelize your search and direct you towards what has been tried and tested. Hope you found this guide helpful and informative.

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