Top 10 Best Sports Bras In India Reviews [For Gym & Running]

Every woman deserves a supportive, long-lasting and encouraging friend, who stands with her in all her quests. Yes, that friend is her very own bra. It is biologically true that a female body develops faster and attains puberty earlier as compared to males. And when this happens, one of the most crucial decisions is to buy the correct bra.

A bra is something that is indispensable for a woman and it has been developed into innumerable categories based on the functionality, the look and personal requirements over the years. It is not possible to enlist all the types of bras, but here are a few basic and famous types of bras.

Various types of bras include Sports, T-shirt, padded, seamless, strapless, underwired, push up, stick on and laced bras. The sports bra is a must for every woman who is into some sort of physical activity. The breast tissues are delicate and a lot of intense activities may injure or affect these tissues. Moreover, the continuous bouncing and moving of the breasts can be annoying and distracting. These problems are resolved by a good sports bra, which helps restrict breast movements.

A T-shirt bra is the most commonly used bra, it simply has two medium coverage cups and is worn inside the dress. It provides support to the breasts but does not compress them. When a thick sheet of foam or cotton is inserted in the cups of a normal bra, it becomes a padded bra.

Padded bras provide a smooth and even look to the breasts. Their main function is to prevent any revelation of the nipples even if the bra gets soaked due to rain or any other events. A seamless bra simply gives an evenly finished look to the bra and does little to change its functionality. 

In the generation where parties are a must, be it an informal one, a business one or a wedding party, backless blouses and dresses are very trendy. Strapless bras prevent the hassle of hiding your bra straps while wearing any backless clothing (which even after your best efforts will eventually get revealed). These bras do not have straps and it completely eliminates this problem.

Laced bras are known just for their aesthetic and enticing looks. An underwired bra is not very much in use nowadays but women still use it to give extra support to their breasts. These bras have a thick wired structure underneath the cups and are ideal for bigger breasts.

Stick on bras are the latest buzz in the bras’ list. These are just small patches of stickable clothing that just perks up the breasts and holds them in position. There is no strap and nobody. These are extremely lightweight and will give you the feeling of being braless even though you are actually wearing one. These are exclusively designed to escape from the discomfort caused by normal bras.

The most commonly bought bras are push up bras. These are associated with the idea of pushing and perking up the breasts to show off a healthier cleavage. While people might think this is the main reason for making these bras, there is another scientific reason behind this.

It is true that gravity is the breasts’ biggest enemy. The breasts tend to sag and lose their elasticity if not given proper upliftment. Padded bras do just this besides giving a better look to the body.


Things to Consider Before Buying Best Sports Bra 

There are a few factors to keep in mind before purchasing the bra of your choice. An incorrect bra can have health effects as well and might affect your breast tissues. One must think about the following pointers before selecting the right sports bra.

  • Size

The most important thing to do before buying a bra is to know your body. Measure your underbust and overbust properly before looking for the perfect bra. A sports bra will generally be smaller in size than your regular bra. Make sure to choose a sports bra with wider shoulder straps and a bigger underbust band.

These two parts of the bra are the most crucial and provide all the support that you need. One must look for bras that come with a size chart, hence making it easier to choose the correct size of bra. It is also advisable to try out various brands at the stores to get an idea of which size of which brand is suitable for you.

  • Material

The mesh fabric is ideal for a sports bra as it increases the breathability and sweat absorption. It is essential for a sports bra to have durable, elastic and well-ventilated fabric so that it does not create any unpleasant or uncomfortable experience. Since sportswoman and woman who take part in a lot of activities have to deal with a lot of movement and sweat, it becomes all the more important to use a fabric which can tackle all these problems single-handedly.

As you might know that nylon and polyester are two of the most common synthetic fibers used in the manufacturing of sports bra, there are certain other fabrics as well, one of them is Spandex (interchangeably also called Lycra), suede and elastane. These fabrics are elastic and retain their shape even after repeated use.

However none of them can provide the comfort of the good old cotton sports bra, but they do provide the necessary functionalities of a good sports bra. It is advisable for young girls to use cotton sports bras who are not very physically active whereas for higher levels of workouts or activities the spandex or nylon bra is most suitable.

  •  Impact

The purpose of using the sports bra decides the impact of the bra. Like all classifications, sports bras are also classified into three categories, high, medium and low impact sports bra. As the names suggest high impact bras are suitable for extremely vigorous activities such as rock climbing, trekking, mountaineering, biking etc.

The medium-impact is suitable for rigorous gymming, marathons, and various sports like tennis, badminton etc. While the low impact sports bra is good for running, jogging, yoga and sports like basketball, football, basically anything which does not require a lot of movement. 

  • Type

There are a few types of sports bras based on their construction and use. There are bras that do not have separate cups for the breasts and compress them to prevent them from moving too much. These are called compression bras. These are considered the best for strenuous activities. The other type obviously is less tight and has two cups to provide extra protection and coziness.

These can also be called low impact sports bras. The amalgamation of these two types might be considered the ideal sports bra, which provides both support and comfort. Other than this the sports bra can have different kinds of straps such as criss-cross, racerback, and normal straps. The best back is the racerback which does not strain your shoulder and avoids slipping of the straps.

  • Comfort

Nothing can compare to comfort when it comes to buying clothes, especially intimate wear. Sports bra should be even more comfortable than regular bras as the person wearing should not need to focus on anything else than her game or activity. One can only check this parameter after trying on a bra. Wear a sports bra. Try bending, shaking, jumping, nothing should spill out or wobble too much. Check the band and the straps, they should not be too tight or too loose. 

  • Feedback

Bras are something that every woman owns and what can be a better guide than taking feedback from a woman who herself has experience with different bras. I myself, am a woman and have used many sports bras as a teenager and even own a few now.

Even this article which you are about to read is a result of various feedback from some daily users of these bras, including myself. Feedback is very important while selecting a good sports bra. Though what may suit one person might not be suitable for another, it still channelizes your hunt for the best sports bra and gives you some direction.

Here is the list of the Top 10 Sports Bra, each one described with the suitability and the pros and cons.


Top 10 Sports Bra For Gym & Running In India

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Best Sports Bra In India Reviews

#1 Nike Women’s Full Cup Sports Bra

Nike Women's Full Cup Sports Bra

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One of the most famous brands, Nike has deep roots in India because of the quality footwear and apparel it has given. People not only trust this brand but also crave it. While its expertise mainly in shoes, it has also extended its boundary by launching quality sports bras. The Women’s Full Cup Sports Bra is one such example. Sports bras demand durability and elasticity and this bra fulfills all these criteria.

Made from polyester and elastane, which as mentioned above, are few of the toughest materials used in bra-making, this bra makes it a perfect option for all sorts of exercises. It is a high impact, compression bra and is perfectly suitable for small to medium sizes. It is lightly padded and non-wired. This bra definitely delivers the brand name it carries. 


  • It is a super comfortable sports bra
  • It is a branded and durable bra
  • It is lightly padded to ensure that there is no revelation even if the bra gets soaked 
  • Since it is non-wired, it does not cause any constriction 
  • The material is flexible and long-lasting
  • It is amazing for light workouts and running


  • It is costly as compared to its peers
  • This bra might not suitable for bigger breasts
  • It has no hooks for adjustment 


#2 Puma Full Cup Seamless Bra

Puma Full Cup Seamless Bra

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Almost every average household has at least one pair of  Puma sports shoes. Such is the craze of this brand. Puma also brings to you this smooth looking, evenly stitched and comfy bra, just right for your regular workouts. It is a non-padded, non- wired bra. Made mainly from Nylon and polyester this bra will stand the test of time with its durability.

Not only this, but it can also sustain the change in breast size that you might go through as it is adjustable. It is a bit pricey but delivers the value for it. The packaging of the bra is pretty and has a transparent portion so that one can see the color and appearance. Ideal for small to medium-sized breasts, this bra works wonderfully well.


  • It is comfortable if you are wearing the right size
  • It is adjustable for a few inches
  • The bra is of good quality material
  • It has a racerback for extra support
  • The bra band is flexible
  • The straps are just wide enough for providing the required support
  • It is perfect for various workout activities like running, Zumba dancing


  • The material is not very absorbent
  • It is not easily affordable by everyone
  • It does not have a hook


#3 Under Armour Eclipse Non-Wired Sports Bra

Under Armour Eclipse Non-Wired Sports Bra

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Yet another footwear company, trying to make women comfortable while doing all sorts of physical activities which they want to do, Under Armour has proved its skills in this attempt too. A fairly priced, padded and comfortable bra, this is suitable for all kinds of workouts. The main feature it has is the adjustable straps.

The criss-cross shape of the straps not only provides support but also gives it a unique and pretty look. Though it has a few nays as well, it’s attractive price balances it. This bra is an all-rounder in its functionalities and is worthy enough to become a part of your closet. 


  • It is comparatively cheap
  • It has very thick pads for proper coverage and safety
  • It is a padded sports bra
  • It comes with adjustable straps, which can be lengthened or shortened as per need
  • It has a gorgeous look 
  • The materials used are long-lasting
  • The price is not only cheaper as compared to other bras, but it actually lies in the affordable range of good bras
  • It is made from good breathable material


  • It has no hook or clasps for adjusting underbust
  • There are slight issues with the size chart as it has different measurements than other brands
  • It has thin straps which might cause uneasiness while wearing it


#4 Jockey Women’s Cotton Padded Active Bra

Jockey Women's Cotton Padded Active Bra

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It is as one can call, a classic bra, something which every woman should have and in fact, almost every woman does have. Jockey is a brand entirely dedicated to creating quality intimate wear. Perhaps it is the only brand to use combed cotton instead of synthetic fabric. This cotton-padded bra provides full coverage to the breasts and there is no room for the side breast problem.

Since the fabric is almost entirely made from cotton fibers (only a slight percentage is made from nylon), it ensures that it is suitable for all skin types and won’t cause any rashes. While cotton is the best friend for your skin, it might prove to decrease the efficiency of the sports bra. Cotton alone is not enough to provide the support required in a sports bra. However, the pros of this product outnumber the cons and it is still the best choice for light activities.


  • There is no room for rashes or itchiness
  • The color of the fabric is long-lasting 
  • It is a full coverage sports bra
  • It is very budget-friendly
  • It contains no polyester and is almost made entirely from cotton
  • It is a padded bra


  • Nonremovable pads
  • Not too much support
  • Too much time for air dry


#5 Champion The Warrior Sports Bra B0830

Champion The Warrior Sports Bra B0830

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This bra has the most inventive and different look. It has small holes near the cups and in the center part. This not only gives it a cool look but also helps cool off the heat generated due to vigorous motions. Other than good ventilation, it also has separate cups and is more like an encapsulation bra.

It has adjustable straps that are wide enough and do not cause any discomfort while bending or stretching. It is not very costly but might not be pocket-friendly for everyone, so it is better to consider your budget while purchasing this bra. It is a good bra that comes in vibrant colors and gives a radiant look.


  • It is made of breathable material
  • It keeps the sweat at bay and does not create weird patches
  • It has perforations to make it more airy and dry
  • It has separate cups for the breasts, providing comfort and finesse in the look
  • It is ideal for low to medium impact activities
  • It comes with a hook for adjustment


  • It is not very flexible
  • The size chart is different from other brands and one should select the size accordingly


#6 Jockey Women’s Cotton Padded Active Bra

Jockey Women's Cotton Padded Active Bra Red

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As mentioned above, Jockey bras are one of the finest and well-built bras out of all the bras in the market. This bra is lightly padded and non-wired. It is an ideal choice for young and developing girls and will help to provide the required bracing for better breast development. 

Activities such as gymming, running and dancing would no longer have you worrying about your breasts once you wear this bra. Since it is made from combed cotton it is a relief for your skin as well. The foam pads are extremely soft and elastic and retain their shape even after washing. At an affordable price and a number of pros, this bra is the ideal match for your daily routine workouts. 


  • It comes at an affordable price
  • Made from combed cotton fabric which is excellent for the soft skin in the chest area
  • It has removable foam pads as suitable for different occasions 
  • The wide straps do not hurt your shoulder and give extra support
  • A very robust and durable bra
  • It retains its color even after multiple washes
  • Ideal for school going and adolescent girls as well


  • The packaging can be better
  • It is not very suitable for bigger breasts


#7 Adidas Women’s Training Don’t Rest Badge of Sport Bra

Adidas Women's Training Don't Rest Badge of Sport Bra

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Adidas is one of the largest manufacturers of sportswear in the entire world and obviously wooed the Indian market as well. This bra is different, unique and stands out from the rest. The infamous Climacool technology is the innovation of this brand.

This bra is a medium support bra with removable pads, making it usable in many situations. It is adjustable in size even though it doesn’t have any hook or clasp. The price is definitely on the higher end but it is fair for the quality it possesses. 


  • It provides proper ventilation to avoid itchiness or rashes
  • It is environment-friendly as it is made from recycled fabric
  • It comes with removable pads
  • It is a snug fit bra 
  • It is adjustable to cope up any change in breast sizes


  • It is expensive
  • It has no clasp or hooks

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#8 Reebok Women’s Non-Wired Sports Bra

Reebok Women's Non-Wired Sports Bra

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This is one of the lightest sports bras and feels like a breeze. Made from good quality polyester, this bra is designed to give you a bold look while you toil and sweat. This is also a padded and non-wired bra, the ideal combination. It is a compression type bra and is most appropriate for small to medium-sized breasts.

The wide straps and full coverage ensure ease in wearing and performing in them. Pricing is almost on the affordable side for most people. All in all this bra is of good material and can be used for medium-impact exercises easily.


  • It is on the affordable side
  • It is padded for extra safety
  • It has wide straps to reduce pressure on the shoulders
  • It comes in a decent and professional color
  • It is sweat-absorbent and comfortable


  • The fabric used is thin and hence makes it lightweight
  • There is no hook for adjustments


#9 Amante Racerback Sports Bra

Amante Racerback Sports Bra

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Amante has made its place amongst the top intimate wear manufacturing companies. There are no malls or good lingerie shops, which do not have Amante bras on display. These bras are well known for their softness and comfort. This racerback sports bra is no different. It is affordable for most people and does not strain your pocket.

Coming to the construction of the bra, it is made from good breathable material (Microfibers) and covers your breasts completely. As the name suggests, it is a racerback bra and has by far the best racerback design. Since it’s nonpadded, it might not be a good option for larger breasts, but can be worn underneath the top or T-shirt. One must go for this bra at least once. 


  • Its the price range is affordable 
  • It is a non-wired bra, hence doesn’t cause any rashes or constriction
  • It gives you full coverage to your breasts
  • It comes with an adjustable hook
  • It has a pretty and different back
  • The material soaks well and doesn’t make you feel sweaty


  • The size chart is different from other popular brands
  • It is a nonpadded bra, making it necessary to wear something on top of it


#10 CHKOKKO Sports, Gym, Running Racer Back Non-Wired Padded Sports Bra for Women

CHKOKKO Sports, Gym, Running Racer Back Non Wired Padded Sports Bra for Women

Check Price

Probably the most affordable yet functional of the ten, this bra will help you forget about your breasts while gymming. It is also suitable for heavy workouts as well. It is thicker than other bras and has detachable paddings.

At a very low price, you will get a durable, stretchable and reliable bra. Though it is made from synthetic fibers, it still doesn’t harm the soft skin around the breasts due to its breathability. If you are looking for a low budget yet effective bra, this one is a sure pick.


  • It is highly affordable 
  • It comes with removable padding, one can adjust the paddings as per the requirement
  • It comes in attractive colors
  • It has a racerback design for extra bracing
  • It is suitable for a high-intensity workout as well
  • It has individual cups for both the breasts


  • There is no hook
  • The underbust band is not so stretchable 



Below are a few questions which people, who are looking for a good sports bra, might have in mind. 

Are sports bras made just for small breasts?
It’s a common myth that women with small breasts are supposed to wear sports bras. In fact, a sports bra can be worn by any woman or girl who is undergoing any rigorous exercises, like gyming, running, dancing and many more. There is a range of all shapes and sizes in the sports bra section as well. Absolutely anyone can wear sports bras regardless of the size.
Is sports bra supportive enough?
Yes. In fact, sports bras are much more strong and supportive than other types of bras. The encapsulation type sports bra is more like a normal bra, but the compression sports bra is much tighter and supportive.
Will wearing sports bra affect the growth of breasts?
It depends on what age you are. At younger ages, a sports bra will definitely help in shaping the breasts and sometimes even might help in increasing the size. However one should not wear a bra throughout the day as the breast tissues need some relaxation at the end of the day. For grown-up women, it does not affect the breast size but does help the breasts in retaining their shape.
Can sports bra be worn on a daily basis?
Of course, a sports bra can be worn every day. Even if you don’t work out daily, a sports bra can still be worn. However, a woman with bigger breasts needs much more support than a sports bra can offer and it is advisable to wear normal bras more often.
Who should use a sports bra?
The sports bra was fabricated and designed especially for playing sports, working out, running, skiing, mountaineering, basically, any activity that can cause a lot of breast movement and affect the breast tissues. It not only protects the breasts but also keeps a woman carefree from hanging, shaky or drooping breasts. If you are a sportswoman or play any sort of sports or do any physical activities, a sports bra is a must for you. 
Which sports bra is the best for growing girls?
Adolescent girls require a lot of bodily care as they have young and rapidly developing bodies. Young girls often indulge in various sports activities (and they definitely should) and one thing that they need the most is a good sports bra.

Girls at this age are also highly conscious of their bodies and this makes it all the more important to give them the best sports bra. Preferably a medium impact compression bra is most suited, also it is advisable to buy cotton-based bras as children have much more sensitive skin than adults.

How can I determine which size sports bra should I buy?
Every bra manufacturer has its own size chart. Bras are maneuvered keeping standard measurements in mind and these are represented in centimeters or inches on the chart. You simply need a measuring tape and measure two things, your underbust and overbust. The underbust is the rib area just below your breasts, where the bra band will be.

The overbust is the bulkiest part of the breast and encompasses the nipples. You simply need to make these measurements and look for them in the chart. Match your measurements in the overbust and underbust columns in the chart and get your size. 



Often women find it very difficult to find the right bra. Even if they do, they are worried about the size adjustments, what if they lose weight or gain weight? What if the fabric loses elasticity and colour? There are many concerns while buying a bra and many people just simply ignore the small details of the bra they are buying. Around half of the Indian women wear the wrong size bra because they don’t know the importance of a correct bra.

People also have preconceived notions regarding sports bra and consider it unnecessary to wear, at times. This article has aimed to erase the wrong and orthodox ideas that people have generated regarding bras. It also suggests that like any other product you research on about before buying, you should also research your bras and your own body type. The body is the temple of the soul and we must do everything in our power to nurture it. Go and enjoy some support 🙂

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