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As the numbers of vehicles are growing day by day and every household has one of their own. There arises a need for maintenance which many times are ignored by the car owners. Many times we come across a situation when we are on the road and the tires get punctured. You can’t expect a mechanic shop nearby, to get rid of such circumstances one should always have with them the portable tire inflators. Tire Inflators are basically a tool which uses a positive displacement air Pump which expands the cavity on the suction side and decreases the cavity on the discharge side and then the air flows into the tire as the cavity on the suction side expands and it flows out of the discharge as the cavity collapses and the tire is filled with air by maintaining positive pressure. The portable tire inflators nowadays come in different sizes and can be kept anywhere in the car and are extremely easy to use. Tire inflator is the product of the century. They come with distinct features like Auto-cut fill, LCD display, and various nozzles that can be used to fill different types of the tire; from the tires of your SUV to the tires of your bike. In this article, we are trying to bring to you the best tire inflators which one can owe. We will be listing various criteria that the buyer should see before buying. Later in this article, we will be listing the nine best products to choose from and defining every feature of them with their pros and cons. So let’s get started with it.

Things to consider before buying:

As stated above that there are some features and criteria which should be looked upon before buying the tire inflators. They are:

  1. Auto Shut-Off: While choosing the tire inflator, it is very important to see that the respective tire inflator has an auto shut-off feature or not. This is important as when filling the air inside the tires, buyers often come across a situation called Over-Inflation where the tire is inflated higher than the recommended inflation pressure. This can lead to suboptimal Vehicle handling which can even cause accidents. So it is very important to have this feature as the buyer can manually enter the recommended pressure and the machine after reaching the accurate PSI ( Pound-Force per square inch) automatically shuts off.


  1. PSI (Pound-Force per Square inch) Ratings: As we all know PSI is very Important as to fill the recommended air pressure inside the tire to avoid situations like Over-Inflation. Hence before buying the product one should check that the PSI which the tire inflator is providing must match the desired PSI of the tires.


  1. Inflation Speed: This is one of the most important characteristics which one should look at while buying tire inflators. Speed is a factor that can’t be overlooked and it also gives the idea to buyers how long they have to pump in the machine and faster it fills the quicker you start the journey.


  1. Digital Gauges: this feature has gained importance later on. As when you have analog gauges that are mostly found in old tire inflators as nowadays there are digital gauges that provide a big text and are easy to look even in the dark. The digital gauge has different conversions to choose from. A digital tire pressure gauge helps in maintaining the accurate pressure inside the tires.


  1. Build: Last but not least is the build quality as how durable the inflator is? Does it get heated soon? We will find out the answer to these questions later in this article.

Best Tire Inflators

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Best Tire Inflators


  1. Bergmann Typhoon Heavy Duty Metal Car Tire Inflator (Blue):



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If you don’t care about the weight of the tire inflator, this product is all yours to take with its all-metal solid build heavy duty. This is definitely a giant as it is a tough and reliable air inflator and its motor is made of 100% copper for long-term efficient operation irrespective of weather condition. It is highly durable and super quick.

Typhoon Heavy-Duty Metal Tire inflator has many features to list, some of them are:

 The Heavy-Duty Metal Body is not only strong but is less noisy and sturdier which radiates heat in a precision. Its PSI is also remarkable with (0-30 psi) in just around 2 minutes which makes it more wanting. It has the best gauge that can run without batteries and is enclosed under a rubber bumper to protect it from breaking. This tire inflator has 4 bright LED lights and this product includes a storage bag to keep the tire inflator safe. This product comes with 4 different nozzle attachments and an extra fuse which can be used to inflate various types of tires and even toys which make it a multi-utility product.



  • Durable
  • Ultra-Portable
  • Bright LED light
  • Free Nozzles and Extra Fuse


  • x The motor heats up fast
  •  Malfunction in pressure gauge


  1. TIREWELL TW-7001 12V Digital Tire Inflator Auto Cutoff Portable Air Compressor with LED Light and 3 Different Nozzle (200 PSI)



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Featuring a product that claims to be the best Pump, it is a premium 12-Volt Digital tire inflator that promises to fill the air in a mid-sized tire from (0-200psi) in just 4.8 minutes. It is best to choose one if you own a vehicle that has big tires.

Tire well (TW-7001) weigh around 1.17 kg, with its Cigarette Lighter with Built-in of 10a fuse, 11.5 ft power cord and 1.8 ft inflation tube is a remarkable product and it is not just durable but also fast in filling the tires. It is a handy product and can be kept anywhere inside the car to use during emergencies.

It has certain features which can’t be overlooked, they are:

The smart display dial which is built with an LCD backlit digital gauge and has a conversions ratio(PSI, KPA, BAR & KG/CM) which can be switched by just one button. This tire inflator also has auto-shutoff which looks over the tire pressure accurately and stops inflation automatically after reaching the recommended pressure. The LED part includes bright 7 Led flashlights which promise to provide hustle-free inflation at night. With its long power cord of 3 meters, one can reach four wheels without any re-position. Its nozzle is made with heavy-duty brass which promises durability.


Overall this is a brilliant product as it is easy to use and its build is made of the best quality metals.


    • Auto shut off
    • Smart Display screen
    • LED flashlight
    • Light-weighted



x Motors get heated up Quickly

x Nozzles leaks air.


  1. Coido Diosstore 6231 Electric Car Air Compressor Tire Inflator (12V)




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This product has been launched in the market long ago. It promises effortless and easy inflation, though it doesn’t have a digital gauge it has the traditional one which works accurately. Weighing 1.56 kg, it is highly mobile and hence doesn’t lead to any storage problem. With its maximum pressure of 300 Psi, it can fill tires fastly and efficiently.

The only drawback with this product is that it doesn’t have the auto-shutoff and digital pressure gauge. Therefore it requires one need to be very attentive while inflating the tires.



  • Very Handy
  • Bag is provided
  • Great quality Metal
  • Value for Money


  • Get heated easily.
  • Cheap Quality Plastic being used.


  1. WINDEK RCP-A4F (1903) Moto cop 12 V Rapid Analog Tire Inflator:





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The product is very light as it weighs only 898 grams. With its 12v compact and lightweight design, it is very easy to use. It has a gauge installed over it which measures the pressure and there is no option like auto-shutoff which is one of the drawbacks of this product.

With its PSI being 100 it does not inflate the tires fast, it takes almost 7 minutes to do so. This product is designed to be portable and stored in the car. It also includes an adapter of 10V.



  • Lightweight
  • Excellent Compression
  • Includes Nozzle
  • Analog display


x Auto –shut off not available

x PSI rating is low

  1. ResQTech Heavy Duty Digital Tire Inflator and Improved Version, 2 Years Warranty:


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You must have come across this product as it one of the most popular portable air inflators available on Amazon. This company claims that this Heavy duty tire inflator to be the best and most premium inflator available in India. This promises to inflate tires in just 3 min by reaching -0-32 PSI which makes it one of the fastest ones.

Other features to the state are: with its Auto-cutoff feature is remarkable and what makes it the best product is rotating Bezel which can be used to preset desired pressure. It has a large LCD display and LED installed in it for emergencies at night.

This is a multi-utility product as one can fill their car, bike, football. The power cord is 12 feet long and it can be plugged in a 12V DC cigarette lighter plug.



  • Inflates  quickly (just 3 minutes)
  • Auto Cut off
  • Large display with led lights
  • Versatile use


x Different connectors for different vehicles

x Noisy during inflation


  1. Michelin 12266 High Power Rapid Tire Inflator (Black and Blue):




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This brand is way more popular and it is one of the established brands in India. Its power rapid tire inflator weighing 1.07 Kilogram makes it a very handy product. The PSI reaches (0-30) in just 3 minutes and its conversion can be converted in BAR and KPA also. This product is designed with a motive of benefitting the customer in terms of mobility, sustainability, and digital services, and its body is made with high technology material.

The main features of this Michelin 12266 tire inflator are; this product is beforehand installed with a pre-set feature which helps to reach the recommended pressure, it has a compact design and makes it more portable. The inflating pipe is made of high-quality material and it has a digital gauge Accurate +/- PSI up to 50 PSI.

Moreover, though having all these distinctive features, the customer reviews are not much satisfying and many of the customers have complained about its Complaint center is not active.


  •   Reputed Brand
  •  Fully Adjustable Pre-Set Function
  •   White LCD Display
  •   Compact Design


x Pressure Gauge is not accurate.

x Defective Delivery


  1. Windek RCP_D06B_1501 Analog Tire Inflator:


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This is another product by Windek which is compact and lightweight which makes it easy to use and carry without any hustles. With its 12V socket adapter for car tires make it more in demand, it also has 2 additional adaptors to inflate basketball and footballs and other things like air cushions. It weighs just 558 g which makes it the lightest inflator.

This product is incredibly easy to use and its compact design where the cords and the different nozzles are fitted magnificently inside the main body of the inflator.



  • Compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Handy


x Pressure is quite low

x Short length Air pipe

x Noisy during inflation


  1. Windek RCP-C70T Digital Tire Inflator (Black):



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As of now, we come across two different products by Windek. It weighs almost 998 g. it is easy to use and is a handy product. The inner material is made of plastic, the company states its operating life to be 100 cycles which is more than enough for any buyer. This 12 v system doesn’t inflate air fastly as its PSI rate is just 100.

This product can turn out to be quite beneficial as its motor quality, build; heat resistance etc works quite in correct order and customer reviews about this product is very satisfying.



  • Detachable Monitor
  • Auto Cut function
  • Accurate in providing pressure
  • Great Quality


x Straight Nozzles which disturbs the airflow

x Not durable

  1. RNG EKO GREEN – Portable Tire Inflator for Car/Bike 12V/160PSI Air Compressor with LED-Black (high Power 35L/min, Low Noise 85 db):



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If you are looking for something stylish which doesn’t only look good but also have every feature which you desire, this is the product which you should go for. Its maximum airflow of 35L/min under the rated power of 120 W makes it a beast that can inflate almost everything. The maximum PSI is 160 which makes it a top-notch product. Except for tires, it can also fill different kinds of Balls, air mattresses and rubber dinghies, and others.

This product also comes with a storage bag to keep it safely inside the car and it has led lights as well which can be useful at night. It also comes with various nozzle attachments to fill different types of tires and other things. It weighs just 848 grams hence it is highly portable and a multi-utility product.


  • Inflates Quickly
  • Lightest product
  • Additional Nozzles
  • Low Maintenance


x Lack of durability

x Cheap Quality Pipe

Buying Guides about tire inflators:

As we have already seen certain things which the buyer should look over before buying the product. Later in this part, we will see other things that require more of our attention. They are:

  1.     Flashlight (LED light): This criterion is one of the most important things which needs our attention while buying the product. As there may arise a circumstance where the tire gets punctured in the night and you need a flashlight for hustle free inflation as you can’t hold the lights and do it. The LED lights can be used to send emergency signals as their SOS features are installed.
  2.     Easy to use: Basically the whole concept of buying a tire inflator is not to complicate this method but to make it user-friendly. So you should always buy a product which has all the features like auto-shutoff and great PSI ratings.
  3.     Hose Length: Cord length is very important also as it makes the work easy and fast. If the cords are long enough one can fill all the tires of the car in one go. Long power cords mean hustle free inflation of tires which just eases up the process.
  4.     Price: Price is another factor and in order to go for a quality product one should make a budget and should stick to it. As price is the base in the process of buying any product.
  5.     Run time: Many a time, a complaint is being filed by the customer that the body gets heated up faster in the process of inflation. The solution to this problem is that one should never run the tire inflators for more than 10-15 minutes and let them cool for about 10-30 minutes.

Different categories of tire inflators: Nowadays there are different types of tire inflators available in the market. All the inflators work almost the same but what makes them different is their power sources. We are going to list them down for the convenience of the buyer and then they can decide which of the type will suit them. Here they are:

  1.     DC Tire Inflators: This is one of the popular and we can say the one which is used by a large group of people and most of the brands also use this type of technology. This DC tire inflators can be connected to the cigarette lighter point of the car and can be used to inflate the car. The only drawback of this type of inflator is that it can’t be functional if the car has a low battery. This is as portable as other types.
  2.     Manual Tire Inflator: By the name of it, you can get the idea that this type requires a man to pump it. It is totally handy and does not require any electricity to run. There are a lot more drawbacks in this type of tire inflators like it doesn’t inflate air quickly, it depends on how fast you are pumping it, there is no auto-cut off feature in this hence it requires more attention and continuous checking. These types of inflators are not that efficient to inflate car tires, it is good to go for bikes and other things like an air cushion, football…etc.
  3.     Cordless tire inflators: this tire inflator is one of the expensive among the other types. This type of inflator inflates the tire faster than any other as its PSI rating is great. It is one of the easiest ones to use. You don’t have to remove cords again and again; this type of inflator just makes the whole process easy. It uses a lithium-ion battery and it is a handheld device. If you have a great budget, you should definitely go for this type of inflator because it is comfortable and has excellent power capacity. The most important thing is that anyone can use it.
  4.     Digital tire inflators: this type of inflator is made with high technology and has many preset features. It will have a preset digital compressor with a digital gauge and auto-shut option which saves a lot of time. It will also have LED lights to provide ease at night. These types of inflators are in demand a lot as they fit in the budget and include excellent features.


  1.     How do digital tire inflators work?

Ans:  This inflator is in demand and people are willing to buy it because it makes the whole process of inflating quite easy and interesting. The steps are:

  •       First of all, you need to put the 12 V cord inside your car’s cigarette port. It uses the battery of the car to inflate. Don’t turn on the machine now.
  •       Secondly, fit the nozzle into the car’s air filling hole. Double-check the nozzle that it is fixed properly or not. Now turn on the machine.
  •       Though the machine comes with a preset feature you need to look in the digital screen about PSI, it should be inflated to the recommended pressure of the tire.
  •       With its Auto-shut off option, it will automatically cut off the air supply after reaching the desired pressure level.

Therefore, by following these steps, one can inflate the tires with the help of digital inflators.

  1.     Do we need to check the current pressure of the tire before inflating it?

Ans:  There is absolutely no need to check the pressure of the tires. It is because Inflators come with digital techniques that automatically measure the pressure when you plug in the nozzles inside the air fill hole.

  1.     Why does the unit get heated up?

Answer: Most of the tire inflators get heated up during inflation. As this is built from metal parts, it is likely to get heated up. To resolve this problem, it is advised to not run the motors for more than 10-15 minutes and after running it, let it cool for 30 minutes.

  1.     How to not to over inflate the tires?

Answer: Many a time, it happens that the tires get over-inflated and which can even lead to accidents. Nowadays, there are digital inflators which have features like auto-shutoff and digital gauge which helps the one to look over the pressure and inflate the tires up to the recommended level but in case if you owe an inflator which is not digital then you have to keep in mind the recommended PSI of your tire. Keep on checking the pressure in the gauge.

  1.     Which brands are good to go for inflators?

Answer: Though the market is flooded with various types of inflators and there are thousands of brands but it is not that hard to choose if you look closer, you just need to know what you are looking for.  The brands which provide quality products at a good price are Windek, Tire well, and Michelin.



In this article, we tried our best to make the buyer know their needs.  By providing the detailed description of some of the product, we focused on highlighting all the features which the buyer should have knowledge about. We tried to bring out various criteria that the buyer should see and think over before buying the product. Tire inflators are simplified products that are designed with the purpose of making the whole process of inflation easy. Choosing a tire inflator requires a proper insight as they should be aware of what they are looking at in the product. As we have already discussed every parameter, it is to be noted that a best-rated tire inflator is one that works well and at the same time is comfortable and easy to use. Hence, the best tire inflator should stand on all the parameters above. The article was written with the sole motive to help the buyer in this buying process.

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