Top 10 Best Smartwatch Under 5000 In India 2020 Reviews

As the name suggests, smartwatches are watches that are meant to ‘work smart’. As science and technology are racing at a fast pace towards making life simpler or ‘compact’, smart is the new cool.

With phones and television getting ‘smart’. It was only a matter of time that the watches had to go smart too. As people lead a fast-paced life today and need every accessibility on their fingertips, it is only obvious that our gadgets are getting more sophisticated and easier to control. People on the go and those who lead a rather hectic lifestyle, need their requirements within a single swipe. A smartwatch is a wonderful gadget which is meant to simplify the usage of too many gadgets in a single one. So, what exactly is a smartwatch? Let us find out.

Smartwatch is a watch-like gadget which comprises of your smartphone, smart TV, fitness band and sometimes even the switches of your home controls in one single gadget. This gadget is simply worn on your wrist and is also used to read time and wake you up on a certain time.

So, what are the aspects you need to look out for when selecting a basic smartwatch?


Things To Consider Before Buying Best Smartwatch Under 5000

  • Compatible

Smartwatches are ‘companion’ gadgets which are GPS enabled and also help keep a watch on your health. Though these require to be incompatible with your smartphone, however, there are advanced models that work independently as well. But as a thumb rule, you need to always select a model which is compatible with your smartphone.

  • GPS Enabled

Also, make sure that your smartwatch is GPS enabled and has heart sensors. It is also important to check if your gadget has good battery life. While most hybrid varieties might appear to look like analog timepieces, however, they have a nice battery-run. Another important aspect to select a smartwatch is its wearability.

  • Convenient Strap Change

Your smartwatch should have an easy to change clasp or buckle and also have an easy replacement option. Next on the list is its compatibility with your smartphone. Make sure the gadget is compatible with multiple Android handsets.

There are cases where your smartwatch might be compatible with a certain handset, but the user will not be able to access certain apps at the same time. Lately, the Android wear 2.0 was launched which was designed to help with the ‘compatibility-issues’. 

  • Proper Display

The display is yet another important factor in a smartwatch. It is important that the device should be able to properly display all the available Apps on the screen as per the requirements. However, it might be noted that colored display uses too much power and hence, can exhaust your batteries quickly. The displays are of two kinds, the LCD and the OLED. The LCD displays are thicker than the OLED and can be inconvenient for some users. 

  • Touch Screen or Not

Since the screen of your smartwatch is comparatively compromised un space, it can be a challenge to easily target the required App on the device. Some models are ‘gesture-based’ and others are ‘Card-based’ which can be dismissed with a single swipe. There are also models that offer the consumer the convenience to switch between touch display, a digital crown and side button on the right side.

The Crown is used to ‘zoom-in’ to the App and the ‘Force’ touch allows the device to differentiate between a tap and a long press. The side-buttons brings-on the display of the Apps which are frequently used by the consumer.

  • The Design

With the latest technology bringing aesthetics together with electronics, you can now choose from a wide variety of colors, the material used, size and much more. It is advisable that you use convenient buckle straps rather than the clasps for easier use and better longevity.

More and more traditional watchmakers have embraced the ‘smartwatch’ technology and have started designing good-looking devices which carry the brand name along with the hi-tech requirement of today.

  • Notification

As the main purpose of the smartwatch is to allow you easy access to technology, having alert notifications is a must-have. Most models have the ‘buzz’ alert mechanism which allows you to check your notifications whenever you can.

So, now that we know the various features required in a Smartwatch, let us take a look at the top 10 smartwatches available in India under 5000:

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Best Smartwatch Under 5000 In India Reviews

#1 Amazfit Huami Bip Touch Screen Smartwatch A1608 (Onyx Black) 

Amazfit Huami Bip Touch Screen Smartwatch A1608

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This is a fine piece of technology that allows you some wonderful access to your everyday requirements in a jiffy. This Smartwatch features the all-cool ‘anti-finger’ transflective screen with an always-on color display. This feature is essential as it allows the wearer to easily check-out the required data without much hassle.

This smartwatch also doubles-up as a Multi-sports tracker which allows you to monitor your run-rate, map routes and another health-related statistic that is used today. This also allows you to analyze your sleep patterns and calorie counts as well.


  • Long battery life
  • Easy connectivity to the phone
  • Color display
  • Health monitor enabled
  • Features GPS
  • Can connect to iOS and Android with equal ease
  • Straps are replaceable
  • 3rd party side loading can occur via App
  • Design is lightweight
  • Device is compact


  • Not recommended while swimming
  • The display can be weak for some users
  • The Plastic surface can suffer scratches


#2 Skmei Bluetooth Digital Black & Gold Dial Smart Watch With Health Fitness And Sports Activity Tracker For All Mobiles – Gs10347 

Skmei Bluetooth Digital Black & Gold Dial Smart Watch

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This is a fine-looking gadget which features some great applications. This Smartwatch is your perfect companion on the go and helps you keep in touch with the various alerts and notifications. This gadget features the Sport real-time recorder which allows you to track your activities and other health-related data.

You can now calculate your calories, distance traveled, and time taken without any hassles. This gadget features the ‘social application push’ which allows you to check the required icon with flash and beep. This device also features the ‘Remote camera’ which allows you to click pictures by simply pressing the S1 key of the watch when connected to the phone.


  • Sports real-time recording featured
  • App notification enabled
  • Camera remote control feature included
  • Light display mode enabled
  • Comes with color options
  • Is compatible with Bluetooth 


  • Not touch screen enabled
  • The alert tone duration could be longer
  • The watch light is slightly weak
  • The operations can get confusing for certain users


#3 Echo Ultra Smart Fitness Watch – Smart Watches for Men and Women with All Activity Tracker & Heart Rate (Black) 

Echo Ultra Smart Fitness Watch

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This is a one-of-a-kind smartwatch which is designed to make your on-the-go life much easier. The Echo Ultra Smart Fitness watch is a must-have which consists of attractive features such as heart rate and blood pressure sensors and also records the sleep data. You can also count the Calories and the steps covered. This Smartwatch features MEVOFIT APP which helps provide you alert notifications and can also set the reminders for various schedules.

The device has an anti-theft alert which gives-off when your phones are carried out of range. This device has OLED display and the upper glass is scratch resistance. The strap is comfortable and is made up of TPU medical-grade strap. This device is a perfect all in one companion which makes your keeping track of data an easy task when you are busy on the run.


  • Sleek design
  • Features ‘fitness tracker’
  • Is compatible with most smartphones
  • 1-year warranty
  • Good battery life
  • Comfortable TPU strap
  • Notification alert enabled
  • Features ‘remote camera’.


  • Touch screen on limited spaces only
  • Sleep detection can get faulty
  • The color display can be improved
  • Is not water resistance

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#4 Toreto Bloom Smart Watch- Fitness Activity Tracker Colored Display with Pedometer, Heart Rate Sensor, Blood Pressure Monitor and Camera Control (Tor-81) 

Toreto Bloom Smart Watch

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This Smartwatch from Toreto Bloom is a perfect blend of technology and comforts bought together. This attractive looking device is sleek and comfortable with flexible straps. The attractive LCD display allows convenient reading of data and also has alerts notifications amongst various other features. The straps are interchangeable and are made of Silicone. You also have a sedentary alarm which alerts you if you have been in a certain position for a while.


  • LCD display
  • Anti-scratch surface
  • Blood pressure testing featured
  • Notification alerts
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • 12 months warranty
  • Good battery life


  • Is not GPS enabled
  • Smartwatch options might read faulty
  • Connectivity issues with phones can occur
  • Set up can be troublesome
  • The font size could be improved


#5 MevoFit Race-Thrust ECG-Smart-Watch for Fitness & Health PRO Sporty-Health-ECG-Smart-Watch, All Activity Tracking (Blue) 

MevoFit Race-Thrust ECG-Smart-Watch for Fitness & Health

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This unique smartwatch from MevoFit Race is your perfect gadget companion. This device is designed to ensure that you get your data with accuracy. It comprises of the unique ECG and PPG tracker which ensures to give you an analysis of your overall health.

You can also receive notification about your messages, emails, and Wattsapp. This device also allows you to track your sleep to understand the sleep patterns and your hours awake. This device is also lightweight and water-resistant, making it easy to use and wear it for all sorts of activity and sports.


  • ECG -a smart device
  • Activity tracker
  • Sleep tracker
  • Notification alerts
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • TPU straps
  • Water-resistant
  • Good battery life
  • Multiple sports mode
  • Lightweight model


  • No in-built GPS system
  • Strap is not removable
  • Can have connectivity issues to iPhone
  • Data recordings can be faulty
  • Is not scratch proof
  • Poor gesture control
  • The touch screen feature is faulty


#6 Acko Ultra Smart Fitness Band Smartwatch with All Activity Tracker, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure for Men and Women (Olive Green) 

Acko Ultra Smart Fitness Band Smartwatch

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This is a fine-looking timepiece which brings to you numerous features in a single gadget. This all-in-one smartwatch is your perfect companion which alerts you when you receive messages and emails. It is also designed to function as an activity tracker which helps to record your heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels.

The device features the unique ‘Fundo’ app, which records and stores all your health-related data in a simple readable form. As the device is waterproof, it can accompany you in various water-related activities and sports alike. Now, you no longer need to carry your bulky camera or phone to click your best moments. With its ‘remote camera’ feature allows you to take a snap of your favorite picture anytime and anywhere.


  • All activity tracker featured
  • This device has an SPO2 monitor
  • This device has Built-in optical sensors
  • This smartwatch is Waterproof
  • Notification alerts featured
  • Remote camera featured


  • No warranty on this product
  • Data collected can be faulty


#7 FIADO Charge-FIT PRO Sports Special Edition Magnetic Smart Band Color Screen with Heart Rate Monitor Blood Pressure (Black) 

FIADO Charge-FIT PRO Sports Special Edition Magnetic Smart Band

Check Price

This is a perfect companion gadget which allows you a full 1.3 “Colored IPS LCD display. The glass protection makes this smartwatch suitable for all sorts of activities and sports. The display is a fine 240 X 240 pixels resolution, thus providing you with a large-scale vision.

This device also helps keep track of your heart rate with the help of the unique heart rate sensors. When you are on the go, you can still receive alerts and notifications about your messages and emails. This device has a long battery run and can be used for up to three days of run time after a complete charge.


  • The device has an LCD display
  • It features heart rate tracker
  • The device features sports mode
  • Notification alert enabled
  • Good battery life
  • The product is value for money
  • Has touch functionality


  • The daytime display is weak
  • Alerts can get faulty at times
  • The entire display is not touch screen
  • The mobile app can be improved

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#8 Noise ColorFit Pro Fitness Watch/Smart Watch/Activity Tracker/Fitness Band with Colored Display Waterproof, Heart Rate Sensor, Call & Notification Alert with Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet (Black) 

Noise ColorFit Pro Fitness Watch

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This is a smartwatch which contains numerous features to ensure you an accessible active life without worrying about missing out on alerts. The device features heart rate and sleep schedule tracker along with monitoring your blood oxygen levels also. This smartwatch has the ‘sports mode’ which enables you to read your runs and workouts in useful data form.

While you are on the move, you can also get alerts on messages, emails, and Wattsapp as well. This device has a nice 1.22 full-color display with a waterproof body. This device is Android and iOS compatible with Bluetooth connectivity. The device has a fashionable appeal with easily changeable straps.


  • Colored IPS LCD display
  • Android compatible
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Heart rate tracker
  • Sleep tracker enabled
  • Remote camera enabled
  • Long-run battery life
  • Notification alert enabled
  • Interchangeable straps
  • The device is waterproof
  • 1-year warranty
  • Is anti-scratch display surface


  • Charging can be a problem
  • The steps-tracker can be faulty
  • Health tracking can be faulty


#9 Mobvoi Ticwatch Ticwatch E Most Comfortable Smartwatch-Shadow,1.4 inch OLED Display, Android Wear 2.0, Compatible with iOS and Android, Google Assistant 

MevoFit Race-Thrust ECG-Smart-Watch for Fitness & Health PRO Sporty-Health-ECG-Smart-Watch

Check Price

This is fine-looking smartwatch which has quite a few features enabled to make your lifestyle more tech-savvy and simple. This gadget has a nice display and is quite lightweight. It is a fluid wear OS watch available in a nice budget. You can also read and reply to emails and messages using this smartwatch while you are on the go.

You can also make and receive calls on this gadget without worrying about taking your phone around. For the health freaks, this is a pure blessing in disguise. This gadget has a PPG sensor which helps to track your heart rate with accuracy. The gadget comes with more than one watch face to suit your outfits accordingly.


  • OLED display 
  • This is an Android wear
  • Fitness tracker
  • GPS enabled 
  • Is a lightweight product
  • Instant reply to messages and mails
  • Google assistant enabled
  • Water-resistant
  • Dust resistant


  • The battery life can be enhanced
  • Initial setup can be a hassle
  • Cannot change the straps


#10 OPTA-SB-078 U-Vital Heart Rate Monitor HD Display Bluetooth Unisex Fitness Band for Android and iOS Smartphones 

OPTA-SB-078 U-Vital Heart Rate Monitor HD Display Bluetooth Unisex Fitness Band

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This is a fine device which works as a smartwatch with various unique features put together. This has an all-day activity tracker which helps you analyze your activity and other health-related patterns. You can now read your Heart rate, Blood pressure and Oxygen levels using this device. It also works as a motion monitoring device and helps calculate Calories and steps.

With the sleep tracker feature, you can now analyze your sleep pattern and understand your hours spent asleep or awake. As the device is completely phone-sync, it can allow you to read your notifications and alerts when you are on the go. The unique ‘weather display’ allows you to plan your trips in advance or avoid a bad climate.


  • Activity tracker available
  • Sleep tracker available
  • Notification alerts enabled
  • Large color display
  • The device is waterproof
  • Long battery life
  • Thimble charging enabled
  • Remote camera
  • Whether display enabled


  • Does not have an in-built GPS
  • Sensors are not sensitive enough
  • Sleep sensor is inaccurate
  • Slightly expensive

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How does a Smartwatch function?
A Smartwatch functions to offer the user an entire world of possibilities. It basically connects to a smartphone and with the help of Bluetooth one can receive and send calls as well. The internet connection activates useful features such as GPS navigation, message notification, Calendar synchronization to name a few.
Can a Smartwatch work without a SIM card?
Mostly the mainstream Smartwatches do not require a SIM card for their basic functioning. This is mainly because they do not have ‘cellular connectivity’. As for sending messages, browsing the internet, making calls or using Apps is possible without connectivity to the smartphone. These smartwatches utilize the Bluetooth to extract content from any nearby phone and instead use its own cellular connectivity for functioning.
What are the other unique features which make the smartwatch stand out?
There are various features which make a Smartwatch stand out. The GPS and navigation instruments, Weather forecast, and the Health tracker makes a smartwatch stand out from the rest. These features are much required by the fitness freaks today. The health tracker offers data such as Heart rate count, Blood pressure count and Calorie count proves to be important for people who are health conscious. GPS allows map routes to accessible every time you have a certain distance to be covered or a path to follow. A good smartwatch also features text reading and call receiving while you are on the go.
At what range can Smartphone and Smartwatch be to stay connected?
The original models of Smartwatches required Bluetooth to get connected which was within the range of 100 meters at least. This made it mandatory for the phone to be close to wherever your smartwatch was to be able to operate. However, the latest models of Smartwatches do not have such connectivity issues as they could get connected through Wi-Fi. So, this meant that as long as your phone was turned-on, your smartwatch could operate without any hassles where you took it with you with or without the phone.



The Smartwatch is the latest ‘gizmo wonder’ in the world of technology today. These little gadgets look like prophecies out of a futuristic Sci-Fi movie and have been widely popular ever since. It is thought to state exactly when the Smartwatches came to being, however, they are now the latest in-demand gadgets around.

It cannot be declared for a fact whether the Smartwatches will completely replace Smartphones, but it sure has come halfway there. They have so many great uses, tabulating fitness being the most popular one. You can so easily monitor all the activities in your phones, without having to embarrass yourself by looking at the phone in the middle of an important meeting. It’s basically like having your smartphone on your wrist, instead of in your pocket! 

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