Top 10 Best Weighing Machines in India (Digital) 2020 Reviews

Weighing scales are some of the most important and yet totally ignored instruments found at most homes. Usually, the poor little weighing scale will be sitting silently at a corner of your house, neglected only to be pulled out when someone discovers that they have gained a few extra kilos. But, one cannot deny the fact that a weighing scale has become a member of the family, an often forgotten yet relevant one at that.

However, one cannot deny that a nice weighing machine goes a long way in helping you determine your lifestyle. It helps you understand various aspects about yourself, like the diet you are consuming, the pattern of your schedule or how healthy or sick you can be. So what is a weighing machine and how did it come to be? Let us find out.

Also known as the Beam balance, weighing scales have numerous names dedicated to their purpose. A regular weighing scale is also known as mass scales, weight balance or mass balance. The ancient model of a weighing scale, which is still found abundantly even today comprises of two plates which are suspended at equal distance from each other from a Fulcrum.

The functioning of this set-up is quite simple, wherein an unknown mass is placed on one plate and the exact same known mass is placed on the other plate until both the plates form an equilibrium. The same concept is applied for spring balance, where Hooke’s law is applied. According to this simple law of Physics, when the weight is placed on the spring balance, the spring extends to a certain degree, also known as the ‘Spring Constant’.

The weight of the matter is determined by the stiffness experienced by the spring and this is recorded. The inventions of scales date way back and have a huge role to play in changing the face of the civilizations as we know of them today. You will be surprised to know that trade and commerce came to being and developed because of this tiny instrument. Prior to this, small polished stones of known mass were used to ‘guess’ and perform the required calculations. 

The modern-day weighing scales, as we know of them are electronic devices that give instant information over the display. The advanced versions of these devices also go a step ahead and help calculate body fat, lean mass, water ratio, and BMI. With the wireless age of today, the modern-day weighing scales are smartphone integrated and also feature cloud storage and fitness tracking.

These can be powered by a button cell or battery. As mentioned earlier, s weighing scale is like a silent member of the family, you are sure to come across one in your entire day. Be it at the grocery store, the postal service, the station where they have weighing machines or your own home. There are people who are such fitness freaks that they wish to know their weight as they wake up.

Standing on a weighing scale is the first thing they do as they wake up. However, as you might have guessed, weighing scales are of various types as well depending upon their mode of function and activity. Let us take a look at the basic mechanisms used in the construction of weighing scales and their development through time:

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Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Weighing Machine In India

Strain Gage Load Cells

This type of weighing scale has been around during the latter half of the century. This device applies the principle that the ‘resistance value changes with the changing shape of the resistor’. This type of scale comprises where the flat foil is shaped along a curving path and attached to a load cell which is also known as the spring element. As the weight is placed on to the flat ‘tray’ the load cell bends.

This causes the change in the shape of the gage, thus increasing its resistance value. A Wheatstone’s bridge is constructed by carefully placing four strain gages in contact with a spring element. This bridge-like setup is the electric circuit that helps measure the unknown electrical resistance experienced at the gage.

This electrical resistance is later converted into a Voltage output. This value of the output voltage then passes through the Analogue to Digital converter and is displayed into the reading. However, the Strain Gage Load cells have certain limits:

  • The springs inside the Strain Gage cell will eventually face deformation and loosen up. This leads to faulty readings with repeated use, thus making this kind of scale not so ideal.
  • The resistance of the gage will never stay ideal, as it will face influences from various external factors like the temperature, change in the consistency of the materials or simple wear and tear through time. This affects the resistant value, which causes a change in readings. 
  • The final transmission of Analogue to digital signal causes the final reading is never free from errors. 

Force Motor Scales

This is used at places where readings with as much precision as possible are required. The Force Motor Scales utilizes the Electromagnet to support the weight placed on the platform. The final reading is acquired by calculating the amount of electric current which is needed to keep the platform in balance. This weighing scale type might be relatively precise, but it is more prone to errors.

Though quite accurate, there are various factors that alter the overall performance of the Force Motor Scales like fluctuations in temperature. Various manufacturers spend a great deal on making the right calibration, thus increasing the overall cost price of the product.

Even after such investments, recalibration is required regularly to rule out any form of errors. The other drawback is that this weighing scale type is not suitable for heavier weights. 


While the measurement of resistance can cause a larger margin of errors, the SAW technology or the Surface Acoustic Wave utilizes the measurement of time to weight. This technology has managed to create a much-required breakthrough in the field. Here the spring element load cell is utilized without applying the strain gage design.

The best part about this weighing scale type is that the SAW load cells do not require the mechanism of stress and strain to get the required readings. This way, the error in reading is reduced by a large margin. The reading acquired through time measurements is thus converted into digital format.

As this type also does not involve the use of Resistors, there is also a ruling out of any further innate causes of errors. These are good for a wide-scale use because:

  • These are much cheaper than the other weigh scale type
  • This weigh type scale is more accurate as compared to the other types
  • The counting scale range is much larger

Analogue Vs Digital Weighing Scale

The modern-day weighing scale is available in two types; the Digital weighing scale and the Analogue weighing scale. While both perform the same function they differ in a few factors. They both have their own pros and cons and are relevant in their own ways. Let us explore a few aspects which help decide their preferences.

The Accuracy 

If it is accurate which you much prefer, then the Digital weighing machine is the right choice. Also, the Digital weighing machine also displays the weight up to the decimal value. You get instant and clear reading as you step up on the platform without having to strain to read the digits. 

While the Analogue weighing machine is also much available all across and much in use, nevertheless, it still has its own set of setbacks. The readings often fluctuate on an Analogue weighing scale and you have to strain to check the readings. 

The Capacity

The capacity that can be carried by the two different types of weighing scales is also one of the most important deciding factors. It is important for a weighing machine to be able to carry a wider range of weights. While the Analogue weighing machine can carry a weight of a maximum of 120 kegs, the Digital weighing machine can carry the weight of 100kg-150kgs. 

The Method

The method or the working mechanism of the two different types of weighing machines also decides its popularity. While the Analogue weighing machine has a simple ‘spring mechanism’, the Digital weighing machine utilizes the sensors to determine the weights. This factor is more beneficial in the Analogue weighing machine.

Here, the user simply needs to stand atop the platform to weigh and will be done. The Analogue weighing machine is also quite durable, as you can easily use it where ever you need to and also these are much preferred if you need to travel.

The Display

The display needs to be accurate and easy to decipher when deciding on a weighing machine. The Analogue weighing machine comprises a needle that points at the weight with the simple spring mechanism that determines the weight of the given mass. This method of the display can be declared more traditional, yet it can fluctuate even with the slightest difference. 

The digital weighing machine has an LCD display where sensors are utilized to determine the weight of the mass placed on the platform. This is considered to be more accurate, as it can read up to decimal places as well. The readings thus captured are clearly displayed and easy to read at a single go. 

The Power Supply 

As the Analogue weighing machine simply utilizes the spring mechanism to operate, there is no requirement to charge or to get an electric connection as well. This is more of a self-sufficient system that can run for a long duration of time without the mechanism getting faulty. It is because of this feature of the Analogue weighing machine that is so widely used everywhere. 

The Function

While the reading display is superior to the Digital weighing machine, nevertheless the functioning of the Analogue weighing machine is much more convenient. The user does not need to calibrate or charge the machine prior to usage. This makes it a user friendly product. 

The Durability Factor

As the Analogue weighing machine utilizes the spring mechanism of operation, there are chances that the springs will wear-out with time. This leads to the springs getting loose eventually, thus increases the chances of error in reading. This makes it unreliable, with time. 

The Weight of the Scale Type

This is one of the most important deciding factors for many users. The weight of the weighing machine needs to be manageable. The Analogue weighing scale is bulky and heavier in comparison to the Digital weighing scale. There are manufacturers who repeatedly strive to improve the designing of the Digital weighing scale type.

These have become increasingly compact and lightweight. The sleek and easy to carry functionality of the weighing scale has made it into popular choice today.

The Advanced Technological Factors

Digital weighing machines are more advanced and savvy. These comprise of sensors, thus, various other factors other than just the weight of the user can be calculated. The user can calculate BMI, water weight amongst the other factors that make it an attractive product for the users.

Now, there are the latest versions of the Digital weighing machines, which can also provide the users with the overall ‘Fat’ percentage and BMR. With the latest in technology growing rapidly, now you can obtain your readings directly on your smartphone, for better analysis and comfort. 


As mentioned earlier, the digital weighing machine is much preferred by the common user. The level of finishing, the compact designing and its lightweight body make it much preferred above the Analogue weighing machine type.

The Digital weighing machines can be easily carried about and stored where ever required. These also provide the user with various other useful data like the BMI, BMR, and Fat percentage other than the simple weight reading. 


Now, that we know about the various factors of a weighing machine, let us take a look at the top 10 best weighing machines available in India:

List Of Top 10 Weighing Machines In India With Price

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Best Weighing Machines In India Reviews For Shop & Home

#1 HealthSense Ultra-Lite PS 126 Body Weight Scale 

HealthSense Ultra-Lite PS 126 Digital Personal Body Weight Scale

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This is a fine-looking sleek weighing machine. The users can now make the most of the easy-to-use technology applies to this product. The 4-G sensors help acquire the accurate readings with a fine error margin of 300G plus or minus. To be able to calibrate, one needs to place the device on a flat surface and place one leg on the machine to start initializing. You must wait as the random numbers appear on the display.

Once the stability is achieved, you can balance both the legs on top of the device and acquire the reading. With a weight range of 5kg-180kg, the machine is user-friendly and also lightweight. The body is made up of ABS technology, making it quite durable.


  • The product has a non-breakable ABS body
  • The product has G-sensors
  • The product features 4 G Sensors
  • The product has an LCD digital display
  • The product has a backlight 
  • The weight range is 5kg to 180kg
  • The product has Step-on technology
  • The product has a battery indicator


  • The calibration of the machine can be improved


#2 Hoffen HO-18 Digital Weighing Scale

Hoffen HO-18 Digital Electronic LCD Personal Body Fitness Weighing Scale

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This is a convenient weighing machine which utilizes the high precession strain gauge system to get the accurate reading. With the strong bearing glass, this weighing machine is quite durable. Now, you need not worry about placing too much weight on the device, as the product features the overload indicator.

With the auto-shutdown feature, you can relax about having to shut down the machine after every use. The ‘low-battery’ indicator also allows the user to prepare to understand if the device requires to be attended. The high precision sensors make this device much valued in giving the right readings.

The weight range is 2.3 kgs to 180 kgs and features a large display for clear reading. 


  • The product is high precision
  • The product utilizes Strain Gauge Sensor system
  • The device has a weight range of 2.5 kg-180 kgs
  • The design is sleek
  • The weighing scale is compact
  • The product has a LCD display
  • The product is from a trusted brand. 
  • The product features an overload indicator
  • The product features Auto shut down
  • The product has a strong glass
  • The product features Digital display panel
  • The brand offers 1 year of warranty


  • The accuracy can fluctuate



#3 Dr. Trust Weighing Scale

Dr Trust (USA) Electronic Platinum Rechargeable Digital Personal Weighing Scale

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This sleek-looking weighing machine is based on the patented ACCU gauge technology. The device offers the user reliable reading which is 0.2lb/3 Oz accurate. The easy to read LCD screen offers clear readings which are backed by the blue backlight. The 6mm strong tempered glass makes the device durable and easy to carry about. Since the weighing machine is lightweight, it can be placed at any corner of the house or can be traveled along with.

The unique added features are the Temperature display and the device being USB compatible. The users do not have to worry about the device being out of charge, as there is a ‘low-battery’ indicator featured. Also, you need not worry about the overload issue, as the weighing machine also features the ‘overload’ indicator.


  • The product offers reliable readings
  • The product is auto-calibrated
  • The product features temperature display
  • The product is USB compatible
  • The product is rechargeable
  • The product has patented ACCU gauge technology
  • The product features LCD display
  • The product has strong tempered glass
  • The product features Auto-off function
  • The product features low battery indicator
  • The product features an over-load indicator
  • The product offers instant readings


  • The accuracy of the product can be improved


#4 ISABELLA Electronic Weight Weighing Scale

ISABELLA Electronic Thick Tempered Glass & LCD Display Electronic Digital Personal Bathroom Health Body Weight Weighing Scale

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This is a super-stylish looking weighing machine that is manufactured to be able to provide the user with an accurate reading. The display is clear and of the LCD type where the individual can easily read the required weight measurement. The device is made from thickened glass, which ensures its durability, thus making it long-lasting. The auto-power on the off is yet another feature of this device which makes it user-friendly.

The weight capacity of this device is 180 kilograms and the precision Strain Gauge Sensor system makes offers error-free instant readings. The user will be alerted about the going high on scales, with the ‘over-load’ indicator. The ‘low-battery’ indicator offers smart alerts to the user to be able to change the batteries beforehand. The product is stylish, smart and sleek, thus making it easy to use and carry about. 


  • The product features a stylish design
  • The product is sleek
  • The product is compact
  • The product features toughened glass
  • The body design is Round digital
  • The device can weigh up to 180kg of weight
  • The product is long-lasting
  • The product features ‘Auto-shut off’
  • The product features ‘Overload’ indicator
  • The product features a ‘Low Battery ‘indicator
  • The product features LCD display


  • The accuracy of the product can be improved 


#5 Piesome Electronic Weighing Scale

Piesome Electronic Thick Tempered Glass & LCD Display Electronic Digital Personal Bathroom Health Body Weight Weighing Scale

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This is a stylish looking weighing machine which can be used to weigh up to 180 kilograms of weight. The tough glass exterior makes the product durable and easy on maintenance. The attractive LCD display allows the user to read easily. Also, the added unique feature which makes the device unique is the temperature indicator. The ‘low- battery’ indicator alerts the user well in advance, to be able to charge.

The sleek design and the compact styling make this product user-friendly. This weighing machine utilizes Lithium batteries with an operating temperature of 5-35 degrees Celsius. The product also features ‘low voltage display’ making it more reliable.

Also, the other added features are the Error display and the overweight display. This weighing machine also features the ‘auto-shutdown’ feature, thus making it user-friendly and easy to use.


  • The product offers an LCD display
  • The product features low battery indicator
  • The product features Temperature indicator
  • The weighing capacity is 180 kilograms
  • The product features the auto-shutoff feature
  • The product offers high precision’
  • The product features ‘overload’ indicator
  • The product has tough glass 
  • The product has a sleek design
  • The product has a compact design 


  • None



#6 Dr. Trust Digital Weighing Scale

Dr Trust (Usa) Digital Smart Connect Rechargeable Body Composition Monitor Fat Analyzer Weighing Scale |Best Weighing Machines In India

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This fine looking machine is user-friendly with some really attractive features which makes this product much in demand. The users will now be treated with reliable readings that can be instantly displayed on the LCD screen of the device. The all-new Bluetooth connectivity allows the user to sync all the relevant data to their smartphones. The device features a user-friendly, easy to navigate fitness App called OKOK.

This app is compatible with all Android phones. The convenient tracking allows the user to understand their developments according to your previous profile and data. The USB port makes it charging of the device easily at any place and at any time.

The device features rechargeable batteries, thus making this device user-friendly. Also, the user can be reassured about the batteries going off, as the weighing machine has a ‘low battery’ indicator. 



  • The product can measure eleven essential body composition
  • The product is ACCU gauge technology patented
  • The product offers reliable readings
  • The product features Bluetooth connectivity
  • The product also features the Fitness APP
  • The product offers convenient tracking
  • The product is USB compatible
  • The product features rechargeable batteries
  • The product features ‘low battery’ indicator
  • The product has a sleek design
  • The product has a compact design


  • The accuracy of the device can be improved



#7 HESLEY Smart Weight Scale HESLEY Smart Bluetooth Body Fat BMI Wireless Digital Bathroom Weight Scale with 18 Essential Measurements and ITO Conductive Glass, FDA Approved Body Composition Analyzer with App AiFIT

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This sleek-looking fine weighing machine is perfect for all the fitness freaks out there. The device has some great features like the ‘ALFit’ app which allows the user to monitor their health and also allows multiple users at a time.

BIA technology makes this machine able to record 18 essential health-related data. The LCD display allows the user instant clear readings. The device has a sleek design and compact enough to be stored at any place.



  • The device features the fitness app called ALFit
  • The product features Health Data management
  • The product offers to track data convenience
  • The product is Bluetooth compatible
  • The product features Strain Gauge sensors
  • The product features LCD display


  • The accuracy of the product can be improved

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#8 ActiveX Savvy Smart Digital Body Fat Scale

ActiveX Savvy Smart Digital Body Fat Scale with App

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This is a fine machine that allows the user all the required parameters for an accurate health assessment.  The device has an easy to use app which can be used by multiple users.

The users can now keep track of 13 important parameters, thus, offering various readings like BMI, BMR and bone mass. The device is sleek and easy to store or travel with.


  • The product offers easy to sync with smartphones
  • The product can measure 13 parameters
  • The device is sleek
  • The product has multiple features
  • The product is user friendly


  • The accuracy of this scale is 50gms as compared to 100gms in other machines



#9 Mi Body Composition Scale

Mi Body Composition Scale | Best Weighing Machines In India
Best Weighing Machines In India

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This compact weighing machine is the perfect fitness partner for users as it has some great features included. The device can measure Muscle mass, BMI, Bone Mass, Body Fat, Water content, Body score, and visceral fat.

The device is sleek and compact and also features the anti-slip finish, making it easy to handle and user-friendly. The Mi Fit app featured, allows the user to monitor various health-related data that helps and assists in overall fitness. The design is sleek and compact making it easy to carry and store.


  • The product can measure Muscle mass, BMI
  • The device utilizes BIA technology
  • The device features Mi Fit App
  • The weight range is 50-150 kilograms
  • The device is compatible with Android phone
  • The device is sleek
  • The device is compact


  • The Visceral Fat measurement is not accurate


#10 Powermax Fitness Smart Body Weight Scale

Powermax Fitness Smart Body Composition

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This fine looking sleek weighing machine is perfect to help you keep track of all your body composition measurements. This device is smartphone compatible making it easy to access. With the attractive LED display, the user can acquire easy and instant readings in no time. This device can be easily synced with fitness apps like Apple Health, Google Fit. 


  • The product is smartphone compatible
  • The product can offer 13 body composition measurement
  • The product offers an LED display
  • The product has a durable body
  • The product is sync with fitness App
  • The product is connected with Powermax BCA 130 Bluetooth
  • The product has auto-on/off


  • The accuracy of the device can be improved



With everything that is going around, it is extremely important to take care of your health and body. Tabulating any fluctuations in your weight is one step towards taking care of yourself. This article is the one for you. Stay safe, and healthy 🙂

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